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Going upwards with gambrel roofs.

The only way to gain a master bedroom in this San Francisco row house was to go up. But owners Susan Leibel and Howard Finkle didn't want to lose the gambrel roof that gave their home its Dutch Colonial character. To maintain the style and sense of proportion, architect Anthony Cutri of Sol Arc added a gambrel-roofed third floor at the back and made it look like part of the original.

Supporting the third floor required reinforcing the foundation, then installing two steel posts and a steel beam to span the middle of the house. The new 18- by 22-1/2-foot space is full of light, thanks to sliding glass doors, clerestory windows, and an open ceiling rising to the roof peak. Exposed ceiling joists (doubled 2-by-10s) and king posts emphasize the height. A bathroom and closet fit under the eaves.
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Date:Mar 1, 1985
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