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Effects of dietary L-glutamine and glutamic acid combination, and whey powder on the performance and nutrient digestion in weaned piglets fed grain-based diets. Almeida, Jonathan Madson dos Santos; Pascoal, Leonardo Augusto Fonseca; de Almeida, Jorge Luiz Santo Report Nov 11, 2021 7857
Altered plasma glutamate and glutamine levels in patients with drug-resistant and drug-responsive symptomatic focal epilepsy. Wang, Wei; Wu, Yanchuan; Li, Xiaoling; Li, Lin; Sun, Ke; Yan, Suying Oct 1, 2021 4923
Valproic acid for children below 2 years of age with epilepsy. Muthaffar, Osama Y.; Almahmudi, Salha M.; Alrabghi, Muna O.; Mahfouz, Maria M. Bin; Alfawaz, Nuha S. Oct 1, 2021 4824
Bipolar Cells Modeling of Net Glutamate Inputs. Zweit, Jamal Aug 1, 2021 648
Zearalenone regulates key factors of the Kelch-like erythroid cell-derived protein with CNC homology-associated protein 1-nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 signaling pathway in duodenum of post-weaning gilts. Cheng, Qun; Jiang, Shu zhen; Huang, Li bo; Yang, Wei ren; Yang, Zai bin Report Jul 17, 2021 6871
MSG Wannabe rules Korean music charts. Jul 16, 2021 493
Autoimmune Limbic Encephalitis Associated with Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Antibodies. Balagopal, Krishnan; Shenoy, Sreekumar Govinda; Dutta, Durllav; Kurian, Elizabeth Jul 12, 2021 1909
Paternal obesity and its transgenerational effects on gastrointestinal function in male rat offspring. Machado, M.P.R.; Gama, L.A.; Beckmann, A.P.S.; Hauschildt, A.T.; Dall'Agnol, D.J.R.; Miranda, J.R.A. Jun 30, 2021 5243
Human Coronavirus: Envelope Protein Evolution. Ankulkar, Rutuja Jun 1, 2021 1224
Glutathione and oxidized nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide ([NAD.sup.+]) redox status in plasma and placental tissue of Saudi patients with intrauterine growth restriction. Aljaser, Feda S.; Ghneim, Hazem K.; ALshubaily, Mashael M.; Abudawood, Manal; Almajed, Faisal; Fatim Report May 1, 2021 5348
Kainic Acid and MP[P.sup.+] Induce Upregulation of GLT-1 in Neuroblastoma and Glia Cells/Kainik Asit ve MP[P.sup.+] GLT-1'in ifade Artisini Neuroblastoma ve Glia Hucrelerinde Duzenler. Uyarici, Rabia; Ak, Ceylan; Yalcin, Gizem Donmez Report Apr 1, 2021 4363
One-Pot Synthesis of 2,4,5-Triaryl-1H-imidazoles Using Glutamic Acid as Catalyst. Ankush, Bhaskar P.; Shitole, Balasaheb V.; Shitole, Nana V. Report Apr 1, 2021 2488
A Case of Antiglutamic Acid Decarboxylase and Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel Antibody-Associated Limbic Encephalitis With Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Gelener, Pinar; Diker, Sevda; Keskiner, Firat Mar 1, 2021 1860
Anti-glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Antibody-associated Cerebellar Ataxia: A Case Report/Anti-glutamik Asit Dekarboksilaz Antikoru Iliskili Serebellar Ataksi: Olgu Sunumu. Yasguclukal, Miray Atacan; Tunc, Cansu; Bayar, Muhammet Duran; Bastan, Birgul; Gunaydin, Sefer; Balc Clinical report Mar 1, 2021 1840
Brand named soaps and powders seized in factory raid. Feb 23, 2021 417
Nutritive evaluation, metabolisable energy and digestible amino acid contents of different indigenous feedstuff for Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). Avaliacao nutricional, energia metabolizavel e conteudo de aminoacidos digestiveis de diferentes alimentos indigenas para tilapia do Nilo (Oreochromis niloticus). Bibi, F.; Qaisrani, S.N.; Akhtar, M. Feb 1, 2021 5961
Translational medicine of the glutamate AMPA receptor. Miyazaki, Tomoyuki; Abe, Hiroki; Uchida, Hiroyuki; Takahashi, Takuya Jan 1, 2021 13664
