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Go green when you clean.



CLEAN YOUR KETTLE! WRITER Hannah Britt, 29, tries green cleaning.

I consider myself something of an eco warrior. But when it comes to cleaning, I was a long way off the mark. I stocked up on a few basics and got to work. Using lemons to clean my kettle was a success. A delicious scent filled my kitchen and when I rinsed the kettle out, the inside looked new. Next, the oven. I mixed bicarb of soda, salt and water and spread it over the inside of the door. I left it overnight and when I wiped it off, the door was sparkling and there was no chemical smell.

DO you know what's lurking in your cleaning products? From disinfectants to drain unblockers, there are many toxins and chemicals in household products that cause major damage to the environment. Last year, Tesco reported a 45 per cent rise in sales for green cleaning products. But you can make your own using basic kitchen ingredients.

BATHROOM Drain cleaner Ingredients: 3 drops rosemary essential oil; 120g bicarbonate of soda; 120ml white vinegar Put essential oil down the drain first, follow with the bicarbonate of soda, then vinegar. Leave for 15 minutes, then pour boiling water down the drain. Run cold water to clear.

Rust remover Ingredient: White vinegar Saturate a cleaning cloth with vinegar. Drape over the rust stain for 15 minutes, then rub the area with a cloth to remove.

Antibacterial spray Ingredients: 250ml white vinegar; few drops tea tree oil; spray bottle Pour vinegar into spray bottle and add essential oil. Shake and spray on bathroom surfaces, leave for five minutes, then wipe off with a damp cloth. Keeps for two weeks.

KITCHEN Stainless steel polish Ingredients: Vinegar in a spray bottle; 50ml coconut oil Spray stainless steel with vinegar and use a soft cloth to wipe in the direction of the grain, if it has one. Using a clean cloth, apply coconut oil to the steel and work into the surface, then wipe down with an oil-free cloth.

Oven cleaner Ingredients: 50g coarse salt; 150g bicarbonate of soda Combine salt and bicarbonate of soda with 50ml water. Before applying, use a wet sponge to wet the surfaces with water. Spread the paste on the internal parts of the oven. Leave overnight and wipe off with hot water.

Kettle cleaner Ingredients: 2 lemons Squeeze the juice of one lemon into your kettle. Slice the other lemon and add to the kettle, then fill with water. Put it on to boil. Once boiled, empty and wash with some warm water.

BEDROOM & LIVING ROOM Carpet stain remover Ingredients: 500ml white vinegar; 60g bicarbonate of soda; glass or plastic spray bottle Pour 500ml water into a large bowl, then add vinegar, followed by bicarbonate of soda (this will fizz). Pour mixture into a spray bottle and thoroughly wet the stained area. Leave for 10 minutes, then dab off with a damp cloth.

Furniture polish Ingredients: 60ml lemon juice; 180ml olive oil; 1 drop lemon essential oil; bottle Combine ingredients in the bottle and shake to mix. Apply to wooden furniture with a soft cloth and rub off. Keeps for one month.

Moth repellent Ingredients: lemon peel; 1 muslin cut into 10cm squares; string Put the lemon peel into a small square of muslin and tie with string to make a little sack. Tie around a hanger or put in a drawer. Keeps for two weeks.

UTILITY & LAUNDRY ROOM Linen freshener Ingredients: 120ml vodka; 10 drops lavender essential oil; 5 drops lemon essential oil; spray bottle Combine vodka with 250ml water in spray bottle and add essential oils. Spray on to linen from about 20cm away. Keeps for two months.

Fabric softener Ingredients: 1 litre white vinegar; 10 drops citrus or lavender essential oil; 1 litre glass jar or bottle Pour vinegar into the glass container and add essential oil. Shake well before use. Add 125ml to the softener dispenser for a medium load and 250ml for a large load. Keeps for three months. Shoe freshener Ingredients: 1tbsp bicarbonate of soda; few drops tea tree oil Sprinkle the bicarb of soda inside the shoes and add tea tree oil. Shake shoes to distribute, leave for 10 minutes, then discard mixture. Repeat if needed.

|Taken from Natural Home Cleaning by Fern Green (PS15, Hardie Grant)


THE ZEST OPTION Lemons are versatile cleaning product
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