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Golway, Terry. So others might live; a history of New York's bravest.

Basic Books. 368p. illus. notes. bibliog. index. c2002. 0-465-02741-5. $17.00. JSA

September 11, 2001 triggered much reflection on American heroism, especially that of the people closest to the death and tragedy that unfolded in New York City. This is a fitting tribute to the organization that made the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center a possibility. Golway has detailed the history of the Fire Department of New York from the 1647 arrival of Peter Stuyvesant as director of New Amsterdam Colony to the early months of 2002. Golway's background may have destined him to become a firefighter, but he chose journalism instead; among his many other works is this compelling accounting of the FDNY. He does not hesitate to incorporate some colorful characters and irresponsible attitudes that influenced how the organization developed and matured into what we know today. Included are tragic stories alongside the daring rescues and achievements of the department's members. You will learn about bucket brigades, how cholera cured the resistance to horses, the department's role in the worst riot in America, and the politics of professional vs. volunteer forces as the FDNY struggled to play the part of protecting a city that constantly outgrew their resources. The book is organized chronologically, for the most part, and includes in the source notes over 30 people who were interviewed by the author. The well-footnoted and indexed text is interspersed with photos and line drawings. A timely and comprehensible volume. Ann Hart, Trustee, Juniata County Lib., Mifflintown, PA
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Author:Hart, Ann
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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