The Role of Neuroglial Crosstalk and Synaptic Plasticity-Mediated Central Sensitization in Acupuncture Analgesia. Lyu, Zhongxi; Guo, Yongming; Gong, Yinan; Fan, Wen; Dou, Baomin; Li, Ningcen; Wang, Shenjun Report Jan 1, 2021 13957
The Protective Role of E-64d in Hippocampal Excitotoxic Neuronal Injury Induced by Glutamate in HT22 Hippocampal Neuronal Cells. Xie, RuiJin; Li, TianXiao; Qiao, XinYu; Mei, HuiYa; Hu, GuoQin; Li, LongFei; Sun, Chenyu Jan 1, 2021 7210
Comprehensive Analysis of Glutamate-Rich WD Repeat-Containing Protein 1 and Its Potential Clinical Significance for Pancancer. Wu, Yumeng; Wu, Xuming; Li, Yuanyuan; Zhao, Wenjing; Yue, Yanping; Wu, Biao; Liu, Jibin Jan 1, 2021 6345
HIV-Associated Neurotoxicity: The Interplay of Host and Viral Proteins. Jadhav, Sushama; Nema, Vijay Jan 1, 2021 9673
Advances in the Development of Biomarkers for Poststroke Epilepsy. Liang, Mengke; Zhang, Liren; Geng, Zhi Jan 1, 2021 6905
Identification of Hub Gene GRIN1 Correlated with Histological Grade and Prognosis of Glioma by Weighted Gene Coexpression Network Analysis. Yang, Aoran; Wang, Xinhuan; Hu, Yaofeng; Shang, Chao; Hong, Yang Jan 1, 2021 5497
Contribution of Neuronal and Glial Two-Pore-Domain Potassium Channels in Health and Neurological Disorders. Luo, Yuncheng; Huang, Lu; Liao, Ping; Jiang, Ruotian Jan 1, 2021 10804
N-Methyl-D-aspartate Glutamate Receptor Modulates Cardiovascular and Neuroendocrine Responses Evoked by Hemorrhagic Shock in Rats. Busnardo, Cristiane; Fassini, Aline; Rodrigues, Bruno; Antunes-Rodrigues, José; Crestani, Carlos C.; Report Jan 1, 2021 8360
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Updates on Molecular Targets and Potential Interventions. Mao, Huanyu; Chen, Yan Jan 1, 2021 15494
A Panax notoginseng Root Tip Meristem Biosensor and Its Sensing Kinetics for Five Important Nitrogen Nutrients. Zheng, Zi Qing; Niu, Bo; Lu, Ding Qiang; Pang, Guang Chang Jan 1, 2021 7372
Cytotoxic Evaluation of Antioxidant and Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid(GABA) Enriched Mango(Mangifera indica cv. Chaunsa) Mesocarp Extract on HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Cells. Zainab Khanum, Martin E. Tiznado-Hernandez, Arslan Ali, Syed Ghulam Musharraf, Rimsha Irshad, Zubair Dec 31, 2020 5007
Processed food chemical 'to blame' for migraines. MARK WAGHORN Dec 15, 2020 164
Ameliorative Effect of Graviola (Annona muricata) on Mono Sodium Glutamate-Induced Hepatic Injury in Rats: Antioxidant, Apoptotic, Anti-inflammatory, Lipogenesis Markers, and Histopathological Studies. Shukry, Mustafa; El-Shehawi, Ahmed M.; El-Kholy, Wafaa M.; Elsisy, Rasha A.; Hamoda, Hazem S.; Toham Nov 1, 2020 10444
Exploring Anhedonia in Kennelled Dogs: Could Coping Styles Affect Hedonic Preferences for Sweet and Umami Flavours? Luna, Daniela; Carrasco, Carolina; Alvarez, Daniela; Gonzalez, Catalina; Egana, Juan Ignacio; Figuer Nov 1, 2020 8157
TWO VARIANTS OF SLC6A1 ON AMINO ACID 451 (D451E AND D451G) ASSOCIATED WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DELAY AND EPILEPSY. Blair, Benjie; Stenger, Cynthia; Painter, Jared; Prokop, Jeremy W.; Woodley, Sara; Ridlen, Jenna; Wa Nov 1, 2020 2264
Salt Stress Induces Differentiated Nitrogen Uptake and Antioxidant Responses in Two Contrasting Barley Landraces from MENA Region. Azaiez, Fatma Ezzahra Ben; Ayadi, Sawsen; Capasso, Giorgia; Landi, Simone; Paradisone, Valeria; Jall Report Sep 1, 2020 6429
Metabonomic Responses of Grazing Yak to Different Concentrate Supplementations in Cold Season. Zhou, Jia; Yue, Shuangming; Peng, Quanhui; Wang, Lizhi; Wang, Zhisheng; Xue, Bai Report Sep 1, 2020 7666
