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Goering in the frame.

THIS is a shameless link to the previous story, by it is perhaps a less well known fact that Nazi leader Hermann Goering refused to use army-issue toilet paper because it was too rough. Instead, the Luftwaffe commander, purchased a bulk supply of soft white cotton handkerchiefs and used those instead.

He was back in the news last week when journalists from Der Speigel reported that a Persian rug looted during the Second World War and acquired by Goering for his Reichsmarschall office had been found on the floor of chancellor Angela Merkel's office. The magazine claims it is one of 600 plundered items still is use in German government buildings. Closer to home, this never before seen portrait of Goering has an element of local interest: the artist who painted it, Imre Goth, was interned in the Isle of Man.

Goth (1893-1982) was born in Szeged, Hungary, and found fame as a portrait artist in Berlin during the 1920s when he specialised in stars from the film industry.

Goering commissioned portraits of his wife, mistress and himself in the early 1930s, but the result led Goth to leave Germany just as the Nazis were coming to power.

Goering felt that his eyes betrayed the fact that he was addicted to morphine and demanded that Goth should repaint them. Goth stood his ground saying that he could paint only what he saw. Being Jewish and having just enraged one of the leading Nazis, he made immediate arrangements to flee.

Goth later became friends with the legendary film producer Alexander Korda, and was popular with British movie star.

The portrait will be sold by Ludlow, Shropshire specialist auctioneers Mullocks on February 14. It is accompanied by a note from one of his friends, Sylvia M Reed, stating that just before he died "he told me he felt his painting of Goering should be destroyed and so when he asked me to choose some pictures for myself, I chose it together with a self-portrait as I felt it would be a pity for such a historical work to be destroyed." The portrait is estimated at PS6,000-7,000.


Imre Goth''s offending portrait of Goering
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Date:Feb 9, 2013
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