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Gluing, laminating and edgebanding.


Lenderink Tech Inc. presents its new Dribond glue. It uses the heat of radio frequency to activate a dry adhesive that looks like a thin sheet of plastic and is formaldehyde-free. It also reduces press cycle times in the production of hardwood plywood panels in sizes ranging from 2 ft X 4 ft to 4 ft X 8 ft.

A new hotmelt has been introduced by Canplast. This clear and translucent hotmelt reduces glue line appearance and has a strong bond as compared to conventional hotmelts. The product has been designed specifically for thicker edgebanding such as 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm thermoplastic and real wood.

Tapes & Tools, a division of Adwood Corp. offers a variety of hotmelts including: granulated hotmelts for automatic, high-speed edgebanders; unfilled, clear hotmelts; and low temperature hotmelts with high tack for contour banders. Also available are 2 1/2-in.-diameter glue cartridges for cartridge edgebanders. Most Tapes & Tools hotmelts are available in neutral, white, brown and black.

A multi-use spray adhesive is available from Custom Service Hardware. The adhesive provides expanded coverage, bonds quickly to most materials and allows for repositioning. It is also resistant to water and wrinkling and is odor-free.

American Adhesive Coatings Co. offers two series of hotmelt adhesives for roll lamination which have heat resistance up to 265 F: A-5600 and A-5750. They can be used on kitchen cabinets, traditional furniture for home and office as well as RTA. They provide a smooth surface, long-term water resistance, non-toxicity, high-process speeds and low waste.

Jowat Corp. has developed the Jowatherm Unfilled Hotmelt, an adhesive for thick PVC edgebanding. It has a high resistance to heat and a low density. This enables it to adhere better, Jowat says, providing a stronger bond with a thinner glue line. It is translucent when applied, so there is no color changeover. Other applications include softforming, profile wrapping and CNC contour banding.

Bostik's SuperTak Mist and SuperTak Ultra can be used to bond substrates ranging from high-pressure laminates to wood, automotive trim, leather, metal and synthetics. SuperTak Mist's long open time and fine mist spray pattern allow for faster and more uniform application with less waste. Its low-soak features work best on non-porous surfaces. SuperTak Ultra's resistance to water and high temperatures provides laminate bonds near sinks and stoves. It has a long open time and a 21% solids content.

National Starch and Chemical has introduced Vy-Lok, a new synthetic polymer adhesive for profile wrapping of vinyl and paper to wood cores, which exhibit heat and creep resistance. The adhesive provides wet tack and set speed and is designed for either wet or semi-wet combining of film to any porous board stock. Vy-Lok can be used as is or with a commercially-available water-reducible isocyanate catalyst for improved heat resistance to meet heat/creep resistance requirements.

Franklin International offers literature which describes the several types of wood glues offered by the company. Included in the literature is information on: proper temperatures, humidity and moisture content, and clamp time and pressure requirements. Applications and properties are also included.

National Casein offers a variety of adhesives including: powder glues, hot melts, decorative film/paper adhesives, laminating adhesives, PVA, urea resins, urethane adhesives, water-based contacts and membrane press adhesives.

The TACC 357 spray system from TACC International eliminates the concern of volatile organic compounds by keeping the dispenser's propellant from being discharged into the atmosphere. It can be used for waterborne contact adhesives. The canister design is returnable to take care of waste disposal issues.

Tri-Ad distributes Southeastern Adhesives Co.'s Seacobond System. A three-part solution, the Seacobond System includes PUR hot melt adhesives, a cartridge delivery system and technical assistance and training.

Decorative Overlays

Westlund Distributing is a full-line distributor of Abet Laminati, one of Europe's largest laminate makers. It has over more than 200 colors in stock and more than 500 colors to choose from. Westland also offers many laminates with multiple textures and patterns.

A wide variety of Touchwood Finishes from Kurz-Hasting's library are now ready for shipment as part of the Fast Track System. Fast Trak Foils are the latest innovation in Kurz' World Class Customer Service Program for the wood products industry.

Designed for Formica Corp., the Laurinda Spear collection of Formica brand laminate is comprised of 13 designs, 11 by Spear and two wood-grain designs. The designs are divided into four series: the Aerial Fields Series, the Rainforest Series, the Ellipse Series and the Millennium Series.