Evaluation of a Bacterial Single-Cell Protein in Compound Diets for Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Fry as an Alternative Protein Source. Zamani, Abbas; Khajavi, Maryam; Nazarpak, Masoumeh Haghbin; Gisbert, Enric Report Sep 1, 2020 14055
Highly Sensitive Amperometric [alpha]-Ketoglutarate Biosensor Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide-Gold Nanocomposites. Peng, Gang; Yu, Yadong; Chen, Xiaojun; Huang, He Aug 31, 2020 5572
Glutamate Attenuates the Survival Property of IGFR through NR2B Containing N-Methyl-D-aspartate Receptors in Cortical Neurons. Zhao, Xia; Han, Chao; Zeng, Zhiwen; Liu, Linlin; Wang, Haitao; Xu, Jiangping; Feng, Zhong-Ping; Litt Aug 31, 2020 6576
Dorsal Horn of Mouse Lumbar Spinal Cord Imaged with CLARITY. Sengul, Gulgun; Liang, Huazheng; Furlong, Teri M.; Paxinos, George Report Aug 31, 2020 5232
A Systematic Review of the Various Effect of Arsenic on Glutathione Synthesis In Vitro and In Vivo. Ran, Shanshan; Liu, Jiaqing; Li, Shugang Report Aug 31, 2020 17873
Acute Heat Stress Induces the Differential Expression of Heat Shock Proteins in Different Sections of the Small Intestine of Chickens Based on Exposure Duration. Siddiqui, Sharif Hasan; Kang, Darae; Park, Jinryong; Choi, Hyun Woo; Shim, Kwanseob Jul 1, 2020 5935
Epilepsy in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes and relation to glutamic acid decarboxylase 65. Mahmoud, Adel A.; Abdelmagid, Tayseer; AlGhofely, Mohammed; Hamed, Ahmed M.; Sharif, Roaa Al Jul 1, 2020 2812
Repeated Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation Modified the Neuronal Potential in the Vestibular Nucleus. Kim, Gyutae; Lee, Sangmin; Kim, Kyu-Sung Jun 30, 2020 8914
Redox States of Protein Cysteines in Pathways of Protein Turnover and Cytoskeleton Dynamics Are Changed with Aging and Reversed by Slc7a11 Restoration in Mouse Lung Fibroblasts. Zheng, Yuxuan; Merchant, Michael L.; Burke, Tom J.; Ritzenthaler, Jeffrey D.; Li, Ming; Gaweda, Adam Jun 30, 2020 11808
Identification, Expression, and Roles of the Cystine/Glutamate Antiporter in Ocular Tissues. Martis, Renita M.; Knight, Luis J.; Donaldson, Paul J.; Lim, Julie C. Jun 30, 2020 7238
Analgesic Mechanism of Sinomenine against Chronic Pain. Jiang, Wei; Fan, Weiming; Gao, Tianle; Li, Tao; Yin, Zhenming; Guo, Huihui; Wang, Lulu; Han, Yanxing May 31, 2020 7262
Algernon Pharmaceuticals files investigational new drug application with FDA for possible coronavirus treatment Ifenprodil. May 26, 2020 472
Two people selling fake MSG to be prosecuted. May 25, 2020 175
Flooding Stress and High-Pressure Treatment Enhance the GABA Content of the Vegetable Soybean (Glycine max Merr.). Shiu, Man-Shin; Shyu, Yuan-Tay; Wu, Sz-Jie Report May 1, 2020 11774
Tetrastigma hemsleyanum Vine Flavone Ameliorates Glutamic Acid-Induced Neurotoxicity via MAPK Pathways. Chu, Qiang; Li, Yonglu; Hua, Zheng; Wang, Yaxuan; Yu, Xin; Jia, Ruoyi; Chen, Wen; Zheng, Xiaodong Apr 30, 2020 6100
SAD-B modulates epileptic seizure by regulating AMPA receptors in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy and in the PTZ-induced epileptic model. Li, Rong; He, Miaoqing; Wu, Bing; Zhang, Peng; Zhang, Qinbin; Chen, Yangmei Apr 1, 2020 5577
Critical role of metabotropic glutamate receptor 4 in bone marrow-derived dendritic cells in the Th17 cell differentiation and the melanogenesis of B16 cells. Zhao, Guangming; Zhou, Wenhui; Liu, Ying; Wang, Yupeng; Li, Zhou; Song, Zhiqi Apr 1, 2020 5709
