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Going around again.

I disagree with the reader suggesting to "retract approach flaps to reduce drag" as one of the three things to do in the first six seconds of a go-around, unless he meant retracting them to the approach-flap setting (Unicom, December 2009).

Approach flaps typically do not add a lot of drag but reduce stalling speed considerably. In a Mooney Ovation, typically all landings are done with full flaps and trim is set to max nose-up. Retracting flaps to the approach setting would result in an airplane way out of trim. Landing gear retraction has a much greater effect in reducing drag.

Anyway, follow the POH.

Luca F. Bencini-Tibo

Via e-mail

As we read the writer's comment, he suggested fully retracting approach flaps during the first few seconds of a go-around. This is a topic deserving detailed treatment in a larger article; watch for it soon.

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Title Annotation:UNICOM
Author:Bencini-Tibo, Luca F.
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Date:Feb 1, 2010
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