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Go weft, young man; Kilted window cleaning company offer 1-way ticket to Calgary and PS30k pay; CANADIAN FIRM'S JOB VACANCIES.


A CANADIAN company are hoping to entice true Scotsmen across the pond to work as kilted window cleaners.

Men in Kilts are promising a one-way ticket to Calgary, Alberta, and up to PS30,500 a year.

The company's online ad says: "We offer long-term, year-round employment, as we do snow removal in the winter months.

"In this organisation, fun factor meets inspiration. Should you wish to flex your leadership abilities, you'll be provided with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

"At Men in Kilts we celebrate gumption. If you are awesome, dedicated and fun - please apply."

The firm's 'technicians' are trained to clean windows, gutters and carpets and, in some cases, mow lawns and look after pools, all while wearing machine-washable Wallace ancient hunting tartan kilts.

Nicholas Brand, CEO of Men In Kilts, came up with the idea while cleaning windows himself and the business now has 30 franchisees across Canada and the USA.

The son of an Aberdeen emigrant who left Scotland at the age of 25, Nicholas explained that proper wool kilts would not last long in the grimy jobs they faced: "Wool would be too heavy and hot. We needed something that is durable and can be easily cleaned.

"But we absolutely demand all our field workers wear the same tartan and when asked what we wear under our kilts, the common response is 'boots and socks'."

We celebrate gumption so if you're awesome, apply MEN IN KILTS ONLINE JOB ADVERT


WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY For anyone ambitious enough to work in a kilt

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Apr 10, 2018
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