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Go to the web for collaborative design. (CAD).

A new CAD/CAM software suite from ImpactXoft Corp., San Jose, Calif., allows multiple teams working on a project to create, evaluate, revise, and finalize aspects of a design, either on-line (in real-time) or off-line. The new IX SPeeD Suite of software combines digital modeling for mechanical design with collaboration tools that allow all participants to work simultaneously or in parallel, and thereby reduce time to market. File sizes are kept relatively small to make it easy for teams to share model updates.

The software suite consists of IX Design product-modeling software, which is available separately, and IX Collaboration server software that manages simultaneous electronic collaboration among users at different locations. IX Design combines rules-based design and feature-based modeling into a new "intelligent functional modeling" capability. This automatically applies geometry to model features when changes are made during the design process. Also, these changes are much easier to implement than with other CAD systems because they can be made independent of model history.

The accompanying screen shots show an example of how on-line collaboration can work. Above, a hair dryer is being designed with a standard round motor housing (in yellow). As the engineer works on this design, he receives an e-mail message on his screen telling him that the Manufacturing Dept. has a new square motor. At right, the engineer accepts the e-mail from Manufacturing, and the new square motor (in green) immediately merges with the digital model. IX SPeeD automatically revises the geometry to match the replacement part--for example, changing the round hole for the old motor housing to a rectangle. IX Design alone costs $1500 for a one-year license. Tel:(408) 360-7700,
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Comment:Go to the web for collaborative design. (CAD).
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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