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Gods Of The Game, Comedy []; THE DIARY.

Byline: IAN HYLAND On Last Night's TV, with Ashleigh Rainbird

Gods Of The Game, Comedy Central ****

Any TV bosses wondering how to keep the atmosphere for sports and entertainment events that must take place behind closed doors could do worse than check out this new sporting gameshow.

Comedy Central obviously blew the budget on fees for Olympic gods such as Sir Bradley Wiggins, Sir Chris Hoy, Max Whitlock and Sam Quek.

So when it came to filling an arena with thousands of noisy fans they took the cheaper option: Computer trickery.

It works a treat. Had The Masked Singer not shown up a couple of months ago, I would call Gods Of The Game the most bizarrely watchable new show of 2020.

The format is simple. Ordinary mortals take on sporting gods in challenges that are loosely linked to the sport for which the gods became famous.

In the opening episode three twentysomethings attempt to beat Whitlock in a 100m monkey bar race, Hoy in a pedalo race and Quek in a ridiculous hockey meets ten-pin bowling contest.

The mortals get a head start. How much of a start they take determines how many points they will win should they defeat the gods.

It's great fun. The kind of show that could do a job on Saturday nights for Channel 5 - or even fill the continuing Total Wipeout void on BBC1.

I'm already looking forward to finding out what the challenge will be when Michael Owen is a god next week.

My guess? Who can sit on a bench for the longest.


MORTAL ENEMIES Gods Chris and Max in action

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Title Annotation:Features
Author:IAN HYLAND On Last Night's TV, with Ashleigh Rainbird
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 13, 2020
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