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God's Global Mosaic: What We Can Learn from Christians Around the World. .

By Paul-Gordon Chandler. Downers Grove, Ill.: Inter Varsity Press, 2000. Pp. 142. Paperback $10.

God's Global Mosaic belongs to the growing number of books introducing Christians in the United States to the growth and vitality of Christianity around the world. Chandler's goal is to help Christians in the West (the "we" in his subtitle) better appreciate that "today's Christianity is a multicultural global movement that is polycentric and largely non-Western" (p. 15).

Chandler is not a professional missiologist writing for the academy but a mission practitioner who wants U.S. Christians to catch a glimpse of what God is doing in other parts of the world. His experience gives him a voice that is at the same time authoritative and accessible. An American evangelical "missionary kid" who grew up in Senegal, Chandler has worked for the International Bible Society and the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge in London, where he was ordained priest in the Church of England. He is currently president and CEO of Partners International, a global ministry based in Spokane, Washington, that works in partnership with Christians in the least evangelized regions of the world to support them in their witness. The author's commitment to fostering global Christian partnership thus comes through in the book.

Chapters are organized around six geographic regions of the world. In each the author offers a uniting theme or metaphor for the Christian experience in the region under consideration, for example, perseverance (Middle East), celebration in the face of persecution (Latin America), and Jesus as teacher/guru (India).

The more sophisticated reader might find these themes to be rather simplistic and overdrawn, yet the author's extensive use of both biblical passages and personal stories makes the book accessible to a wide audience.

The book is endorsed by a veritable Who's Who of evangelical church leaders, primarily from England and the United States. Evangelical Christians in the West will find the book to be a good introduction to the mosaic of global Christianity today.

Ian T. Douglas, Professor of Mission and World Christianity at the Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, has served as a missionary in Haiti and is currently Convener of the Episcopal Seminaries' Consultation on Mission and a member of the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism.
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Author:Douglas, Ian T.
Publication:International Bulletin of Missionary Research
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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