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Going slow; yourLETTERS.

MAY I please counter the letter in the Post on Wednesday, re speeding in Meliden.

I apologise for using the term free-wheeling down the Meliden slope; I do no such thing; I refer to driving off the throttle (accelerator).

As for braking, one naturally uses the brakes on various descending hills, accordingly, or changes down gear.

However the Meliden dip is a mere 100 yards on a straight piece of road, and I know that most cars go down over 30mph without using the throttle.

It seems ridiculous to see queues of cars braking down with a clear road ahead.

However, I admit I was guilty, but dropping down a little slope has got nothing to do with real speeding over the limit.

John R Williamson, Prestatyn be edited at the
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 3, 2009
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