The Nevamar 1998 high pressure laminate collection includes a wide variety of solids, patterns and woodgrains. Among them are seven new solid colors, 15 new patterns and three new woodgrains. All newly-introduced high-pressure laminate items are offered in general purpose grade, postforming and vertical forming grades in popular sheet sizes.

GenCorp Reneer Films announces a new Elastotherm RTF laminate stock program featuring coordinated matching lightweight papers in a full range of new solid colrs and wood grains. The updated program will be available in 200-yd rolls, or shorter if special ordered.

Laminated Plastics offers the Pearlescent product line of Panelyte high pressure decorative laminates. In gloss or texture finish, the designs are available In wood grains or solids. Flecks of metallic texture create an illusion of dimension.

ProEdge KP Series Foil from ProEdge Inc. provides abrasion and solvent resistance for the shaped edges for MDF materials. ProEdge Foil provides workability in table or random foiling machine applications and has found usage in non-recoated/prefurnished furniture.

Lamin-Art has developed three new Inclusion patterns into its series of designs. The patterns are Ultra Marine, Royal Plum and Espresso. Royal Plum derives its base color from Lamin-Art's Garnet and Ultra Marine comes from Lamin-Art's Vivid Blue. The third coloration is an expression of the popular coffee bean. Applications for all three Inclusion patterns include specialty retail store design and hospitality installations such as casinos, cruise ships, restaurants and exhibit and display designs.

Forbo-CP's Coba Press stock range includes realistic wood grains, pastel plain colors and an abstract effect. The range has been developed in conjunction with users and specifiers in the kitchen, bath and bedroom markets.


The Artech Div. of Biesse Group America has expanded its series of single-sided edgebanders with the Polymac Ergho 7 for the working of roll edges, both plastic or wood, and solid wood up to 15mm thick. The Ergho series features a two- or four-motor rounding-off group for the front and rear trimming of the applied edgebanding strips, in soft and post-formed panels or to finish the corners of panels with PVC-ABS edgebands 3mm thick.

A numerically-controlled edgebanding center for the application of straight ABS or PVC strips, the Millennium from Biesse offers automatic edgebanding for panels with curved profiles. It cuts the banding material to size, spreads the glue on the panel and applies the banding material. In addition, it cuts off and trims the banding material and makes rounding cuts on the joints where two consecutive sides meet.

Stiles Machinery Inc. offers the Homag BAZ series to handle contour cuts, edgebanding, trimming and drilling. This three- or four-in-one machine features liquid-cooled main spindle; double-action vacuum suction unit traversing speeds over 80m/minute; processing speeds over 30m/minute; edgebanding speeds up to 20m/minute; modular design and 360[degrees] processing capability. Software is available for automatic conversion of CAD drawings/DXF files into programmed commands.

Adwood says it has improved its EP-3T compact edgebander to make it operate more efficiently. It runs at 23 fpm and glues and trims roll material, such as thin PVC, veneer, melamine, HPL strips and wood strips up to 3mm thick. Maximum panel thickness is 2 in. The company also says that with its quickmelt glue pot, the EP-3T creates a strong bond.

The K208 edgebander from SCMI combines developments in edgebanding techniques of recent years. It has pneumatically-adjusted pressure rollers to guarantee proper gluing conditions for edges of any thickness; a glue pot with heated roller to provide glue temperature control at the distribution point for efficient gluing; two independent and adjustable angle trimmers set on high precision prism running guides; and a double wheel on the trimming unit.

The Panelmatic series, from Delmac Machinery Group, consists of double-sided combination tenoning-banding machines for in-line processing. The Panelmatic 1 is for the longitudinal processing of narrow furniture elements while the Panelmatic 2 longitudinally processes working widths from 210mm to 1,600mm. The machines feature the Gabbiani chain track, rolling on bearings with fiat plus half-rounded guides in hardened ground steel, with feed speeds adjustable from 8m to 65m/minute.

The Primus 1436SE/PVC from Holz-Her features a corner rounding unit and programmable control of all machining operations. The Primus' swivelling end-trim motors change from flush to radius trim and move scraper knives in and out at the flick of a switch from the control cabinet, without having to open the hood. The Primus includes the patented Holz-Her cartridge glue system with digital glue height indicator, and offers heat-up time of two to five minutes.

