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Go to the hoop.

Back when we were kids, in order to play "driveway" basketball, our fathers would have to get a post digger, cement a 12'-long 4 x 4 into the ground, cut out a wooden backboard, buy a metal rim and nylon net--and spend hours nailing and screwing the whole thing together. Meanwhile, we'd get tired of waiting around and would end up at the local playground, chucking up bombs at bent rims and rusty chain-link nets--that is, if there were any nets at all. That was then; this is now.

Thanks to modern technology, our kids don't have to watch Pop sweat up a storm while swearing under his breath, as there is an endless parade of portable basketball backboards and nets available. Huffy Sports, Sussex, Wis., hits nothing but net with an impressive lineup that includes the No Tools Required portable basketball system ($95.99); S-Pole adjustable Cobra ($149.99); and, for those whose "game needs a little lift"--get it?--the 74209 Gas Assist ($499). Since we went top of the line, the 74209 is a neighborhood staple as all the hot shots from blocks around end up at our house to practice their moves.

The main attraction is a gas--assist elevator that adjusts the rim height between seven and 10 feet. The gas feature also counterbalances the weight of the 48" acrylic backboard, so raising and lowering the basket is fast and easy--even for young kids. The rim is spring--loaded while the base's four-wheel configuration ensures easy portability, since, unlike conventional units, you don't have to tip the hoop forward to move it around the driveway.

For the nearest retailer carrying the "Gas Assist," call 800-558-5234 or go online at
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