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Golden Body Butter developed by Cognis.

Here are product formulas supplied by producers of raw materials.

Included in some instances are sources of supply for the raw materials and instructions for preparation and use of the finished product.

No guarantee of performance or safety is implied by Happi.

For more complete details readers should contact the suppliers directly using the telephone number or website provided with each formula.

If your company has a formula that you think would be of interest to readers of Happi: marketers of soaps & detergents; cosmetics & toiletries; waxes & polishes; disinfectants & sanitizers and other chemical specialties, we will be pleased to consider it for publication. Address all material to:

Formulary Editor

Happi 70 Hilltop Rd. Ramsey, NJ 07446 USA

Golden Body Butter
Phase A
Emulgade PL 68/50 (Cognis) 7.0
 (cetearyl glucoside (and) cetearyl
Cutina GMS (Cognis) 4.0
 (glyceryl stearate)
Lanette E (Cognis) 1.0
 (sodium cetearyl sulfate)
Cetiol SB 45 (Cognis) 13.0
 (Butyrospermum parkii)
Cetiol CC (Cognis) 3.0
 (dicaprylyl carbonate)
Cetiol OE (Cognis) 2.0
 (dicaprylyl ether)
Cetiol MM (Cognis) 0.5
 (myristyl myristate)
Cegesoft PS 6 (Cognis) 2.0
 (Olus [EU], vegetable oil [non-EU])
Cegosoft GPO (Cognis) 1.0
 (Elaeis guineensis [EU], palm
 (Elaeis guineensis) oil (non-EU])
Eutanol G (Cognis) 1.0
Cosmedia SP (Cognis) 0.5
 (sodium polyacrylate)
Siliconoil AK 350 (Wacker) 1.0

Phase B
Glycerin 6.0
Water 59.0
Preservative q.s.

PROCEDURE: Heat phase A to 80[degrees]C. Heat phase B to 80[degrees]C and add to phase A while stirring. Allow the emulsion to cool while stirring in such a way that it remains in continual motion. Avoid incorporation of air. If necessary, homogenize with a suitable dispersion unit (e.g. Ultra Turax), approxmiately 55[degrees]C. Stop stirring at 30[degrees]C.

PROPERTIES: Viscosity (mPas) 8rookfield RVT 23[degrees]C spindle TE 5rpm, with Helipath

MORE INFO: Cognis Care Chemicals Division, 300 Brookside Avenue, Ambler, PA 19002 Tel: (800) 531-0815; Fax: (215) 628-1450; Website:

Dilutable Glass Cleaner
Mackamine LO (Mclntyre Group) 6.5
Stepanate SCS (Stepan) 8.5
Dowanol PnB 20.0
Dowanol PM 20.0
Tetrasodium EDTA 37% 2.5
Deionized water 42.5

PROCEDURE: Charge water; mix in EDTA and Stepanate SCS. Add Mackamine LO and Dowanol PM while mixing. Add Dowanol PnB and mix until clear and homogeneous.

PROPERTIES: pH (as is) of concentrate: 11.5-12.0; appearance of concentrate @25[degrees]C: clear, thin liquid; VOC solvent at use, %: 1; total solvent at use, %: 2; sufactant+builder at use, %: 0.3; stability evaluations: pending

MORE INFO: McIntyre Group, 24601 Governors Highway, University Park, IL 60466 Tel: (708) 534-6200; Fax: (708) 534-6216

Baby Shampoo
Deionized water 71.35
Polyquaternium-10 0.10
Miracare BC-34 28.00
Fragrance q.s.
D&C Yellow No. 10 q.s.
D&C Orange No. 4 q.s.
Preservative * q.s.
Citric acid 50% aqueous q.s.

