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Go crackers for Christmas; MARION MCMULLEN checks out the festive big bang theory with a look at some of the bestselling crackers around this party season.


NSTAR BUY LIDL DELUXE CRACKERS, SIX-PACK, PS5.99 GREAT crackers which are virtually identical to much more expensive versions from Dobbies (PS14.99) and Morrisons (PS8), the only difference was a cheaper paper hat. They offer the same novelty gifts and jokes. Fantastic value.

THE CO-OPERATIVE LOVED BY US FAMILY TUG OF WAR CRACKER, PS10 YOU get a lot of cracker for your money with this giant seasonal special. It is filled with enough cheap and cheerful plastic novelty toys, multi-coloured hats and corny jokes for eight people.

jokes. Fantastic value.

BHS LUXURY SIX-PACK CHRISTMAS CRACKERS, PS8 PROBABLY one of the best bargains around. The crackers were PS16, but are now half price in the run-up to the big day. They are also ideal for anyone determined to create the perfect Christmas table as the crackers are square and won't roll and ruin your dinner settings.

sainsBury's Black and gold glitter crackers, pack of six, PS10 THE gold crackers pack a lot of glitter - be warned, it will go everywhere - while the black ones boast sparkling sequins. These are crackers that you will want to keep for the big turkey dinner. They look special, go with a bang and offer gifts ranging from a mini mirror to a silver-coloured mini notebook.

PREZZYBOX SIX CHOCONCHOC CRACKERS, PS9.95 THERE'S a Belgium chocolate mini penguin or snowman inside each cracker and they are gluten free, but don't bother looking for a hat, joke or even a snap. These crackers are all about the hand-crafted chocolate. A little disappointing if you are looking for traditional crackers (

JOHN LEWIS FLYING SPROUT CRACKERS, SET OF SIX, PS6 THESE family crackers come with a flying sprout gameboard ... the player who lands on the most sprouts is the winner. Good snap to the cracker, but the hat is so flimsy it falls apart at the slightest touch. There's a joke and trivia fact in each cracker along the lines of: "Which animal should you never play cards with?" "A cheetah."


EACH one of these great crackers is illustrated as one of the 12 days of Christmas... beginning, of course, with a partridge in a pear tree. There's a gold paper hat inside and novelty gifts like a mini tape measure and bookmark. As for the jokes, "How does the his fur neat?" "He uses a HARE-brush!" CARLUCCIO SIX LA SOPRESA CHRISTMAS CRACKERS PS15.95 NO corny jokes inside, but each arty-looking cracker does include two delicious gianduiotti chocolates, a fun trivia game and, of course, a paper hat. One for the adults who want a sweet after-dinner treat following the turkey.

DOBBIES LUXURY GOLD CRACKER, PACK OF SIX, PS14.99 IMPRESSIVE looking cracker with a satisfactory loud snap. The gold hat is sturdy enough to last all Christmas Day while the novelty gifts range from a mirror and pen to bottle opener and measuring spoons. There is a joke, fact and trivia combo inside with the joke level as "What did NSTAR BUY HOTEL CHOCOLAT RATHER LARGE CRACKER, PS36 CHOCOLATE lovers will have this at the top of their list. It's one super-sized cracker packed with chocolate snowflakes and penguins as well as festive specials like mince pie brownies and apple strudel. There's enough for 12 and the cracker also comes with traditional hats and jokes like "Which famous playwright was terrified of Christmas?" "Noel Coward."

LIBERTY PRINT CHRISTMAS CRACKERS AT WYEVALE GARDEN CENTRES, PS39.99 THESE are six crackers with a luxury touch that adults will love. The glitter-free treats contain a wellmade gold hat and top gifts that range from a clothing brush and measuring cup to lipstick holder and wine pourer. Ideal if you are looking for something a bit special for the Christmas dinner table.

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