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Go east--see what's new in metalworking manufacturing.

Connecting buyers and sellers throughout the East Coast is the yearly goal of EASTEC 2006. This year's exposition proves to be a diverse marketplace, featuring a range of sellers offering advanced manufacturing equipment and metalworking technologies that buyers need in order to keep staying ahead of the competition."

Held in West Springfield, MA, from May 23-25, EASTEC 2006 assists attendees in developing a network of companies to partner with in order to serve new markets and customers. Technologies and exhibits are grouped by category and by building, making it easier for attendees to focus in on the areas they want to visit. For more information or to register for EASTEC 2006, please visit

Data-gathering CMM

GLOBAL coordinate measuring machines are equipped with a variety of data-gathering sensors, including industry-standard touch trigger and analog scanning probes. PC-DMIS software features advanced programming, reporting, and customization ability for the CMM. Standard GLOBAL configurations have been enhanced to include three versions: Classic, Performance, and Advantage. Available measuring ranges are 500x700x500mm to 2,400x4,000x1,500 mm. EASTEC BOOTH #5128; Brown & Sharpe Inc.,

End mills and face mills

The MEC series of Ultra Hurricane end mills and face mills lower cutting forces and allow tools to withstand heavier cuts and be run at higher feedrates. A silver coating and large chip pocket radius protect the tool body. Offering 14 end mills with cutting diameters from 1/2" to 1-1/2" and shank sizes from 1/2" to 1-1/4", the company also offers five face mills with cutting diameters from 1-1/2" to 4". EASTEC BOOTH #3001; Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp.,

Wireless collection system

DataSure wireless data collection system utilizes radio transmission, covering thousands of square feet, while reliably preserving the integrity of measurement data. DataSure interfaces with most major brands of electronic measuring tools and software and installs on PCs running Windows XP Professional. The system automates data collection improving speed and accuracy. EASTEC BOOTH #5226; The L.S. Starret Co.,

'C' series collets

The "C" series Flexi-Grip Collets will be reintroduced. Available are the C3, C4, C6, and C8 drill collets along with STC4 tap collets. Although the C6 and C8 series have been redesigned, these collets are completely interchangeable with the old design. Somma Tool can also supply the chucks for these collets. EASTEC BOOTH #3153; Somma Tool Co.,

Replica laser scanning CMM features the Metris LC50 line scanner for reverse engineering solutions that offer high scanning speed and data capture together with CMM performance and reliability. EAST-EC BOOTH #5359; Metris,

Fast and efficient seven-axis Swiss-type lathe, CINCOM L20 enables faster machining operations while reducing non-cutting idle time by 40 percent. EASTEC BOOTH #1205g Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Inc.,

Mastercam X Maintenance Release (MR1) incorporates seven new tool-paths and includes a new interface for toolpath creation--tailored to high-speed machining and hard milling. EASTEC BOOTH #5527; CNC Software, Inc.,

Versatile swing clamps

Versatile new swing clamps offer top flange mounting, allowing the body of the clamp to be hidden below the fixture surface, providing more room on top of the fixture for parts. An integrated safety clutch mechanism protects the part and the swing clamp from misloaded parts or a misaligned arm. Available with four piston sizes in clamping forces from 1,200lb to 8,100lb. EASTEC BOOTH #3049; Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.,

Wire EDM rotary spindles

H80R.MAC high-speed rotary spindle, combined with the H1680.AC4 variable speed AC control, allows for the production of miniature round parts. Contour shapes are programmed into the EDM control--eliminating contoured wheel and reducing setup times. This spindle, along with the refined generator setting of the wire EDM, allows the EDM turning of diameters down to 0.05mm with surfaces to Ra 0,2. EASTEC BOOTH #1544; Hirschmann Engineering U.S.A. Inc.,

Power chucks

ROTA NCK plus precision power chucks feature large through holes, improved lubrication systems, high clamping repeatability, and compatibility with a range of existing machining centers. The ROTA NCK plus chucks offer a robust one-piece chuck body for increased rigidity. NCK plus is available for all CNC lathes in the sizes 165, 210, 250, and 315. EASTEC BOOTH #3259; Schunk Inc.,