Effects of In Ovo Supplementation with Nanonutrition (L-Arginine Conjugated with Ag NPs) on Muscle Growth, Immune Response and Heat Shock Proteins at Different Chicken Embryonic Development Stages. Subramaniyan, Sivakumar Allur; Kang, Darae; Siddiqui, Sharif Hasan; Park, Jinryong; Tian, Weishun; P Report Apr 1, 2020 6955
Effect of Amniotic Injection of N-Carbamylglutamate on Meat Quality of Broilers. Zhang, Feng-dong; Wang, Jing; Zhang, Hai-jun; Wu, Shu-geng; Lin, Jing; Qi, Guang-hai Report Apr 1, 2020 7548
VGLUT2/Cdk5/p25 Signaling Pathway Contributed to Inflammatory Pain by Complete Freund's Adjuvant. Tang, Yuwen; Peng, Zhiyou; Tao, Shoujun; Sun, Jianliang; Wang, Wenyuan; Guo, Xuejiao; Liu, Gonglu; L Mar 31, 2020 4500
Adenosine Receptor A1-A2a Heteromers Regulate EAAT2 Expression and Glutamate Uptake via YY1-Induced Repression of PPAR[gamma] Transcription. Hou, Xianhua; Li, Yuan; Huang, Yuanyuan; Zhao, Huan; Gui, Li Mar 31, 2020 6967
Acupuncture at Gastric Back-Shu and Front-Mu Acupoints Enhances Gastric Motility via the Inhibition of the Glutamatergic System in the Hippocampus. Wang, Hao; Liu, Wen-Jian; Hu, Meng-Jie; Zhang, Meng-Ting; Shen, Guo-Ming Mar 31, 2020 5996
Stiff Person Syndrome-The Less Common Antibody: A Case Report/Stiff Person Sendromu-Seyrek Saptanan Antikor: Olgu Sunumu. Ozdemir, Huseyin Nezih; Yondem, Derya; Kaplan, Seren; Gokcay, Figen Mar 1, 2020 1089
Pentamethylquercetin Attenuates Cardiac Remodeling via Activation of the Sestrins/Keap1/Nrf2 Pathway in MSG-Induced Obese Mice. Du, Jingxia; He, Wei; Zhang, Cai; Wu, Jianzhao; Li, Zhi; Wang, Min; Feng, Shuying; Liang, Gaofeng Mar 1, 2020 5483
Cerebellar Ataxia Followed by Stiff Person Syndrome in a Patient with Anti-GAD Antibodies. Seneviratne, Sinali O.; Buzzard, Katherine A.; Cruse, Belinda; Monif, Mastura Report Mar 1, 2020 2899
Exploratory Study on the Foliar Incorporation and Stability of Isotopically Labeled Amino Acids Applied to Turfgrass. McCoy, Rachel M.; Meyer, George W.; Rhodes, David; Murray, George C.; Sors, Thomas G.; Widhalm, Josh Report Mar 1, 2020 3625
Glutamate Supply Reactivates Ovarian Function while Increases Serum Insulin and Triiodothyronine Concentrations in Criollo * Saanen-Alpine Yearlings' Goats during the Anestrous Season. Meza-Herrera, Cesar A.; Vergara-Hernandez, Hector P.; Paleta-Ochoa, Alicia; Alvarez-Ruiz, Alma R.; V Report Feb 1, 2020 5734
The impact of diagnostic methods on the diagnosis of Clostridiodes difficile infection. Nomlomo, E.; Nana, T. Feb 1, 2020 4229
Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 7, Pipeline Review, H2 2019 - Addex Therapeutics, Aevi Genomic Medecine Inc & Bio-Pharm Solutions Co Ltd. Jan 17, 2020 876
Studies on the Mechanism of Glutamate Metabolism in NTG-Induced Migraine Rats Treated with DCXF. Ni, Ni; Wang, Qingqing; Lin, Xiao; Hong, Yanlong; Feng, Yi; Shen, Lan Jan 1, 2020 6302
Neuroprotective Activity of Methanolic Extract of Lysimachia christinae against Glutamate Toxicity in HT22 Cell and Its Protective Mechanisms. Ryu, Gahee; Ma, Choong Je Jan 1, 2020 4738
Meat Quality and Fatty Acid Profiles of Chinese Ningxiang Pigs Following Supplementation with N-Carbamylglutamate. Xing, Yueteng; Wu, Xin; Xie, Chunyan; Xiao, Dingfu; Zhang, Bin Report Jan 1, 2020 7493
Duodenal Neuroendocrine Tumour Presenting as GABA B Receptor Autoimmune Encephalitis. Peddawad, Dhanashree; Singh, Manoj K. Dec 31, 2019 1942
Effect of Aqueous Garlic Extract on Monosodium Glutamate Induced Weight Loss in Wistar Rats. Ahmed H.S., Inam F., Toor R.S., Hashim R., Asia Nazeer A. and Qureshi F. Dec 31, 2019 2196
