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Gobble Gobble.

Cathryn Falwell (author); GOBBLE GOBBLE; Dawn Publications (Children's: Picture Books) $16.95 ISBN: 9781584691495

Byline: Mary Popham

Imagine a Children's Picture Book about turkeys and not a single mention of Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble by author and illustrator Cathryn Falwell presents a factual and beautifully detailed book describing mostly North America's distinctive wild turkeys. The text is engagingly simple and well written and the rhymes fascinate and instruct. Adults will love this book as much as the little ones.

The opening tells of spring. Birds and deer, creatures of the forest, are intrigued when they notice huge claw prints.

Spring is here!

Arrows mark the

muddy ground

Striped brown

feathers are all


What's that funny

gobbling sound?

Jenny and her family live in a woodland area cottage. Readers study along as she observes the flocks of wild birds during the progression of the seasons. In spring, the males -- turkey toms -- strut and puff, while the females -- turkey hens -- make shallow nests. In summer, the turkey babies hatch, and in autumn the big birds crunch in the red and gold leaves. During winter they leave turkey tracks in the snow and also roost in the trees.

Gorgeous wild turkey scenes come to life by interaction with Jenny, her playmates, and her dog, Max. Deer, birds, butterflies, and the trees that change with each season provide a backdrop for the story of the wild creatures.

The back of the book is filled with information about turkeysA3/4wild and domestic. Jenny's Journal highlights her research about the big birds at the public library; Jenny's Fun Things to Do suggests artful ways to learn about turkeys; and Animal Tracks has a picture puzzle of footprints made by different animals and challenges readers to identify them.

Cathryn Falwell creates a highly enjoyable learning experience in Gobble Gobble. The drawings are fabulous with amazing detail and the large-scale illustrations, bright with color and black-bordered pages, make distinctive framed prints. Falwell instills love and understanding of wild life and its surroundings, a talented artist who strives to inspire and connect children with nature.

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Author:Popham, Mary
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 11, 2011
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