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Go for gold with our big winners.

WE'RE all going maracas as the Olympic flame ignites the sporting action in Rio de Janeiro at midnight.

And you don't need to be in Brazil to be part of the fun and games as we can give you a taste of the teams from around the world.

Whether you want to get into the carnival spirit of the host nation, back Team GB or cheer on supersonic Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, we've struck gold with the best food and drinks deals in town.

From Brazilian Samba rice to British bangers and mash, and sizzling American burgers to stuffed vines from Greece - the birthplace of the Olympics - there's something to suit all tastes.

Here's a flavour of traditional treats from some of the sporting giants.

* All prices correct at time of going to press BRAZIL | |4 Handcrafted Sweetcorn Empanadas (120g), Marks& Spencer, PS2.80 or three for PS7 SAVE: PS1.40 | |3 Butcher's Selection Brazilian BBQ Thin Cut Sizzle Steaks (315g), Asda, PS3.85 or two for PS SAVE: 70p | |Birds Eye Lime& Chilli Brazilian Zest Chicken Chargrills, (186g),Morrisons, Were PS1.67, Now PS1 SAVE: 67p | |Tilda Brazilian Samba Rice Limited Edition (20g), Tesco, Was PS1.59, Now PS SAVE: 59p BRAZILian BBQ Steak Pot Noodle (90g), Sainsbury's, Was 95p, Now 65p SAVE: 35p GREAT BRITAIN | |Gastropub Cottage Pie with Ale Gravy (400g), Marks& Spencer, PS4, or two for PS7 SAVE: PS1 Sausage And Mash (450g), Tesco, PS2.30 or three for PS6 SAVE: 90p | Fish and Chips (300g), Asda, Were PS2.18, Now PS1.50 SAVE: 68p | |Mild Scottish Smoked Salmon (300g), Sainsbury's, Was PS7.50, Now PS6 SAVE: PS1.5 | |Vegetarian Glamorgan Sausages with Caerphilly Cheese and Leeks (300g), Morrisons, Were PS1.57, Now PS1.2 SAVE: 32p | |New Orleans Chicken Creole Spatchies (700g), Marks & Spencer, PS4.50 or three for PS10.

SAVE: PS3.50 | |New York Cheesecak (450g), Morrisons, Was PS1.92, Now PS1.67. SAVE: 25p | |Bourbon Glazed Pork Ribs (460g), Tesco, PS4 o three for PS10, SAVE: PS2 | |Taste of America Rockin' Chill& Chorizo Mac & Cheese (400g), Asda, Was PS2.60, Now PS2. SAVE: 60p | |Taste the Difference Ultimate Steak Burgers pack), Sainsbury's, Were PSNow PS4.50. SAVE: 50p IT| |Pizza Express Margherita 12" Pizza (455g), Morrisons, Was PS6, now PS3. SAVE: PS3 | |Italian Spaghetti And Meatballs (450g), Tesco, PS2.30 or three for PS6 SAVE: 90p | |Deli di Lusso Calabrese Salami & Chorizo Pizza (383g), Asda, Was PS3, now PS1.50. SAVE: PS1.50 | |Tomato& Mozzarella Tortelloni (400g), Sainsbury's, Was PS2, now PS1.50. SAVE: 50p | |Soli Butternut SquashSage Ravioli (250g), Waitrose, PS3.49 or two for PS5. SAVE: PS1.98 GREECE | |Fage Total 0% Fat Authentic Greek Yoghur (500g), Morrisons, PS2.17 or two for PS3. SAVE: PS1.34 | Finest Moussaka (350g), Tesco, PS3.50 or two for PS6. SAVE: PS1 | |Delphi Taramosalata Di (170g), Asda, 87p or two for PS1.50. SAVE: 24p | |Vegetarian Stuffed Vine Leaves (225g), Waitrose, PS3.49 or two for PS4. SAVE: PS2.9 | |Cypressa Greek Halkidiki Olives Double stuffed with Garlic& Red Pepper (315g), Asda, Were PS2.09, Now PS1.50. SAVE: 59p JAMAICA | |Spicy Jerk Half Chicken with Spiced Butter (679g), Waitrose, PS4 or three for PS10 SAVE: PS | |Dunn's Jamaican Ackee in Salted Water (540g), Tesco, PS4.99 or two for PS SAVE: PS3.98 | |Island Sun Skinless And Boneless Saltfish (300g) PS2 9 th f Tesco, PS2.19 or three for PS5 SAVE: PS1.57 | |BOL Jamaican Jerk Chicken (380g), Waitrose, PS3 or two for PS5 SAVE: PS | |Island Delight Jerk Chicken Jamaican Crust Pattie (140g), Morrisons, Was 75p, Now 50 SAVE: 25p DRINK TO THE OLYMPICS Toast six great nations with deals on drinks to get you into the Olympics party spirit.

Riosecco (sparkling Brazilian wine, 75cl) Marks & Spencer, PS9 or two for PS12. SAVE: PS6 | |Brazilian Araucaria Riesling Pinot Grigio (75cl), Marks& Spencer, was PS10, now PS8. SAVE: PS2 | |Black Sheep Riggwelter Yorkshire Ale (500ml), Morrisons, PS1.65 or four for PS6. SAVE: 60 | |Ballantine's Finest Scotch Whisky (700ml), Tesco, was PS20, now PS15. SAVE: PS | |Appleton Signature Blend Jamaica Rum (70cl), Tesco, was PS20, now PS15. SAVE: PS | |Old Jamaica Ginger Beer Die (8x330ml), Sainsbury's, was PS3.50, now PS2.50. SAVE: PS1 | |Italian Adeletto Prosecc (75cl), The Co-op, was PS9.35, now PS6.99. SAVE: PS2.36 | |Italia Ogio Pinot Grigio Ros (75cl), Tesco, was PS5.50, now PS4.50. SAVE: PS1 | Peroni Nastro Azzurro (12 x 330ml), Sainsbury's, was PS16, now PS14. SAVE: PS2 | Budweiser (15 x 300ml), Sainsbury's, was PS10, now PS9. SAVE: PS1 | |Californian Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc (75cl), Morrisons, was PS7, now PS5. SAVE: PS | Mythos Beer (500ml), Tesco, PS1.79 or three for PS5. SAVE: 37p
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Date:Aug 5, 2016
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