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Go speed racer! And how was your day?

My grandma was videotaping me on the go-cart track. As I it drove past her, I took my hands off the wheel and struck a pose. But instead of looking cute, I crashed into the guardrail so hard it dented the car and sparks flew everywhere. The ride operator kicked me off the track. Even worse, a cute guy who worked there gave me a free ticket to the kiddie track!

My friend and I were in a restaurant, and she pointed out a totally hot guy. I turned to look, and my left hoop earring caught the waiter's sleeve. I screamed, and the waiter was totally freaked out. It took about 10 minutes to get my earring undone...and I never even got a look at the cutie!

My BF and I were walking in the park. It was so romantic ...until a pigeon decided my new off-the-shoulder pink shirt was a good place to "drop." My BF was cool about it, but I totally wigged!

My BFF and I were going to the pool, so I wrapped a clean pair of underwear in my towel to change into afterward. Well, my BFF's guy was at the pool and spilled his soda, so she threw him the closest thing--my towel. My underwear fell out right at his feet, and he didn't know what to do!

I was trying to impress the girls at cheerleading camp, so I did some advanced stretches. During a really tough one, I burped. Even though it was loud and obvious, I pretended not to hear anything.

On my first roller coaster ride ever, I actually wet myself. When I got off the ride, a really cute boy started to take my seat. But his friend whispered to him...and they quickly moved to another seat.

My crush was dunking me at the pool, so I dunked him. When I heard the lifeguard's whistle, I froze. He was pointing right at me. For "dangerous dunking," I had to sit on every single chair around the pool deck and apologize to my crush as I sat on each one.

My BF and I were lounging in a hammock. He suddenly jumped up and said, "I'll get us something to drink." The hammock flipped, and I was face down in the grass! I ended up with grass stains on a new outfit.

My friend Megan and I thought our swim instructor Matt was so cute. So one night, we used markers to write "Matt is the hottest" on our arms and legs. The next day, I had swim lessons in the morning, but Megan had hers at the end of the day. She had time to wash the marker off, but I didn't. When I got to the pool, I tried to hide it, but Mall said, "You have something on your arm. I could have died.

My friends and I noticed these cute guys at the ice cream parlor. As we were leaving with our cones, the guys offered to walk with us. I was wearing my chunky-heeled shoes and feeling pretty awesome...until I tripped. My double scoop flew in the air and hit one of the guys. Oops.

One morning during our family vacation, my parents went out to breakfast. So, with the hotel room to myself, I danced around in a towel and shower cap. I was enjoying the bliss and being silly when I saw the cleaning lady in the doorway with her cart. She looked at me like I was a lunatic!

My crush asked me to go on the ferris wheel with him at the state fair. When we reached the highest point, one of my sandals fell off and hit his brother on the head!
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Title Annotation:embarrassing moments recalled
Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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