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WHEN A POLITICAL WIN IS A LOSS: President Trump long claimed that NAFTA was a disaster for the United States, and so he wanted to pass the USMCA to take its place, but the USMCA might actually be worse. Feb 17, 2020 1313
New Trade Deal: Same as the Old One. Column Sep 16, 2019 801
Hate Hoaxes: Rise of Fake "Hate Crimes": In the Trump era, leftists have repeatedly created hate-crime hoaxes to try to vilify Trump supporters, labeling them racist, homophobic, and more--trying to stir up animus. Apr 8, 2019 4530
DEEP STATE: Seeks End to Metal Tariffs to "Pass USMCA". Mar 18, 2019 2690
USMCA A TPP REDUX? The newly negotiated NAFTA replacement is strikingly similar to the sovereignty-destroying TPP, according to former Obama trade officials. Nov 19, 2018 2303
WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE USMCA? The USMCA--the NAFTA replacement--runs 1,800 pages and is laden with regulations. Below we take a hard look at the agreement. Nov 19, 2018 5148
One Man's Fight Against the Global Trade Order: Senator George Walter Malone fought to expose and dismantle the world-government trap behind the "free trade" regime that globalists were assembling following World War II. Nov 19, 2018 4326
The Left Wants a Con-Con Too: It might seem as if the movement to have a constitutional convention to alter or rewrite the Constitution is a right-wing one, but the Left wants it too, and they have more to gain. Feb 5, 2018 4218
Don't Say We Didn't Warn You. Dec 4, 2017 781
Democrats & communists: researcher, author, and now filmmaker Trevor Loudon shows how intertwined the Democratic Party is with avowed communists and Islamic extremists. Jun 5, 2017 2209
Exclusive interview with John Birch Society CEO: with Donald Trump winning the presidency while using as his main talking points longtime JBS objectives, what is next for The John Birch Society? Interview Jan 9, 2017 2970
On Trump's coattails. Dec 5, 2016 2596
Convention of States simulation fails to dispel "runaway threat". Oct 24, 2016 2754
Exclusive interview with Huey P. Newton Gun Club leader. Interview Oct 10, 2016 3330
Progressive Patty. Sep 19, 2016 2838
Green Party candidates: Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka: for voters who want abject socialism--with government laws dictating public projects, work and cultural controls, and anything deemed "environmental"--the Green Party is for you. Sep 5, 2016 1164
Bypass Bennet? Senator Michael Bennet is a reliable vote for President Obama's agenda, even defying many Democrats in the process. Aug 8, 2016 2420
Ayotte or not? Jul 4, 2016 2562
"Moderate" Murkowski. Jun 20, 2016 2598
A good brat? May 23, 2016 2485
Right on the Mooney? May 9, 2016 2583
The real McCain: though Senator John McCain of Arizona is known as a "maverick Republican," a look at his record reveals that he is just a typical neoconservative. Apr 18, 2016 2637
Where they stand: a look at three Democratic presidential candidates based on 10 key issues. Dec 7, 2015 4160
Where they stand: a look at 10 GOP presidential candidates based on 10 key issues. Nov 23, 2015 13513
The Communist pedigree of the clenched-fist salute: symbolism has been very important to the communist movement because its members are trying to achieve an end goal, not convince society that they are right. Oct 5, 2015 2799
Russia's re-stalinization: using a propaganda blitz, the Vladimir Putin regime is resurrecting and improve the memories of Joseph Stalin, likely to re-Sovietize Russia. Aug 24, 2015 1809
A book and boundaries. Book review Mar 9, 2015 1543
Trans-Pacific Partnership to facilitate U.S.-China merger: according to some political pundits, a main reason for U.S. interest in passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership is to inhibit China's economic dominance, but that's far from the truth. Feb 2, 2015 1994
Wait till it's free. Movie review Jan 19, 2015 2357
Ballot initiative targets Constitution: ballot measures are being initiated to provide impetus to change the Constitution and eliminate corporate free speech in politics, though corporations are merely groups of individuals. Nov 17, 2014 1197
Republicans and Democrats working together to rewrite the constitution: created to bring about an Article V convention, the predominantly Republican Assembly of State Legislatures drew Democrats to its second meeting and vowed to attract even more. Sep 22, 2014 2481
Rediscovering America's last Jeffersonian Democrat President: Grover Cleveland was viewed very favorably in his own day, but with the rise of pro-socialist scholars and media, he has been largely shunted toward obscurity. Book review Aug 11, 2014 1545
Working together to rewrite the constitution: the deceptive Left-Right coalition to rewrite the Constitution by means of an Article V convention threatens our personal rights and freedoms. Cover story Jun 9, 2014 4085
Congress' unsavory cohorts: trevor Loudon claims that many representatives in the Democratic Party either are members of Marxist/Communist organizations or take direction from socialists. Book review Feb 3, 2014 1446
Peking's poultry and pig: with Chinese-produced food products often being found to be adulterated or even poisoned, it is surprising that the United States is allowing China to process U.S. chicken. Cover story Nov 4, 2013 2673
Larry's legacy: Larry McDonald was a doctor, a congressman, and chairman of the John Birch Society. His success was based on a willingness both to learn and to teach what he knew. In memoriam Sep 23, 2013 3508
FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT'S SUB VERSO FROM WITH: Authors M. Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein buck popular thinking, showing that not only were communist agents in FDR's administration, they actively worked for Russia. Brief article Mar 4, 2013 1578
From Lebanon to Latin America: Hezbollah's Havana launching pad: it has been reported that the terrorist group Hezbollah has opened a base in Cuba, further cementing a seemingly unlikely pairing of Islamic terrorists and communists. Nov 21, 2011 1708
NDRA - the new push for con-con: the call by North Dakota for a new state-initiated constitutional convention prompts more critiques. Jun 6, 2011 2211
Groomed for globalism: to fulfill the internationalist agenda, college students of diplomacy and international relations are indoctrinated to be the globalist one-world leaders of tomorrow. May 9, 2011 3135
Communist influence in the Mideast uprisings: though pro-communist groups may not have initiated the uprisings in the Middle East, evidence shows that they are well situated to exploit the unrest for their own ends. Apr 4, 2011 2423

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