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God bless the revolution!

Dear Editors,

Your very interesting summer issue reminded me of a bit of verse that was popular in the Christian Socialist movement at the turn of the century. I think I first heard it, with a reference to "the carpenterhs son," from the pioneering pro-labor minister, Reverend Harry F. Ward, who was, I believe, founder of the Methodists for Social Action. I thought your readers might be interested in seeing it. As I recollect it these are the lines. From brother Peter, who was seen At mass meetings in Palestine, We know which side was spoken for When comrade Jesus took the floor. O let no local him refuse, Comrade Jesue has paid his dues; Whoever else may be debarred Comrade Jesus has his red card.

I was also reminded of the only grace ever permitted in our house. My mother was a militant atheist, but one of her friends, Willard Uphaus, told her he was unhappy sitting down to a meal with us without saying grace. He proposed this formula which became standard practice whenever he joined us. Some had meat, and some had none-- God bless the revolution!

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Title Annotation:letter; a verse from a pro-labor minister and an atheists' grace
Author:Rubinstein, Annette T.
Publication:Monthly Review
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Nov 1, 1984
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