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God's name.

God had no name. Isaac had two names. Isaac was also called The Blind. Inside the dark sky of his mind Isaac could hear God moving down a country road bordered by trees. By the way the trees reflected off God Isaac knew which ones were straight and tall or when they carried their branches as a body does its head or why some crouched low to the ground in thickets. To hear how God was moving through the universe gave Isaac his question. I could tell you his answer but it wouldn't help. The name is not a noun. It is an adverb. Like the little black notebooks that Beethoven carried in his coatpocket for the use of those who wished to converse with him, the God adverb is a one-way street that goes everywhere you are. No use telling you what it is. Just chew it and rub it on.
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Author:Carson, Anne
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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