Anti NMDA receptor antibody encephalitis in Pakistan: Clinicopathological features and treatment outcomes. Shafain Sheikh, Arsalan Ahmad and Tahir Aziz Ahmed Dec 31, 2019 2270
Antidepressant-Like Effects of Ceftriaxone in Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress Model in Rats: The Importance of Reuptake Time of Glutamate. Binnetoglu, Damla; Aricioglu, Feyza; Ozcan, Halil; Okkay, Ufuk; Hacimuftuoglu, Ahmet Dec 1, 2019 4242
Electroacupuncture Relieves CCI-Induced Neuropathic Pain Involving Excitatory and Inhibitory Neurotransmitters. Huang, Chun-Ping; Lin, Yi-Wen; Lee, Der-Yen; Hsieh, Ching-Liang Nov 30, 2019 6212
Review on Cross Talk between Neurotransmitters and Neuroinflammation in Striatum and Cerebellum in the Mediation of Motor Behaviour. Wahab, Dayang Yasmin Abg Abd; Gau, Chuang Huei; Zakaria, Rahimah; Karuppan, Mohan Kumar Muthu; A-rah Nov 30, 2019 7584
Excess Glutamate May Cause Dilation of Retinal Blood Vessels in Glutamate/Aspartate Transporter-Deficient Mice. Gonome, Takayuki; Xie, Yuting; Arai, Saeko; Yamauchi, Kodai; Maeda-Monai, Natsuki; Tanabu, Reiko; Ku Nov 30, 2019 5746
Exogenous DCPTA Increases the Tolerance of Maize Seedlings to PEG-Simulated Drought by Regulating Nitrogen Metabolism-Related Enzymes. Xie, Tenglong; Gu, Wanrong; Li, Congfeng; Li, Jing; Wei, Shi Nov 1, 2019 8442
Clinical Profile of Patients of Sickle Cell Crisis in a Rural Tertiary Care Hospital. Verghese, Betty; Acharya, Sourya; Khandekar, Aditya; Shukla, Samarth; Acharya, Neema Oct 21, 2019 3367
Dosing Completed In Phase 2 Clinical Study In MDD: Top-Line Results Expected Before Year End. Oct 21, 2019 431
Potential for Fundamental Change in the Treatment of Brain Cancer. Oct 18, 2019 1321
Monosodium Glutamate Market / Growth Analysis to Reach USD 6,200 Mn With CAGR of 4.9% / Global Trends, Investment Analysis, Industry Opportunities, Share, Size and Forecast 2019 - 2022. Oct 9, 2019 1076
Wnt1 Promotes EAAT2 Expression and Mediates the Protective Effects of Astrocytes on Dopaminergic Cells in Parkinson's Disease. Wei, Lei; Chen, Chuan; Ding, Li; Mo, Mingshu; Zou, Jing; Lu, Zhenze; Li, Haiyan; Wu, Haotian; Dai, Y Sep 30, 2019 6870
Islet Autoantibody Standardization Program 2018 Workshop: Interlaboratory Comparison of Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Autoantibody Assay Performance. Lampasona, Vito; Pittman, David L.; Williams, Alistair J.; Achenbach, Peter; Schlosser, Michael; Ako Sep 1, 2019 6883
Alternative Media Based on Papaya and Fish Extract for Glutathione Production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Dluha, Nurul; Widyarti, Sri; Widodo Sep 1, 2019 2695
Neurometabolic Evidence Supporting the Hypothesis of Increased Incidence of Type 3 Diabetes Mellitus in the 21st Century. Rorbach-Dolata, Anna; Piwowar, Agnieszka Aug 31, 2019 6668
Antinociceptive Activity of Petroleum Ether Fraction of Clinacanthus nutans Leaves Methanolic Extract: Roles of Nonopioid Pain Modulatory Systems and Potassium Channels. Zakaria, Zainul Amiruddin; Rahim, Mohammad Hafiz Abdul; Roosli, Rushduddin Al Jufri; Sani, Mohd Hija Aug 31, 2019 9547
Differential Modulation of NF-[kappa]B in Neurons and Astrocytes Underlies Neuroprotection and Antigliosis Activity of Natural Antioxidant Molecules. Martorana, Francesca; Foti, Maria; Virtuoso, Assunta; Gaglio, Daniela; Aprea, Federica; Latronico, T Aug 31, 2019 8197
Galphimia glauca and Natural Galphimines Block Schizophrenia-Like Symptoms Induced with Apomorphine and MK-801 in Mice. Santillan-Urquiza, Mayra Alejandra; Herrera-Ruiz, Maribel; Zamilpa, Alejandro; Jimenez-Ferrer, Enriq Aug 31, 2019 7759