PROCEDURE: Charge deionized water into a clean, dry blending vessel at ambient temperature. Sift in polyquaternium-10 at ambient temperature with good agitation. When polyquaternium-10 is well dispersed, begin heating the batch to 50[degrees]C to insure the polymer is fully hydrated. Mixture should be a clear liquid before proceeding. Slowly add the Miracare BC-34 baby care concentrate with good agitation. Continue to mix at 50[degrees]C until mixture is clear and uniform in appearance. Add appropriate levels of fragrance, dyes and preservative as necessary; mix until uniform. Gradually cool to 25[degrees]C. Viscosity of shampoo is influenced by the level and type of fragrance; it is recommended to check viscosity response with several different lots of fragrance. Measure pH of shampoo mixture; adjust as desired using aqueous citric acid solution to lower pH or dilute aqueous sodium hydroxide solution to raise pH. Measure the viscosity of shampoo mixture at 25[degrees]C. If desired, viscosity can be adjusted as follows: To increase viscosity, adjust shampoo pH down with small amount of dilute citric acid solution or add Mirataine BET C-30 (cocamidopropyl betaine) in 0.25% increments with mixing until viscosity target is met. To decrease viscosity, adjust pH up with small amount of dilute sodium hydroxide solution or add deionized water at 0.25% increments with mixing until viscosity target is met.

PROPERTIES: appearance @25[degrees]C: clear, yellow liquid; viscosity @25[degrees]C (RVT#4, 10rpm): 1000-2000 cPs; solids, two hours @105[degrees]C: 11-12.5%; as-is pH @25[degrees]C: 6-7

* Miracare B C-34 Concentrate is preserved at 0.05% by weight with quaternium-15.


Rhodia Home, Personal Care & Industrial Ingredients, 259 Prospect Plains Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512; Tel: (609) 860-4000; Fax: (609) 860-0075; Website: Customer Service Tel: (800) 523-5862; (800) 295-2392

Age Spot Defense
Deionized water 86.5
Hydrolite-5 5.00
 (pentylene glycol)
Tego Cosmo C 250 0.10
 (Degussa Goldschmidt PC)
Aerosil R 812 S VV 60 5.00
 (Degussa AG Aerosils & Silanes)
 (sililca silylate)
Dimethicone 20 cps 2.00
Abil B 8843 0.50
 (Degussa Goldschmidt PC)
 (PEG-14 dimethicone)
Liquipar Oil 0.15
 (isobutylparaben (and) isoprepylparaben
 (and) butylparaben)
Covagel 0.75
 (sodium carboxymethyl starch)

PROCEDURE: Place water and Hydrolite-5 in a mixer; add Sericite FSE and Tego Cosmo C 250 while stirring. Disperse by homogenizing briefly. Add Aerosil R 812 S VV 60 whhile homogenizing and homogenize for another 10 minutes. Check for complete dispersion. Add dimethicone 20cps, Abil B 8843 and Liquipar Oil while stirring and stir for another two-three minutes. Add Covagel while stirring and stir for another 15 minutes.


Degussa Corp. Business Line Aerosil, 379 Interpace Pkwy., Parsippany, NJ 07054-0677 Tel: (800) AEROSIL or (973) 541-8510; Fax: (973) 541-8501; Website:

Cocoa Body Butter

Phase A
Lipex Cocoasoft (Karlshamns) 15.00
 (Theobroma cacao)
Lipex L'sens (Karlshamns) 2.00
 (soybean glyucerides Butyrospermum
Brij 721 2.00
Arlatone 985 3.00
 (steareth-2 (and) PEG-8 stearate)
Cetylstearyl alcohol 50:50 3.00

Phase B
Water q.s. to 100
Glycerin 99.5% 3.00

Phase C
Fluid DC 245 2.00
Abil Wax 9801 1.00
 (cetyl dimethicone)

Phase D
Sepigel 305 0.60
 (polyacrylamide (and) [C.sub.13-14]
 isoparaffin (and)laureth-7)

Phase E
Preservative q.s.
Fragrance q.s.

PROCEDURE: Heat phases A and B separately to 75[degrees]C. Merge phases; homogenize. Add silicones at 60[degrees]C. Add Sepigel; mix very thoroughly. Add remaining ingredients at room temperature.


Karlshamns, SE-374 82 Vastra Kajen, Karlshamn, Sweden Tel: 46 (0) 454 820 00; Fax: 46 (0) 454 828 88 E-mail:; Website:

Volumizing Conditioner

Phase A
Deionized water q.s. to 100
Versene 220 (Dow Chemical) 0.2
 (tetrasodium EDTA)
Natrosol 250 HHR (Hercules) 1.5
Arquad 16-29 (Akzo Nobel) 0.3
 (cetrimonium chloride)
Lannette 0 (Cognis) 1.0
 (cetearyl alcohol)
Arlacel 165 (Uniqema) 1.0
 (glyceryl stearate (and) PEG-100
DC 5-7113 Silicone Quat Microemulsion 2.0
 (Dow Corning) (sililcone quaternium-16
 (and) undeceth-11 (and) butyloctanol
 (and) undeceth-5)
Preservative 0.4
Fragrance q.s.