Edgebanding Materials

Therm O Web manufactures thick PVC edgebanding in 1.4mm to 5mm thickness, top-coated for scratch resistance and durability. Therm O Web offers solid colors in semi-rigid formulas for contour applications. Granite-Thru PVC with color flecks throughout the profile and Woodgrain Color-Thru PVC.

Canplast's 1998 Cross Reference Book is a comprehensive listing of all available stock colors and sizes to match high- or low-pressure laminates. The company now carries more than 1,000 colors in inventory.

Edgemate's prefinished wood edgebanding delivers the depth and beauty of natural wood veneers. Its three gloss levels are matched to prefinished manufactured hardwood plywood, for environmentally-friendly application of prefinished edgebanding to a project. Rolls are available in widths of 1/2 in. up to 12 in., with or without preapplied hotmelt glue.

Flexible Materials offers Prefinished Woodtrim, a line of prefinished wood edgebanding. Custom matched per specification, dozens of species may be produced in a wide variety of backers, sizes and color requirements.

EdgeCo offers same-day shipping with one-roll minimum on PVC (700 colors), wood veneer edgebanding, thick PVC melamine, polyester, metallic, sheet veneer, and hotmelt glue.

Edgebanding Services provides standard or special widths of thick PVC in a variety of colors. A selection of more than 40 colors, including "throughout" prints, are offered from stock with same-day shipping, the company says.

Frama-Tech offers 3mm PVC edgebanding in white, almond, black, fog and folkstone. Widths range from 7/8 in. to 1 3/4 in.

Rehau has expanded its line of PVC thick edgebands to include a 3mm flexible edgeband available in a variety of colors. It reportedly provides less memory than other thick edgebands, resulting in ease of application with standard edgebanding machines as well as the ability to accommodate tight radii.

Heitz offers furniture designers new possibilities with its series of Heitz-Intasia and Heitz-Colorline. Heitz-Intasia integrates marquetry in thick veneer edging while Heitz-Colorline displays a colored line in the under-layer of the edging next to the real wood top layer. Intasia is available in fixed sizes of 3m and 10m and in thicknesses from 2mm upwards for all current boards. Heitz-Colorline can be obtained in continuous rolls.

Woodtape's prefinished veneer edgebanding is manufactured from fleece-backed finger-jointed veneers. Stock species include maple and red oak, with small minimum for additional species and custom tint available. A clear satin UV lacquer finish is factory applied. It is available in widths from 5/8 in. to 8 in.

Gluing Equipment

Slautterback presents the Purtech Polyurethane Melt Unit which is designed and built to accommodate the characteristics of polyurethane. All polyurethane contact surfaces are coated with release compound to prevent adhesion and to allow disassembly and servicing. Other features include an airtight lid that seals the tank and prevents ambient air contact, thus protecting against contamination of the PUR and a dry gas control system that maintains a moisture free environment to protect the adhesive.

A new glue delivery system has been created by Vacuum Pressing Systems. This pressure pot gluer is designed to supply PVA glues via a hand-held adjustable floor pistol. A wide variety of quick-change nozzles are available for every type of gluing operation. Semi-automatic and fully-automatic systems are also available.

Viking Industries Inc. introduces Titan hotmelt equipment, which offers compact size and several backup safety shutoff systems that continually monitor for low/high temperature and open/short conditions. Fluid pressure regulation is standard on all Titan models as is the high-volume gear pump. The Titan systems have been designed for furniture and cabinet assembly including corner blocks, dowel pins and mouldings.

L&L Machinery Inc. has three upgrades to fit all makes and models of RF Gluers from 3 kw to 50 kw capacities. These rectifier units, which convert AC to DC, feature 6 amps per leg rating and come in three sizes: LL357 for 3-, 5- and 7kw gluers; the LL1015 for 10 and 15 kw gluers; and the LL227 for 20 through 50 kw RF gluers. These units are preassembled and replace the old diodes and rectifier tubes and transformers.

The Incremelt Adhesive Processor from May Coating Technologies allows the flexibility of starting out with an 8-lb hopper size suitable for evaluation of materials and small scale production that can be upgraded to a 90-lb hopper.

