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Gluing, laminating & edgebanding.


Chemetal's large selection of true metal surfaces ranges from bright reflective finishes to soft, subtle metallic tones. Any combination of Chemetal strips, panels and special shapes may be used to create a broad spectrum of design concepts. Circle #437

Chiyoda America Inc. offers a variety of laminating papers including lightweight papers, standard, industrial, wrapping grades as well as chemical embossed papers. Custom papers feature a variety of patterns, ranging from nature-inspired woodgrains, marbles and leather to high-tech abstracts. Circle #438

Decorative Veneer says its vinyl laminate can be laminated to most any machined MDF surface of virtually any shape. The company says the laminate is exceptionally tough and long-lasting. It added that laminate vinyl can be as thin as 5 mils and as thick as 60 mils. Circle #439

Domtar high-pressure laminates are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and woodgrains, selected to match the most popular high pressure laminates. The laminates are resistant to impacts, scuffs, stains, moisture, light and heat. Circle #440

Dyno Overlays Inc. offers DynoPreg polyester laminates that are prelaminated which eliminates gluing in a secondary operations. The overlay is permanently fused to the panel under heat and pressure in a thermosetting process. The company says the polyester laminates provide 20% more tool life and up to 40% faster machining. Circle #441

Formplac says its high-pressure laminate is ideal for any surface and can be applied directly to particleboard, plywood, wood, metal, plaster, concrete and masonry. The laminate is reportedly resistant to wear, scratches, hot and cold water, cigarette burns and various chemical agents. Circle #442

Avery Decorative Films Div. offers a brochure which includes application lips, troubleshooting tips, profile edge decoration and application equipment. Applications include: end caps, raised panel doors, shaped edges, shelving and drawer slides. Circle #443

Laminated Plastics Inc. has added 59 new colors to its line of Panelyte high-pressure decorative laminates. The new colors range from bright vibrant shades to warm neutral tones. Samples are available. Circle #444

Formwood Industries' NBL, No Black Line, Wood-on-Wood laminates resist telegraphing and solvent seepage, and eliminates the lines of dark phenolic backers, the company says. The laminate is easy to manipulate for application and postforming production, the company says. Circle #445

Occidental Chemical Corp. offers a cherry and oak pattern to its woodgrain laminate line, with duplicated wood grains and no knots. Available in gauges ranging from 2 to 10 mils, the heavier gauges are available with scratch-resistant acrylic coatings in various gloss levels. Circle #446

GenCorp.'s vinyl laminates are available in standard widths of 51 in. and 62 in., and come in three designs: contemporary oak, dusk oak and black titanium. Circle #447

Abet has introduced the Milano series of laminates. The laminates come in pastel colors, dark grays and browns and are punctuated by splashes of subdued secondary color, the company says. It is available in a choice of two decors and 46 colorways. Circle #448

Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, Oxidiane panels from Oberflex Inc. are designed for interior use in residential and commercial environments. Available in postformable grade, they are used for interior decoration and applications in the furniture and decorative accessories trades, the company says. Circle #449

Multidecor offers MFP finish papers for decorative surfaces. Hundreds of woodgrain and natural reproductions with custom-color matching are available, the company says. Circle #450

Offering SR Tough high-gloss PET film, Riken Vinyl Ind. Co. says its laminate performs better on scratch tests than PVC. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, the company says peel coats are also available upon request. Circle #451

Perstorp-Brazil says its HPL comes in 65 contemporary solid colors, 15 woodgrains, 15 patterns and marbles and seven high-gloss abstract "reflection" choices. Sizes of 4 ft by 8 ft and 4 ft by 10 ft and 0.6mm through 1.5mm thicknesses are available. Circle #452

Tacon Laminates U.S.A. offers a polyester-based laminate, with a phenolic back for a strong bond, that is ideal for postforming without machinery. It is available in four thicknesses and seven finishes and exceeds all NEMA standards, the company says. Circle #453

Westinghouse/Micarta showcases its laminates in a six-page, full-color brochure. The leather laminates come in 13 colors carefully researched to follow current design trends, the company says. The palette includes whites, almonds, grays, blacks, browns, and three pastels. Circle #454

Flexible Materials' Flexible Contours collection takes tambours to a new plateau of designing opportunities, according to the company. Available in solid woods, wood veneers, metallics and laminates, the contours can be used to cover walls, columns, furniture, cabinetry, displays and accents. Circle #455

Interlam offers the ARPA Diagonal series in white, black, iridescent gray and iridescent sage. The company says these high pressure laminates can be used for kitchen door, drawer front and custom cabinet applications. Circle #456

Reneer Films Corp. says its Design Dimensions films rival the appearance of meticulously finished veneers while maintaining the performance advantages of a Rendura laminate. The dimensional printing technique adds realism by creating surface aesthetics that are as important to the design as the sophistication of he print system, the company add. Circle #457


