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Go to hell, Damian; Unforgiveable sins of Gordon's devil.

Byline: NigelNelson

GORDON Brown and Damian McBride deserved one another.

I have known every prime minister since Harold Wilson and Gordon was the most temperamentally unsuited to the job of the lot.

Damian was, like Damien in The Omen horror movies, the satanic puppet by Gordon's side, the Antichrist in the devilish hellfire of spin-doctoring.

Had Damian not taken his 30 pieces of silver and spilled his guts like Judas, I would keep my gob shut, too.

That way the effluent which flowed around Gordon's career could stay in the sewer of the past where it belongs.

The Brownies poured the brown stuff over Tony Blair and it disgusted me.

God knows what Ed Miliband thought about it at the time, but he'd better disown it now. However, since Damian has opted to tell the truth about himself there are no constraints on telling the truth about him.

If Ed Balls wonders why MPs failed to support his party leadership bid, it was because they thought he was too close to the star of The Omen.

In now revealing the stories he trailed in newspapers to trash Gordon's opponents, The Omen reveals himself as the trailer-trash of politics.

Yes, I'm biased. I watched him try to destroy good and decent politicians I consider friends.

When John Reid was drunk he could be vile. And he knew it. Which was why he gave up booze nearly 20 years ago.

But when he posed a threat to Gordon The Omen was prepared to dredge that up again.

So Britain was denied the chance of being led by a man with more primeministerial qualities in his little toe than Gordon had in his whole body.

Shadow International Development Secretary Ivan Lewis should be higher up Labour's pecking order.

The Omen smeared him when he was at his most emotionally vulnerable. Labour MPs have never forgiven that.

Now The Omen begs forgiveness for his sins. Get yourself to church, Damian. They're big on forgiveness there.
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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion, Columns
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 22, 2013
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