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Going steady: the ultimate bench rest.

Field-ready for varmint hunters and campers, Varmint Masters' high-quality portable bench rest is fully adjustable and steady as granite.

Arguments abound over the most important ingredient for rifle accuracy. Some say it's the barrel, with proponents splitting the issue even further between the merits of cut rifling versus button rifling. Others contend it's the action and its bedding, the theory being that a properly trued, concentric action glass bedded into the stock is more important than the barrel. Still others advocate a rifle's trigger is the single most important factor. There might even be one or two who say it's the scope.

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit that the single most important aspect of accuracy is the rest. Because no rifle -- not even a match-tuned masterpiece of the gunsmith's art -- can shoot off a rickety, wobbly bench.

Standard Of Comparison

Most of us shoot at gun clubs where good, solid rests are provided for the membership. The quality of gun club benches varies. I've shot at some clubs with solid concrete benches buried in the ground and others with flimsy plywood relics. And though a gun club can always upgrade its benches with a few weekend work parties, what do you do for a good bench rest if you're away from the club?

Varmint hunters, campers and other assorted weekend warriors need a good, solid shooting bench, one that can be easily taken down and carried in a pickup or Suburban. Yearn no more for a club-quality bench when you're in the field because Oregon-based Varmint Masters LLC has invented a solution.

If the term "high tech" isn't too absurd to apply to a table, the Varmint Masters BR Pivot bench rest is high tech. As stable as a granite pillar, the BR Pivot is a veritable shooting platform, complete with a nicely padded stool that's affixed to the upright column of machined aluminum that holds the bench rest tabletop. The whole thing -- seat and bench -- pivots as a unit, hence the name BR Pivot.

The BR Pivot is even patented, covered by U.S. Patent No. 6058641.

The cat's meow for varmint shooters, the BR Pivot is designed to be easily assembled in the field without tools. Take it from a guy who once took 15 minutes figuring out how to work a clothes pin, the BR Pivot is easy to set up.

Built To Be The Best

The BR Pivot reeks of quality. From the cleverly designed and fully adjustable tripod base to the easy-to-adjust seat to the hand-oiled laminated wood top, the BR Pivot cuts no corners. The entire unit rotates on a massive central column of powder-coated aluminum machined to mate perfectly with the rubber-sealed bushings on the tripod base table bottom.

The BR Pivot rotates a full 360 degrees on its central column with the oily smoothness of ball bearings. It's easy to reposition the entire shooting platform, merely by pushing one direction or the other with your feet. The unit is made to be setup in most pickup beds for varmint hunting, although the manufacturer does caution against shooting from a moving vehicle. Damn lawyers.

Steady? Do the Rocky Mountains move? Does Charlton Heston vote for liberals? The BR Pivot is not just equal to the best gun club bench rest I've ever used, it's better. Yes, even that solid concrete behemoth, because the massive cement bench was really too tall for me. The BR Pivot's seat is adjustable for height.

Lifetime Investment

The tripod legs are individually adjustable so that the bench can be leveled for a perfect shooting platform, even on rough terrain. All metal surfaces are outdoor-duty and UV-rated powder coated in a matte tan color. The entire shebang breaks down into four components for easy transportation and comes with two durable, ballistic nylon carrying cases.

Now for the bad news. Quality like this doesn't come cheap. The BR Pivot retails for $545 and the carrying cases are $235, shipping not included. But if you really want to shoot accurately in the field, the BR Pivot is worth its weight in gold.


Varmint Masters

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Author:Hopkins, Cameron
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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