Tabletop induction heating

The preprogrammed 7.5kW Briney Thermax is easy to use--requiring no more input from the user than a choice of heating coil corresponding to tool diameter, and selection of carbide or steel cycles. Four individual heat-sink cool-down positions, integral to the unit, include powerful fans to accelerate cooling time. EASTEC BOOTH #3000; Briney Tooling Systems,

Style clamp addition

SIDE-LOC Xpansion clamps hold parts on the bore when you cannot access the tapered screw. It is actuated by turning a socket head cam on the side, which then moves a tapered plunger to expand the clamp. SIDE-LOC clamp has the dead-length feature, which is critical for close tolerance dimensions. It is designed in two styles, one for milling operations and one for lathe applications. EASTEC BOOTH #3216; Mitee-Bite Products Inc.,

Assembly arms

FlexArm torque reaction arms come in seventeen different models and are available with maximum torque capabilities. The FlexArms can be mounted on the tabletop or from above to satisfy a variety of assembly line applications. A two-piece V-block is standard on all smaller units to accept any tool up to 2" diameter as standard. EASTEC BOOTH #5334; FlexArm,

Multisensor metrology system

SmartScope Flash 500 dimensional measurement system has a small footprint yet features a 500x450x200mm X, Y, Z measurement volume, with the added flexibility of a 300mm extended Z-axis option. When equipped with a through-the-lens laser, it adds non-contact surface contouring to its already strong touch probe, video, and microprobes measuring capability. EASTEC BOOTH #5258; Optical Gaging Products, Inc.,


Available in a variety of sizes, heights, and drawer configurations, the Storage Cabinets are equipped with toolholder frames and can accommodate a variety of standard-sized CNC toolholders. Tool Transporters feature a rigid steel frame and steel sheet side panels slotted at 1" intervals to accommodate trays, frames, shelves, and other accessories. EASTEC BOOTH #3021; Lista International Corporation,

High clamping force

The powRgrip system uses a toolholder and collet to create extremely high clamping forces. It is designed with easy operation and functionality in mind--the system takes less than 10 sec to press in a tool or remove it from the holder. The system uses mechanical properties of the holder material to generate tremendous gripping force with runout below 1". Also shown will be the Zero-Z short toolholder. EASTEC BOOTH #3145; REGO-FIX,

Integral shank

An Integral-shank, designed for the EW2-50XL precision boring head, is now available for CAT40, BT40, HSK-A63, and Capto C6 size spindles and provide a shorter tool than the modular shank/boring head combination. In the case of the CAT40 taper, the tool is shorter by over 1.3"--translating into a lighter and more rigid tool that can operate at higher cutting speeds and feeds. EASTEC BOOTH #3033; Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.,

High-speed spindle

Air-cooled "Plug and Go" HFK 95 S40 high-speed spindles are designed for fast and easy setup in most vertical and horizontal machining centers. The spindles are rated at 4hp peak power, 2.6hp continuous duty. Offering the capability of utilizing a manual or automatic spindle change, HFK 95 is adaptable to any existing 40 of 50 ISO or CAT taper machine. EASTEC BOOTH #5040; IBAG North America,

Rotary table

Tsudakoma RN-100 rotary table is for drilling and tapping machines and small VMCs. It provides high accuracy five-axis capabilities, and powerful clamping. Koma will also display the Jauch + Schmider EIS-100 Indexer with logipos CNC controller--complete with a 100mm diameter faceplate pre-drilled to accommodate a complete range of clamping chucks. EASTEC BOOTH #3101; Koma Precision, Inc.,

Field balancing

The PB-2000 field balancing and vibration-measuring instrument allows you to balance rotors on-site, in situation. It offers three operating modes. Balancing options include: select add or remove weight; define correction units; select polar; select components; and select spread angle or vector balancing. EASTEC BOOTH #3020; American Hofmann Corp.,