EA at PC6 Promotes Gastric Motility: Role of Brainstem Vagovagal Neurocircuits. Lu, Mengjiang; Chen, Chienchih; Li, Wen; Yu, Zhi; Xu, Bin Jul 31, 2019 4971
Glu-mGluR2/3-ERK Signaling Regulates Apoptosis of Hippocampal Neurons in Diabetic-Depression Model Rats. Liu, Zhuo; Han, Yuanshan; Zhao, Hongqing; Luo, Weixu; Jia, Ling; Wang, Yuhong Jun 30, 2019 4864
Effect of Chaihu Shugan Powder-Contained Serum on Glutamate-Induced Autophagy of Interstitial Cells of Cajal in the Rat Gastric Antrum. Tan, Ren-Qian; Zhang, Zhi; Ju, Jing; Ling, Jiang-Hong Jun 30, 2019 4906
Comparison of the Effects of Yokukansan and Yokukansankachimpihange on Glutamate Uptake by Cultured Astrocytes and Glutamate-Induced Excitotoxicity in Cultured PC12 Cells. Kawakami, Zenji; Omiya, Yuji; Mizoguchi, Kazushige Jun 30, 2019 6806
Sequential Changes in Brain Glutamate and Adenosine A1 Receptors May Explain Severity of Adolescent Alcohol Withdrawal after Consumption of High Levels of Alcohol. Bolewska, Patrycja; Martin, Bryan I.; Orlando, Krystal A.; Rhoads, Dennis E. Jun 30, 2019 4882
Transition Metal Complexes of Mixed Bioligands: Synthesis, Characterization, DFT Modeling, and Applications. Abdel-Mottaleb, Mohamed S.A.; Ismail, Eman H. Jun 30, 2019 11606
A Modular Approach for Assembly of Quantitative Adverse Outcome Pathways. Foran, Christy M.; Rycroft, Taylor; Keisler, Jeffrey; Perkins, Edward J.; Linkov, Igor; Garcia-Reyer Jun 22, 2019 6749
CAAT and Hopkins Researchers Identify Neurotransmitter that Helps Cancers Progress. Disease/Disorder overview Jun 22, 2019 202
Dubai denies rumour of dangerous Maggie cubes. Jun 20, 2019 259
Dubai denies rumour of Maggi cubes with chicken intestines. Jun 20, 2019 217
Flaxseed Oil Attenuates Monosodium Glutamate-Induced Brain Injury via Improvement of Fatty Acids Contents. Youness, Eman R.; Hussein, Jihan S.; Ibrahim, Amr M.M.; Agha, Fatma E. Jun 1, 2019 3564
Ketamine's antidepressive effects and opioid receptors. Kling, Jim Jun 1, 2019 767
Glutamate as intracellular and extracellular signals in pancreatic islet functions. Takahashi, Harumi; Yokoi, Norihide; Seino, Susumu Jun 1, 2019 8709
Comparative Genome Assessment of the Two Novel Poly-[gamma]-Glutamic Acid Producing Bacillus Strains. Tiwari, Deepika Pandey; Chatterjee, Poonam Mishra; Uppadhyaya, Niyati; Bhaduri, Anirban; Raval, Ritu Jun 1, 2019 5580
The Impact of Pyroglutamate: Sulfolobus acidocaldarius Has a Growth Advantage over Saccharolobus solfataricus in GlutamateContaining Media. Vetter, Anna M.; Helmecke, Julia; Schomburg, Dietmar; Neumann-Schaal, Meina May 31, 2019 5874
Effect of Xylocarpus granatum Bark Extract on Amelioration of Hyperglycaemia and Oxidative Stress Associated Complications in STZ-Induced Diabetic Mice. Das, Swagat Kumar; Prusty, Arpita; Samantaray, Dibyajyoti; Hasan, Mojeer; Jena, Srikanta; Patra, Jay May 31, 2019 9382
Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions To Forecast 2017 --. May 22, 2019 842
Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions To Forecast 2017 --. May 16, 2019 1328
Broccoli Sprout Compound for Schizophrenia. May 12, 2019 1230
Acute phenibut withdrawal: A comprehensive literature review and illustrative case report. Hardman, Matthew I.; Sprung, Juraj; Weingarten, Toby N. Clinical report May 1, 2019 2796
Chronic Unexpected Mild Stress Destroys Synaptic Plasticity of Neurons through a Glutamate Transporter, GLT-1, of Astrocytes in the Ischemic Stroke Rat. Yu, Dafan; Cheng, Zhenxing; Ali, Abdoulaye Idriss; Wang, Jiamin; Le, Kai; Chibaatar, Enkhmurun; Guo, Apr 30, 2019 6827
