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Golf: Kevin's Case books.

THIS week my chosen case is a pupil who is 6ft 3ins tall and suffering from posture problems. When a golfer is over 6ft it is very easy to develop poor posture habits and more often than not compensations have to be made. Golf clubs are not specifically designed for tall people so in most cases tall golfers will need to use custom-made clubs that are slightly longer and have the lie adjusted to make them more upright

NAME: Alec McPhearson AGE: 51 HANDICAP: 6 OCCUPATION: Part-time policeman WEAKNESSES: Girls and late night drinking AMBITIONS: To play 18 holes without dropping a single shot. And to grow my hair back PROBLEM: Posture

NAME: Nick Faldo AGE: 48 HANDICAP: None OCCUPATION: Tour pro WEAKNESSES: Perfectionist AMBITIONS: To return to winning form PROBLEM: Body doesn't always do what his brain is telling it to

THE posture acts as the main axle for the golf swing to rotate around. If it is even slightly incorrect, it is very difficult for things to work properly from there on.

In Alec you can see the classic signs of a tall man struggling to stand correctly over the ball. His legs are too straight, his back too far forward and his chin is resting on his chest.

From this position it is almost impossible to make a consistent swing.

Ninety per cent of amateur golfers' games would improve dramatically if they had the correct posture at address. Almost every Tour pro has perfected their stance as they know how beneficial it is to get it right.

I have chosen Nick Faldo as my professional this week and you don't have to look to closely to see there are a number of differences between the way he and Alec are standing over the ball.

Nick maintains as much height as possible at address while Alec has lost a considerable amount. Alec's knees are stiff and straight whereas Nick's are slightly flexed, ready to create resistance in the backswing and then power through in the downswing.

To create a perfect posture, stand up straight then bend forward from your waist, making sure the top of your head and base of your spine maintain a straight line.

Remember to flex the knees and not bend them too much. Let your arms hang so they are under your chin and keep your chin off your chest to allow your shoulder to turn underneath it during the backswing.

Whatever your height, seek professional advice to ensure you are using clubs that suit your build and body dimensions.

After that practise standing in front of a mirror.

You will be amazed how quickly you will begin to recognise the correct correct position.

Try emulating the posture of a top player but remember there is no point trying to copy Ernie Els if you are only 5ft 4ins.

Remember the posture should be strong and athletic-looking.

If you can achieve this every time you address the ball you are more than halfway to becoming a more consistent player
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 18, 2005
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