Diaphragm chuck

DPH-300I standard 3" diameter six-jaw diaphragm chuck features an internal rotary union. This rotary union keeps the air feed tube stationary, eliminating vibration of the standard rotating tube, and allowing the chuck to operate at speeds up to 15,000rpm. These chucks are tooled with special jaws and stops to hard turn small fuel injection components. EASTEC BOOTH #3310; Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation,

Computer numerical control

SINUMERIK 802D solution line computer numerical control (CNC) combines the network-centric architecture of SINUMERIK solution line and SINAMICS drive technology for standalone as well as plant-wide automation solutions. An operator panel-based control system, SINUMERIK 802D combines the numerical control (NC), the programmable logic controller (PLC), human machine interface (HMI) in a single unit. EASTEC BOOTH #5238; Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.,

Direct-drive spindles

Direct-drive governed high-speed 600 series Air Turbine Spindles have 25,000 to 90,000rpm speed. The spindle range is available machined as one rigid piece of steel with a choice of mounts, HSKA63, CAT40, or BT40. Spindles are totally oil-free, low-friction motors that produce high reliability in continuous operations with a patented governor to maintain high speed and torque. EASTEC BOOTH #3005; Air Turbine Tools,

Taps for stainless steel

Orange-banded Sowa High Performance taps for stainless steel tapping are available in both inch and metric. The ANSI-specification taps are made of three percent vanadium with specific hook and helix geometry for stainless steel. EASTEC BOOTH #4416; Sowa Tool & Machine Co. Ltd.,


Shrink-fit extensions add shrink-fit capability and reach without the expense cated shrink-fit toolholders. Used most types of toolholders, they hold cutting tool shank sizes of 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8". One feature of the toolholder is that they are more rigid and have better TIF than collet extension EASTEC BOOTH #3360; Techniks Inc.,

Video inspection system

User-friendly, ergonomically designed Hi-Eye Versatile Video Microscope is for magnified assembly and inspection tasks. With a built-in color LCD monitor, high-resolution CCD camera, digital crosshair generator, motorized zoom, and rapid autofocus, Hi-Eye is fully self-contained. Users can choose various lighting for optimal image quality. EASTEC BOOTH #5716; Ram Optical Instrumentation, Inc.,

C 30 U Dynamic Machining Center is a mid-sized machine that can handle medium- to large-sized parts and offer higher production capabilities for close tolerance parts. EASTEC BOOTH #1162; Hermle Machine Company,

Five-axis rotary tables (5XR) are currently available on the Makino a51, a61, and a71 HMCs to enhance the line and further reduce part cycle times. EASTEC BOOTH #1533; Makino,

Vericut 6.0 features enhancements designed to increase the ability of manufacturing engineers to simulate the entire CNC machining process in order to produce better results and reduce the time spent in the programming and machining cycle. EASTEC BOOTH #5255; CGTech,

Traub TNL26 sliding headstock machine offers the advantages of both fixed and sliding headstock turning processes in the same machine design concept. EASTEC BOOTH #1348; INDEX Corporation,

Velocity II integrates RapidRough technology--a single-step advanced roughing through pre-finishing operation that reduces the machining time in three-axis parts--and it utilizes TrueMill to create fast, efficient bulk material-removal processes. EASTEC BOOTH #5339; Surfware Inc.,

Tsugami TMUI CNC Swiss-type machine features a 60 tool automatic tool-changer supplying the rear-mounted 7.5hp driven tool spindle, 15hp main and subspindles, 38mm bar capacity, spindle within a spindle collet and guide bushing arrangement, and more. EASTEC BOOTH #1305; REM Sales,

Prodigy GT-27 gang tool lathe features C-axis spindle as standard, a polymer base, and precision components. Absence of a turret eliminates tool changes and lends itself to short cycle times, as well as high precision. EASTEC BOOTH #2116; SNK America, Inc.,