2-Allylphenol Reduces IL-1[beta] and TNF-[alpha], Promoting Antinociception through Adenosinergic, Anti-Inflammatory, and Antioxidant Mechanisms. Neto, Humberto de Carvalho Aragao; Fonseca, Diogo Vilar da; Braga, Renan Marinho; Scotti, Marcus Tul Apr 30, 2019 8782
Syzygium cumini Leaf Extract Reverts Hypertriglyceridemia via Downregulation of the Hepatic XBP-1s/PDI/MTP Axis in Monosodium L-Glutamate-Induced Obese Rats. Franca, Lucas Martins; Coelho, Caio Fernando Ferreira; Freitas, Larissa Nara Costa; Souza, Ivana Let Apr 30, 2019 7742
Ethanol Extract of Centipeda minima Exerts Antioxidant and Neuroprotective Effects via Activation of the Nrf2 Signaling Pathway. Wang, Yi-Jie; Wang, Xin-Yue; Hao, Xu-Yi; Yan, Yong-Ming; Hong, Ming; Wei, Su-Fen; Zhou, Yi-Le; Wang, Apr 30, 2019 8161
Rapid Enkephalin Delivery Using Exosomes to Promote Neurons Recovery in Ischemic Stroke by Inhibiting Neuronal p53/Caspase-3. Liu, Yang; Fu, Naisheng; Su, Jiangli; Wang, Xiumei; Li, Xiaohua Mar 31, 2019 5408
Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Encephalitis as Paraneoplastic Manifestation of Germ-Cells Tumours: A Cases Report and Literature Review. Rita, Claudia Geraldine; Ganan, Israel Nieto; Escrig, Adriano Jimenez; Sayalero, Angela Carrasco Mar 31, 2019 3519
'It is safe to consume Broiler chicken, Chinese salt'. Mar 31, 2019 481
Why All of the Fuss about MSG? Why is there a disconnect between current science and 50-year old food beliefs? Dennett, Carrie Mar 20, 2019 870
Flavor Enhancer Market Dynamics, Segments and Supply Demand 2018-2027. Mar 6, 2019 204
Flavor Enhancer Market Set for Rapid Growth And Trend, by 2028. Feb 26, 2019 953
New ALS Treatment. Michel, John Feb 1, 2019 784
Fitch Ratings affirms MSG and Fufeng Group Limited's rating at 'BB+'. Nov 27, 2018 294
Fitch Affirms Fufeng Group Limited at 'BB+'; Outlook Stable. Nov 26, 2018 910
Treatment-resistant OCD: There's more we can do: Augmentation strategies may help patients who don't respond to first-line treatments. Harris, Elana; Delgado, Sergio V. Report Nov 1, 2018 4902
Mitochondrial tRNA Glutamic Acid Variant 14709T>C Manifesting as Myoclonic Epilepsy with Ragged Red Fibers. Finsterer, Josef; Scorza, Fulvio; Fiorini, Ana; Scorza, Carla; De Almeida, Antonio Report Oct 20, 2018 949
Reply to 'Mitochondrial tRNA Glutamic Acid Variant 14709T>C Manifesting as Myoclonic Epilepsy with Ragged Red Fibers'. Ban, Rui; Guo, Jun-Hong; Pu, Chuan-Qiang; Shi, Qiang; Liu, Hua-Xu; Zhang, Yu-Tong Letter to the editor Oct 20, 2018 760
MSG Excites Us, But How About Glutamine and Glutamate? Visser, Sue Oct 1, 2018 4087
Exploring Potential Biomarkers Underlying Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease by Differential Co-expression Analysis. Izadi, Fereshteh; Soheilifar, Mohammad Hasan Report Oct 1, 2018 5323
The Association of GRM7 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms with Age-Related Hearing Impairment in a Taiwanese Population. Chang, Ning-Chia; Dai, Chia-Yen; Lin, Wen-Yi; Yang, Hua-Ling; Wang, Hsun-Mo; Chien, Chen-Yu; Hsieh, Aug 1, 2018 3914
Savoury foods may boost healthy eating. Jul 7, 2018 365
A Novel Mutation of Mitochondrial T14709C Causes Myoclonic Epilepsy with Ragged Red Fibers Syndrome in a Chinese Patient. Ban, Rui; Guo, Jun-Hong; Pu, Chuan-Qiang; Shi, Qiang; Liu, Hua-Xu; Zhang, Yu-Tong Report Jul 5, 2018 3586
Extract glutamate acid decarboxylase from germinated rice to make gamma-aminobutyric acid. Jul 1, 2018 402
Digestible methionine + cysteine: lysine ratios for growing meat-type quails/Relacces de metionina + cisterna: lisina digestiveis para codornas de corte em crescimento. de Castro, Mariana Resende; Pinheiro, Sandra Regina Freitas; Miranda, Jessica Amaral; Costa, Leonard Jun 1, 2018 4333
