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Going global.

We've all come to accept change as a way of life. And change affects us in all aspects of our lives, both personal and professional and through forces that are occurring not only nationally but increasingly more often internationally. Whether we like it or not, change is rolling like a juggernaut that will leave us in the dust if we don't accept and adapt. That's why we've focused the Agribusiness Forum these last few years on change and how it shapes our world as marketers and the world of our customers in agriculture.

However, no matter how hard we plan for change, there are always elements of uncertainty and unpredictability involved that make it both exciting and yet sometimes a bit frightening at the same time. We need to be skilled jugglers and fortune tellers, wild animal tamers and clean up specialists in today's constantly changing business circus.

We have some of each of these business performers under the big top at the 2006 Agribusiness Forum, which has a distinctly international flavor. We'll hear about global forces shaping agriculture, talk with producers whose "farms" includes holdings in both the United States and foreign countries. We'll discuss the challenges of managing today's triumvirate of agriculture--farms, feed, and fuel--all of which are impacted by forces around the globe. We'll learn whether biofuels are truly a boon for agriculture or a merely a facade? For a finale, Sano Shimoda will look into his crystal ball to predict the forces and trends that will shape the next decade.

Vicki Henrickson Progressive Agriculture Foundation, NAMA Vice President.
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Author:Henrickson, Vicki
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Date:Sep 1, 2006
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