PROCEDURE: Heat deionized water, Versene 220 and Arquad 16-29 to about 75[degrees]C (167[degrees]F) and add Natrosol 250 HHR. Mix until uniform. Decrease heat to 60[degrees]C (140[degrees]F) and add Lannette 0 and Arlacel 165 with moderate mixing until melted. Decrease heat to 40[degrees]C (104[degrees]F) and add DC 57113 silicone quat emulsion. Mix for 10 minutes. Cool to room temperature and add preservative and fragrance with gentle mixing.


Dow Corning, PO Box 994, Midland, MI 48686-0994 Tel: (989) 496-4000; Fax: (989) 496-4586 E-mail:; Website:

Velvet Effect Sunscreen

Phase A
Deionized water 67.25
Versene NA (Dow Chemical) 0.10
 (disodium EDTA)
Keltrol T (CP Kelco) 0.50
 (xanthan gum)
Glycerin 1.0

Phase B
Prolipid 151 (ISP) 4.00
 (glyceryl stearate (and) cetyl alcohol
 (and) stearyl alcohol (and) hehenyl
 alcohol (and) palmitic acid (and)
 stearic acid (and) hydroxyethyl
 cetearamidopropyldimonium chloride)
Escalol 557 (ISP) 7.50
Escalol 567 (ISP) 3.00
Ceraphyl 45 (ISP) 5.00
 (dioctyl malate)
Ceraphyl SLK (ISP) 10.00
 (isodecyl neopentanoate)

Phase C
Optiphen Plus (ISP) 1.50
 (phenoxyethanol (and) caprylyl
 glycol (and) sorbic acid)
Apple RA-45 (Rohertet) 0.15

PROCEDURE: Combine water and disodium EDTA in a proper vessel. Pre-mix xanthan gum and glycerin and slowly add it to phase A. Begin to heat to 75[degrees]C; continue mixing. Combine phase B with stirring and heat to 75[degrees]C. Add phase B to phase A with homogenization. Switch to stirring and begin to cool. Add phase C at 35[degrees]C. Q.s. for water loss and mix to room temperature.

PROPERTIES: ph: 3.90; viscosity: 4,800 cps (Brookfield model RVT, TB @5rpm)

MORE INFO: ISP, 1361 Alps Road, Wayne, NJ 07470 Tel: (973) 628-4000; Fax: (973) 628-4067; Website:

High Aqueous Hair Color Cream

Phase A
Crodacol CS-50 (Croda) 8.50
 cetearyl alcohol)
Crodamazon Cupuacu (Croda) 4.00
 (Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter)
Crodafos HCE (Croda) 2.50
 (oleth-5 phosphate (and) dioleyl alcohol)
Novol (Croda) 1.00
 (oleyl alcohol)

Phase B
Deionized water 68.40
p-Aminophenol (Keystone) 1.02
4-Amino-2-hydroxytoluene (Keystone) 0.82
1-Napthol (Keystone) 0.56
p-Phenylenediamine (Keystone) 0.16
Resorcinol (Keystone) 0.04
Sodium sulfite 0.80
Tetrasodium EDTA 0.60
Sodium erythorbate 0.60
Monoethanolamine 3.00

Phase C
Hydrotriticum WAA 0.50
 (wheat amino acids)
Keravis 0.50
 (hydrolyzed vegetable protein-PG-propyl

Phase D
Ammonia 35% 7.00

PROCEDURE: Combine phase A and B ingredients separately and heat each to 75-80[degrees]C. Add phase B to phase A with mixing and cool to 35[degrees]C. Add phase C ingredients individually with mixing. Cool to room temperature and add phase D, mixing well. Mix 1:1 with hydrogen peroxide developer (BW-37).

PROPERTIES: Mixed viscosity: 18,400 cps +/10% (RVT spindle TC @10rpm, room temperature)

MORE INFO: Croda Inc., 300-A Columbus Circle, Edison, NJ 08837 Tel: (732) 417-0800; Fax: (732) 417-0804; Website:
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