Antiepileptic drugs could lead to birth defects. May 2, 2018 339
ASK DR. ZAND. May 1, 2018 519
Potato yield and metabolic changes by use of biofertilizer containing L-glutamic acid. Roder, Cinthia; Mogor, Atila Francisco; Szilagyi-Zecchin, Vivian Jaskiw; Gemin, Luiz Gabriel; Mogor, Report Apr 1, 2018 3403
Ten years behind. Mar 6, 2018 959
Pak SC bans 'Ajinomoto' salt. Mar 4, 2018 285
Study finds link between chronic pain and diet change. Feb 17, 2018 606
Biohaven reports launch of clinical development of novel glutamate receptor antagonist BHV-5000. Jan 19, 2018 183
Biohaven reports launch of clinical development of novel glutamate receptor antagonist BHV-5000. Jan 19, 2018 179
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Biohaven doses first cancer patient in clinical research collaboration at Rutgers Cancer Institute. Oct 30, 2017 321
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L-Glutamate Oxidase Enzyme from Hypocrea jecorina: Production and Biochemical Characterization. Report Aug 31, 2014 2935
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Effects of black pepper (Piper nigrum), turmeric powder (Curcuma longa) and coriander seeds (Coriandrum sativum) and their combinations as feed additives on growth performance, carcass traits, some blood parameters and humoral immune response of broiler chickens. Abou-Elkhair, R.; Ahmed, H.A.; Selim, S. Report Jun 1, 2014 5556
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Significance of serum gamma glutamyl transferase in gastro-intestinal and hepato biliary pancreatic malignancies with specific consideration to hepatic metastasis. Singh, Naveen Kumar; Singh, Sadhna; Khanna, Rahul; Tikoo Report Feb 3, 2014 2990
Supply of (a) laboratory chemicals & glassware tools, (b) Sodium Mono- Glutamate, (c) Calcium pentothenate, Vitamins & Biotin, (d) Polyvinyl Alcohol, (e) Glucose Mono-hydrate in the powder form, (f) Mono-propylene Glycol and Di-propylene Glycol, also (g). Feb 1, 2014 164
Monosodium glutamate. Feb 1, 2014 198
Panel of Six New Anti-Glutamate Receptor Antibodies from AbboMax and Their Function in the Central Nervous System and Other Organs. Jan 15, 2014 568
Loss of central inhibition: implications for behavioral hypersensitivity after contusive spinal cord injury in rats. Berrocal, Yerko A.; Almeida, Vania W.; Puentes, Rocio; Knott, Eric P.; Hechtman, Jaclyn F.; Garland, Report Jan 1, 2014 7273
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Methylcobalamin: a potential vitamin of pain killer. Zhang, Ming; Han, Wenjuan; Hu, Sanjue; Xu, Hui Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 3711
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Participation of 5-HT and [AT.sub.1] receptors within the rostral ventrolateral medulla in the maintenance of hypertension in the goldblatt 1 kidney-1 clip model. Bergamaschi, Cassia T.; Silva, Nyam F.; Pires, Jose G.; Campos, Ruy R.; Neto, Henrique A. Futuro Report Jan 1, 2014 4218
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Secondary structure preferences of [Mn.sup.2+] binding sites in bacterial proteins. Khrustaleva, Tatyana Aleksandrovna Jan 1, 2014 10251
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Efficacy evaluation of four different culture and PCR-based methods of Escherichia coli detection in water samples. Roohollah, Kheiri; Naser, Harzandi; Mehrouz, Dezfoulian Report Sep 1, 2013 3566
Fufeng Group Limited (HKG:0546) Announces 2013 Interim Results. Aug 15, 2013 1203

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