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Gluten Proteins: 1990.

This hefty book forms the Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Gluten Proteins that was held in Winnipeg, Canada in June a year ago. Delegates came from far and wide, in fact, we understand some 20 country were represented. The aim of the meeting was to bring together research workers dealing with wheat proteins and their genetics, and there is some difficulty in this field because wheat contains hundreds of very intractable proteins. Many techniques, utilizing the very latest and most powerful laboratory equipment, were described by those present who are using them in the search for greater knowledge.

No fewer than eightytwo presentations were listened to by delegates present, which explains the size of this volume. Lack of space prohibits us from listing all the titles of the various presentations but a selection reads as follows: Gluten, a theory of how it controls breadmaking quality; Functionality of modified wheat gluten in baking; Relationship of gluten protein composition to breadmaking quality of HRS wheat grown in North Dakota; Gliadin and glutenin analysis by SE-HPLC for wheat classification; Effect of wheat and rye pentosans on some physical properties of dough and gluten; Large scale isolation of gliadins and their breadmaking quality; Characterization of functional protein complexes in flour mill streams - differences between wheats of differing mixing requirements; Relationships between gluten strength and protein components in Spanish durum wheat landraces; Gluten-phytic acid interactions; A method for the quantification of individual high molecular weight glutenin subunits using SDS-page and laser scanning densitometry; Amino acid composition of electro-blotted wheat storage proteins - uses and limits; Structural studies on highly homologous |Alpha~-amylase inhibitors from wheat kernel; Methodology for examining wheat glutenins using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA); Rapid SDS-page of HWM glutenin subunits; Structure and expression of genes coding for wheat glutenin and gliadin proteins in wheat; Spontaneous and induced genetic variability in luten proteins in bread wheat; Characterisation and identification of glutenin HWM subunits in Belgian wheat cultivars differing in breadmaking quality; Structure of the |Alpha~-gliadin gene family from the bread wheat cultivar Cheyenne; Wheat storage protein gene promoter activity in maize endosperm protoplasts; Quality characteristics of flour from wheat-ryetranslocation and recombinant lines; and Protein composition of vitreous and yellow berry bread wheat - influence of nitrogen fertilization.

From the foregoing it is obvious that a wide range of presentations were given and discussed. If this is your line and you were not present then purchasing this book can help you keep up to-date.
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Date:Aug 1, 1991
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