Laminating and Veneering Equipment

The Kuper FL/Innovation from Stiles Machinery Inc. joins veneers which are exposed to high temperatures and tensions during the further processing with urea glue. It combines the technology of disk-drive infeed, stainless steel quality hinge band chain, solid spur gear with drive shafts and six individually adjustable heating elements.

Quality VAKuum Products Inc. has developed VAKuum Klamping, which works by creating a thin vacuum chamber between the workpiece and the template. This chamber is created by a 1/8-in.-thick piece of foam, which is placed around the outer edge of the template, separating it from the workpiece. Atmospheric pressure then pushes down on the piece to hold it in place with up to 1,800 lbs/sq ft of holding force.

Vacuum Pressing Systems introduces its bent lamination system for making arched jams and spiral staircase parts. By using vacuum pressure and long narrow bags, glue-ups can be reduced to a few clamps with uniform clamping pressure.

Hymmen's direct laminate flooring is produced by thermofusing layers of impregnated films onto the substrate. This type of laminate flooring is produced on Hymmen press lines series MFC-melamine faced chipboard.

Art Betterley Enterprises offers fully-functional postforming equipment. Designed with simplicity of operation in mind, Betterley postforming equipment enables any size shop to produce post-formed products. Machines adjust quickly, without any tools, to accommodate varying lengths or thicknesses of material as well as when changing front 90[degrees] to 180[degrees] bends.

Mercury Vacuum Presses offers its Membrano Duo, a vacuum forming membrane press that features twin vacuum tables and a sliding heater. Designed for continuous production of laminated cabinet and furniture parts, it is used with a membrane for laminating porous materials, such as veneer or paper. The membrane can be removed for better definition with plastic films. The press can be used for pressing both fiat and contoured surfaces and is available in four sizes up to 4-ft by 8-ft capacity.

Shaw-Almex USA Inc. offers a new generation of membrane presses, designed for a broad range of applications. These PLC-controlled presses offer high performance in either membrane or membrane-less operational modes for thermo-laminating veneers and vinyls, as well as the latest thermal-transfer foils. Remote diagnostics and various automated feeds are available, along with pre- and post-press options.

The Joos through-feed hot press is a special high-temperature water heating system which makes conventional oil-heated presses obsolete, the company says. A short rotating press belt eliminates expansion problems and the press features the Joos patented aBS safety system.

The Form Air air press that comes with or without membrane for shaped panels was developed by Italpresse Engineering S.p.A. The press is able to laminate 3-D panels with: PVC edological materials such as: PE, PPE, ABS and natural veneer. It comes equipped with a manual loading tray, control board complete with PLC for controlling all press functions.

Jorgenson Machinery produces linear brushing systems featuring linear edge to edge brushing with multiple brush textures. They are designed to remove dust and debris from panels in the laminating process and machine applications.

Simimpianti presents the Flexiform Membrane Press. This model offers flexibility in 3-D pressing applications. It is manufactured as Mono for PVC application, Mix for PVC and veneer applications, and Flexi for PVC, veneer application and transfer foils.

The Wandres Micro Cleaning America Ingromat Cleaner uses a micro-moistening process to remove extremely free particles. A sprayer delivers a thin film of Ingromat fluid to the surface of the filaments of the linear brushes. Micro-particles cling to the brush. The material surface remains dry. In addition, a high speed air cross-bow transports swarf, large particles and dust to the edge of the material.

The Laminate Indexing System from Black Bros. Co. lets one operator automatically align sheet laminate to the glued board of either cold-press or hot-press operations. It can handle flat sheet stock such as HPL, heavy paper, plastic and backer material.

The Evans Machinery Model 6100 Form-O-Matic is a doublesided, single-stage automatic postformer. If gives the user the ability to postform a variety of laminate materials around profiled edges. This machine is well-suited for postforming kitchen counter tops, cabinet door and drawer fronts, the company says. The Form-O-Matic creates precise 90[degrees] and 180[degrees] wraps or runs that are too long for manual postformers and too short for large, expensive postformers.

Wemhoner's Variopress membrane press is available with a pallet circulating system. The system provides a buffer to allow sufficient time for the lay-up and removal of custom-size orders to optimize the entire production cycle, increasing overall flexibility and productivity.
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