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Go the extra mile.

THIS time of year is all about setting goals - but what if you're already ticking those healthy eating and lifestyle boxes? If that's the case, it could be time to push yourself a little harder.

Here are five tweaks to make your good habits even healthier. YOU'RE ALREADY: Running round the park HOW ABOUT: Signing up for a 10k Regular jogging is great for your heart and lungs but having a goal to work towards - so you begin increasing mileage and monitoring your progress - boosts confidence and improves your technique. YOU'RE ALREADY: Eating greens HOW ABOUT: Boosting your breakfast Breakfasts can be heavy on fruit but it's wise to balance out those natural sugars with a handful of mineral and nutrient-rich spinach. YOU'RE ALREADY: Lifting weights HOW ABOUT: Interval training Make your body work a whole lot harder, but for shorter periods, by incorporating short bursts of extreme activity - aka High-intensity Interval Training - into your routine. YOU'RE ALREADY: Walking to work HOW ABOUT: Cycling instead Cycling engages almost all of the body's key muscle groups without putting too much strain on joints - and it'll get you there quicker than walking.

YOU'RE ALREADY: Avoiding processed foods HOW ABOUT: Eating wholegrain staples Swapping your regular white bread, pasta or rice for wholegrain versions, increasing fibre and avoiding the refining process white foodstuffs go through as you do so.

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 15, 2016
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