CONTURA G2 CMM offers the same high accuracy with either articulating or active scanning technology and is designed for measuring complex features and parts with multiple angles that require smaller styli. EASTEC BOOTH #5141; Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology (IMT),

Microgage 3D CMM inspects small precision parts in the lab, or at production rates in the manufacturing environment and features precision mechanical bearings, true uncompensated intrinsic accuracy, protected ways, bearing, motors, and scales. EASTEC BOOTH #5237; Helmel Engineering Products Inc.,

Part of a new series of adjustable magnification air comparators, Universal Dimensionair gage combines the best of a differential air system with the ability to work both as a single master or dual master air gaging' system. EASTEC BOOTH #5326; Mahr Federal Inc.,

TRAK TRL 2460SX lathe features the PhotoTRAK CNC for ultimate control for tool room and small lot work, featuring an advanced user interface that differentiates it from production-oriented CNCs--the lathe may be used manually with assists from the CNC to easily do tapers and radii. EASTEC BOOTH #1105; Southwestern Industries, Inc.,

Super Hi-Net SHV 1000 VMC is specifically engineered for high speed mold machining and features Weiss integral spindles as standard equipment as well as the Fanuc 18iM-B with all new alpha I series servo motors and Al NANO HPCC for high-speed, high-accuracy machining. EASTEC BOOTH #1541; Absolute Machine Tools, Inc.,

VC toolholder, operating at up to 40,000rpm, offers ultra-smooth surface finishes while its profile eliminates noise related to high-speed rotation and it reduces the air current created by the hex nuts and slots. EASTEC BOOTH #3013; Lyndex-Nikken Inc.,

BX-26S gang tool lathe with two spindles offers complete part machining of complex barwork in a single setup while two gang slides and a linear turret further contribute to precision and faster cycle times. EASTEC BOOTH #1241; Miyano Machinery USA Inc.,

EA12V Sinker EDM incorporates features to enhance accuracy and productivity--the multiposition work tank allows the operator to set up while circulating the dielectric fluid. EASTEC BOOTH #1229; MC Machinery Systems, Inc./Mitsubishi EDM/Laser, www.rsleads.605tp-254

Rotary transfer machine, the Multifactor, is specifically for the cost-effective production of mid-sized components, requiring high precision and productivity. Available with 8, 10, 12, or 15 stations, the machine can be tooled with CNC units while the maximum workpiece size is 4"x4"x4". EASTEC BOOTH #2113; Mikron Corp. Monroe,

PartMaker version 7.8 software features a range of new and improved functionality including enhancements to the PartMaker Surface Machining Wizard (SMW) module and the 3-D Machining Simulation Module. EASTEC BOOTH #5441; PartMaker Software/IMCS Inc.,


The GT-20 lathe provides a maximum part swing of 13" over the front apron, a 9.25" swing over the cross slide, has 6" of X-axis travel with 2,4001b of thrust, and the Z-axis provides 12" of travel with 3,7001b of thrust. EASTEC BOOTH #1215; Haas Automation Inc.,


Vertical Pallet Pool (VPP) expands storage and auto mates production on one machining center by automating redundant tasks such as machine loading and unloading. EASTEC BOOTH #1253; Toyoda Machinery USA, www.


Mytrunnion five-axis VMC's 18hp spindle achieves superfine finishing at speeds up to 20,000rpm and offers the flexibility to complete complex parts and high-precision mold jobs in a single pass. EASTEC BOOTH #1343; Kitamura Machinery of U.S.A., Inc., www.


SV-1000 vertical honing system delivers precision honing performance in medium- to high-volume small-bore applications--featuring a tool stroking system that delivers control and higher accuracy in bore geometry, size, and finish. EASTEC BOOTH #2002; Sunnen Products Co.,


Thruvar through-the-spindle gage for in-process measurement applications on internal grinding machines incorporates pushbutton automatic setup adjustment to eliminate special tools necessary with other through-spindle gage heads. EASTEC BOOTH #5451; Marposs Corp., 605tp-256

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