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Gold Disk Announces VideoDirector Home 1.0 For Windows; VideoDirector Home Now Allows All Consumers with a Camcorder and VCR the Ability to Easily Edit Their Own Video Tapes.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 31, 1995--Gold Disk, Inc. today announced the availability of a new addition to the existing VideoDirector family of products, VideoDirector Home version 1.0 for Windows, an ideal entry-level home video editing software for camcorder consumers.

VideoDirector Home will allow consumers to take their lengthy video tapes of family vacations, kids' soccer games, graduation ceremonies, other special events and edit them so that they will be enjoyed by family and friends, instead of putting them to sleep. By trimming the unnecessary footage and creating a tape of the best highlights, VideoDirector Home will make family video tapes look like a professionally produced family movie. Home videos can now look the way the consumer imagined they would look when they first purchased their camcorders.

The VideoDirector family of products are consumer video tape editing packages. VideoDirector Home provides the ability to control a consumer camcorder and VCR from a Windows-based personal computer, allowing the consumer to select their favorite video moments, arrange them in any order, and automatically and accurately record them onto a new VHS tape. Another product in the VideoDirector family is VideoDirector Suite 2.5 which gives consumers the next step in editing by including a number of additional editors for adding special effects to their videos, such as titles, sound and animation.

VideoDirector is the recipient of several industry awards including: ComputerLife Magazine's "Best Buy" 1994; US News & World Report's "Top 10 Software Picks"-1994; Camcorder Magazine's "Camcorder Consumer Gold"-1994; VideoMaker Magazine's "Best Desktop Video Solution"-1993; and Publish Magazine's "Readers' Choice Award" in 1993 and 1994.

"Editing is something we do intuitively every time we pick up our photos from Photomat. We go through them, pick the best shots, toss the not-so-good ones and then assemble them in an album for general viewing," said Allan Thygesen, vice president and general manager, Consumer Products at Gold Disk. "We designed VideoDirector Home to satisfy the same type of editing desires for those consumers who choose to record special events on video and want to turn them into truly wonderful memories."

VideoDirector Home Key Benefits

-- Complete solution: VideoDirector Home includes everything needed to connect a computer, a camcorder and a VCR together into a video tape editing system.

-- Easy to use: The familiar, graphical interface guides the consumer step-by-step through the editing process. All the steps needed to edit your video tapes are accomplished using simple point and click or drag and drop operations using the already familiar buttons on the camcorder and home VCR. Anyone who owns a camcorder and VCR will feel at home with VideoDirector Home's on-screen controls.

-- Keep the best and cut the rest: With VideoDirector Home, a consumer can create exciting tapes of only the best shots from their camcorder tapes. The consumer can choose the scenes they like from their video tapes and arrange them in any order they want in minutes.

-- Combine footage from multiple tapes: VideoDirector Home allows the consumer to mix and match clips from as many different tapes as they like. The consumer will be prompted to insert a specific tape, and VideoDirector Home will automatically locate the clips they selected from that tape.

-- Automatic tape assembly: VideoDirector Home automatically creates an edited video tape by copying each desired clip from the source tape to the record tape. The VCR window tells the consumer exactly what is happening and the progress meter indicates how much of their tape or clip has been completed.

VideoDirector Home Features

-- Intuitive, graphical consumer interface: VideoDirector Home's consumer interface is designed to look and act like the camcorder, VCR, and video tapes the consumer already owns.

-- Video Database: VideoDirector Home keeps a permanent record of every video clip. All your favorite video moments are cataloged in VideoDirector Home's on-line library, which is represented by a cassette liner card for each camcorder tape.

-- Tape Label printing: Consumers can print attractive labels for all of their video tapes as well as liner cards for their video cassette cases, listing the names of the clips recorded on their tape.

-- Easy Clip logging: Simply click a button to choose the beginning or ending point for a video clip to select the footage desired.

-- Support for a variety of consumer and camcorders and VCRs: VideoDirector Home includes a unique SmartCable that allows your PC to control almost any consumer camcorder or VCR. Any 8mm or Hi8 camcorder, or any camcorder with an infrared remote control can be used as the source deck. Any VCR with an infrared remote control can be used as the record deck.

-- Getting Started Tutorial and on-line help: An easy to understand, step-by-step tutorial guides consumers through the process of logging clips, building an event list, and making their first tape. Tool Help allows the consumer to move the mouse cursor over any on-screen button or control and a message will pop up telling them what the correct use of that tool is. Extensive On-Line Help on all of VideoDirector Home's features are available in an easy-to-access on-line help file.

-- Automatic Configuration: Setting up your video equipment for use with VideoDirector Home is a snap. The first time you run VideoDirector Home, the program automatically sets itself to work with your equipment.

-- Video effects hardware supported: The video being edited can be viewed on the computer monitor using an MCI compatible Video-in-a- Window board.

Computer System Requirements

A 386 PC with 2 MB RAM, 256 color display, one available serial port, and Windows 3.1 or higher is recommended to run VideoDirector Home. Optional hardware: MCI compatible Video-in-a-Window board for display of video on the computer monitor.

Video Equipment Requirements

VideoDirector Home will work with any 8mm camcorder or any camcorder with a wireless remote and any VCR with a wireless remote.

Pricing, Availability and Distribution

The estimated street price for VideoDirector Home is $49.95. VideoDirector Home is available through leading resellers such as: CompUSA, Egghead, Computer City, Software Etc., Electronic Boutique, Fry's Electronics, and Elek-tec. VDH is also available through mail order companies including Tiger Software and MicroWharehouse.

Company Background

Gold Disk Inc. was founded in 1984 and produces award-winning multimedia presentation tools and personal productivity products. Other Gold Disk products include: VideoDirector Suite for Windows, VideoDirector for Macintosh, Astound for Macintosh and Windows, Professional Draw, Animation Works Interactive, Animation Works for Macintosh and Windows, and ScreenCraze II. Gold Disk is privately held and is based in Santa Clara, California with international offices in Canada and the United Kingdom.


Note to Editors: More in-depth technical information, screen shots, and product box shots are available upon request.

CONTACT: Gold Disk Inc., Santa Clara

Allan Thygesen, 408/982-0200 x 117

Michaela Brehm, 408/982-0200 x 124
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