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Goats special guests at wedding.

Countryside: I worked in the Childrens' Barnyard of The Farmers' Museum, an 1845 living history museum in Cooperstown, New York. Each year from May to September the Childrens' Barnyard consisted of kids, lambs, chickens and a calf, all on loan for the summer from area farms, including mine. Visitors could bottle feed kids, lambs, and the calf twice a day as well as learn a little bit about animal behavior. Touching animals was a big part of the experience. The young animals got accustomed to many (often noisy) visitors and they became very friendly quickly.

In October 2010 a co-worker's daughter, Emilee, was getting married and planned to hold the wedding reception at The Farmers' Museum. The bridegroom, Joe, remembered there was always a small flock of Java chickens housed near the reception hall and was disappointed to learn that those chickens had been retired.

He had been expecting animals to be at their reception at The Farmers' Museum. Harold, the bride's father suggested friendly goats as a substitute for the retired chickens. He asked me to bring my two dairy goat kids from the Childrens' Barnyard. Joe was happy with this idea.

On the wedding day, in October, after a beautiful wedding on the patio of the Fenimore Art Museum, the wedding party and guests walked across the street to the museum for the reception. I met Joe and Emilee in the parking lot with Tessa, a black Alpine doe, and Sylvia, a Saanen doe. The goats were clean and sparkling, as wedding guests should be. Joe dressed Tessa with a black bowtie and Sylvia with a lace ruffled garter. Then Joe and Emilee led the goats to the reception hall to greet the guests. Tessa and Sylvia visited with family and friends and had many photos taken of them. They were as well behaved as one would expect kids to be at a wedding. We left for home, after signing the guest book, "Sylvia and Tess."

Joe and Emilee have had six anniversaries so far and I have been told their family and friends still talk about the goats at their wedding.

Karen Fisher, New York

Caption: Left to right--Sylvia; best man; bride in background; Tess; Joe, groom

Caption: Sylvia in her garter, opposite right: Left to right--Joe, groom; Tessa; Karen Fisher, goat's owner; Sylvia; Nathaniel, bride's nephew; Bride, Emilee.

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Author:Fisher, Karen
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Jul 1, 2017
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