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Byline: Angus Boyd

Paupiette of Turkey Breast

THIS is not a sales pitch for Christmas bookings but the level of Inquiries we have had at my restaurants has got me talking turkey.

Strange how we crave it and carve it during the festive period and then almost abandon it for the other 51 weeks of the year.

This week's dish does not require any wrestling moves, hours cooking or eating turkey several days following the big bird's roasting.

Granita is really a very refreshing icy mixture that I had intended for a hot balmy day. The only balmy thing is myself wishing for such a day.

Paupiette of turkey breast

(serves four main)

4x150g turkey breast meat (raw)

200g pork sausage meat

50g stoned prunes

25g pistachio nuts (shelled and peeled)

4 tomatoes (concasse - skin and seeds removed and flesh diced)

150ml Madeira wine

250ml stock (turkey, chicken or veal)

4 large potatoes

400ml vegetable stock

50g butter

strands of saffron threads

fresh herbs for garnish


Mix the sausage meat, chopped stoned prunes, pistachio nuts and tomato concasse. Divide the mixture between your flattened out turkey breast meat (see Boyd's Trick, right).

Roll the mat and stuffing to resemble a beef olive and warp in lightly buttered tin foil.

Place the parcels in the oven (190C/375F/Gas 6) for 30 minutes.

Place the Madeira wine in a pot and reduce to one third by simmering gently. Add the stock and reduce until your desired consistency.

To obtain a cylindrical shaped potato, use a large pastry cutter and cut the largest potato you have.

Place the washed, peeled, trimmed potato in a tight-fitting ovenproof casserole dish and half cover with the warm vegetable stock infused with the saffron strands.

Brush the tops with melted butter, season the potatoes and bake for 15 minutes (220C/425F/Gas 7). Turn the oven down and finish cooking at the same temperature as the turkey until the potato has almost absorbed all the stock and is cooked in the centre.

Remove the turkey paupiette from the foil, allow to rest for five minutes and carve a couple of slices.

Serve the paupiette and slices with the saffron potato and drizzle the sauce around the dish. Garnish with some tomato concasse and the herbs of your choice. We used fresh sage leaves.

1: Place the sausage meat mix in the turkey. 2: Roll the stuffed turkey up like a beef olive and wrap in foil. 3: After cooking, serve with slices of saffron potato and sauce

Quick 'n' easy

This ice little treat will help dinner guests to stay cool

Pink grapefruit Granita with Campari

(serves 4, starter)

4 fresh pink grapefruit

1 orange

400ml grapefruit juice

100ml Campari

200g caster sugar

50g blueberries


Remove the zest from the grapefruit and orange using a zester to obtain fine strands of peel. Squeeze the juice from the fruit and mix in a bowl with the grapefruit juice, Campari and sugar.

Place mixture in the freezer compartment. Freeze for a couple of hours, remove from the freezer and churn the mixture lightly and add the blueberries and return to repeat the freezing process. The mixture has a rough icy texture when ready.

Simmer zest in boiling water for two minutes, then drain.

Place in a fresh pot with some water and sugar and simmer for a few minutes without burning the sugar.

Remove zest from the syrup and allow to dry and roll in some caster sugar. The Granita can be spooned into glasses and garnished with the zest, some berries and fresh mint leaves.

Boyd's trick of the trade

TO get almost any meat or poultry converted from a thick slice to a wafer thinness ready to be breadcrumbed or stuffed, the following method is universal.

Use a fairly thick piece of clear poythene or, failing that, use some cling film.

Place the chunk of turkey in the centre and lightly beat with a small meat hammer or cutlet bat in a circular motion until the meat is 15cm circumference. It works fine with beef, but contrary to popular misconception it will not work tenderising miracles on tough meat.
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