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Go larger; 50 'healthy' lunch options with more calories than a McDonald's Big Mac (508).


THINK choosing a supermarket salad will help you slim down for summer? Think again. Some actually contain MORE fat and calories than a Big Mac.

A study by Which? magazine found that a 300g pot of Tesco Honey and Mustard Chicken Pasta has a whopping 702 calories and 35.5g of fat. A Big Mac has 508 and 25g respectively.

Hon Pas rieh And that's not the only "healthy" option that makes you tubbier. There are whole ranges of salads, sandwiches "h you rang and ready meals that make a burger look like diet food.

Nutritionist Angela Dowden says: "A salad can be high in calories, especially those with pasta and creamy sauces.

"Some salads don't even contain one portion of your vital five a day."

As campaigners call for a clear traffic-light system of nutritional labelling, we find 50 more innocent-looking dishes with even more calories than that Big Mac. Tesco Beef Lasagne (450g) 651 calories and 33.8g of fat Morrisons Kitchen Corned Beef Hash (450g) 554 calories and 14.9g of fat Sainsbury's Chicken Jalfrazi (500g) 708 calories and 26.8g of fat Wagamama Yasai Surendra's Curry (717g) 1,331 calories and 61.5g of fat Starbucks carrot cake 560 calories 28.3 of fat Wetherspoon's Freedom salad lmond 25 6g with chicken 670 calories and 23.7g of fat Asda Classic Fish Pie (450g) 518 calories and 23.0g of fat Starbucks almond croissant 525 calories 20.6g of fat Tesco Curried Noodles (400g) 734 calories and 38.2g of fat Subway Tuna 696 calories 12in sub (466g) 696 calories and 22.0g of fat Asda Ham and Mushroom Tagliatelle (400g) 516 calories and 16.8g of fat Sainsbury's Pub Specials pecials ) 516 Chicken & Bacon Risotto (450g) 606 calories, 22.5g of fat Tesco chicken and red pepper couscous (400g) 632 calories and 19.2g of fat Starbucks Bella Mozzarella Panini 510 calories and 28g fat iyaki eriyaki 0 calories and Wagamama Beef Teriyaki Donburi (595g) 1,010 calories and 23g of fat Costa's Moroccan meatball wrap 525 calories and 17.2g of fat Sharwood's Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice (375g) 529 calories, 1.9g of fat Sainsbury's Classic Chicken Casserole (450g) 568 calories and 24.3g of fat Waitrose lamb moussaka (350g) 642 calories and 41g of fat.

Nando's quinoa salad with grilled chicken breast fillet 514 calories and 19.7g fat Pret a Manger Posh Cheddar and Pickle on Artisan Baguette (235g) Pret a Che Pi P cA g (235g) 660 calories calories 660 calories and 26.8g of fat 660 calories and 26.8g of fat Asda Cheese Salad (380g) 634 calories and 34.6g of fat Tesco Coronation Rice (275g) 512 calories and 23.8g of fat Princes Tinned Chili Con Carne (400g) 604 calories and 39.2g of fat Starbucks Sure As Eggs Is Eggs Egg Sandwich 535 calories and 33.0g of fat Greggs Chicken and Chorizo Rustic sandwich 524 calories and 17g of fat Sainsbury's Apple, Raisin and Walnut Coleslaw (275g) 698 calories and 61.1g of fat M&S chicken, bacon and sweetcorn pasta salad 642 calories and 28.1g of fat Wetherspoon's pulled pork and rocket wrap 543 calories and 17.2g of fat Ask chicken caesar salad 726 calories and 43.4g of fat.

558 calories Greggs Beef and Vegetable Pasty 509 calories and 33g of fat Tesco Chicken and Mushroom Hotpot (450g) 605 calories and 29.3g of fat Sharwoods Chicken Korma (375g) 615 calories and 16.5g of fat Ask Insalata Caprina (g oat's cheese salad) 855 calories and 58.2g of fat Starbucks Chicken Caesar Wrap 515 calories and 33g of fat Iceland Meal For One Spaghetti Bolognese (500g) 591 calories and 12.2g of fat Pret a Manger Chicken Caesar and Bacon on Artisan Baguette (221g) 622 calories and 26.1g of fat Caffe Nero Brie and Bacon Panini 624 calories and 24.1g fat 624 calories KFC Pulled chicken burrito 550 calories, 14.3g of fat Wagamama Pork Ribs (252g) 702 calories and 42.9g of fat Tesco Tikka Masala and Pilau Rice or (550g) 886 calories, 37.1g of fat Morrisons Tomato and Chicken Pasta (330g) 683 calories and 38.6g of fat a 683 calories in 52 Sub it a of 50 Pret a Manger Classic ham and eggs baguette 566 calories, 24.8g of fat Subway Italian Big Meat Tasty 12in sub (452g) 792 calories and 33.6g of fat McDonald's Crispy chicken & bacon sandwich 510 calories and 21g of fat Burger King veggie bean burger 625 calories, 26.7g fat M&S Chicken & smoked Bacon salad sandwich 694 calories and 37.1g fat Morrisons Tomato & basil chicken pasta 683 calories and 38.6g fat Iceland Meal For One Spaghetti & Meatballs (500g), 589 calories and 14.4g of fat.

uk uk M&S C Bac 63 702 calories p a Icel Spagh Greggs Mexican Chicken baguette 602 calories, 17g fat Yo Sushi Chicken Katsu Curry 519 calories and 16g fat


CALORIFIC Tesco pasta, right
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