Arkansas Face Veneer Company Inc. offers fine face veneers and wood veneer edgebanding. Its face veneers are spliced and ready to lay. They come in thicknesses of 1/24 in. to 1/55 in. with lengths up to 152 in. The edgebanding comes in a variety of widths and roll lengths For both the face veneer and veneer edgebanding comes in all major foreign and domestic species. Circle #458

Creative Designs Inc.'s portfolio of veneer inlays includes Victorian, Art Deco, contemporary and Lifestyle designs. Product possibilities include doors, panels and drawer fronts. Circle #459

Jacaranda Inc. says its SanPly-4 flexible wood veneers are made of patented four-ply construction which virtually eliminates bubbles, lifts and checks. Available in exotic and domestic wood species, sheet sizes are 2 ft by 8 ft, 3 ft by 8 ft, 4 ft by 8 ft and 4 ft by 10 ft, all bookmatched and sequenced A-grade veneers. Circle #460

Interforest Ltd. offers veneers in a variety of species including: African mahogany, red and white oak, rosewood, maple, hickory, gum, birch, cedar, ash, ebony, beech, American cherry and pine. Circle #461

Brookside Veneers Ltd. will introduce at IWF '92 its Spliced Door Faces in Brookline composite veneer inventoried, in 3 ft by 7 ft to 3 ft by 9 ft size ranges. They are available in cut cherry, mahogany and ash and rift cut red oak. The company will also be showing its pre-finished Braewood veneers. Circle #462

Oakwood Veneer Co. offers wood veneers it says applies like laminate and stains like wood. The wood veneers are available in red oak, white oak, white ash, birch, maple, walnut, mahogany and cherry in 4 ft by 8 ft size sheets. The veneers may be ordered with 3M pressure sensitive adhesive or paper backing. Circle #463


Coe Mfg. Co. manufactures various size veneer lathes, Vert-A-Jet veneer dryers, dryer feeder systems, the model 431 knife grinder, the model 777 computerized lathe charger, automatic digital carriage drives. Also offered is the M1380 powered core drive that reportedly increases veneer recovery. Circle #464

Diehl Machine's VS-81 tapeless veneer splicer can accommodate veneer strips as short as 6 in. and as thin as 1/64 in. Two strips of veneers, with edges previously jointed and glued, are laid flat at the infeed guide. Fed into the machine, the strips are invisibly spliced together under controlled heat. Features include brass wear strips, oil-mist lubrication and variable feed speeds up to 140 fpm. Circle #465

Quality VAKuum Products Inc. now offers its VAKuum Klamping and VAKuum Bag Veneering (VBV) Systems. The systems are modular and can be expanded as needs and finances permit, the company says. The nucleus of the system is the air-powered VAK Pump that operates with either a 1/2 or 1-hp air compressor (minimum). Circle #466

Vacuum Pressing Systems Inc.'s VacuPress veneering and laminating system is designed for the professional woodworker pressing both flat and curved panels as well as shaped parts and simple moulding profiles. The system combines atmospheric pressure with a vacuum's ability to draw glue into the cell structure, assuring dependable, consistent results, the company says. Circle #467


Canplast Inc. says it now offers edgebanding to match the patterns of Wilsonart Nebula, Formica Grafix, Nevamar Matrix and Pionite Spektrum. The company says it has color matched over 100 stone patterns and can custom match. Circle #468

Dynamic Metals' Lustretrim edgebanding material is available in continuous coils of varying widths. Several popular finishes are available in peel and stick, paper backed and solid metal for hand application, the company says. Custom widths are also available. Circle #469

Edgemate's Cabinetmaker-Pro is a real wood veneer bonded to a 10-mil polyester laminate. The veneer resists splits and cracks so users can bend or curl it around a tight radius. It applies in seconds with glue, contact cement or hotmelt, the company says. Circle #470

Frama-Tech Inc. offers more than 600 colors of unglued and pre-glued PVC, melamine, polyester and veneer, the company says. The company also carries T-mouldings in gold and chrome. Circle #471

Therm O Web offers thick, impact resistant PVC edgebanding in more than 1,194 colors. It is available in super-tough, UV-cured acrylic topcoating. Custom thick edgebanding can be ordered in quantities as low as 5,000 feet. Circle #472

Woodtape has introduced its 1992 PVC program and Cross Reference. Over 300 colors are in stock and are available in single roll quantities. Colors include exact matches to the most popular high and low pressure laminate manufacturers. Many colors are also available from stock in 5/8 in., 3/4, in., 7/8 in. and 15/16 in. Circle #473


Colonial Saw now offers the Schneeberger LK glue systems. The portable, pressurized systems address all traditional waterbased cold gluing problems. Glue is fed through a hose to a lightweight, fully adjustable bayonet-equipped glue pistol. With over 75 standard bayonet-based nozzles and unlimited custom nozzle capability, tailing LK systems to any application is fast and simple, the company says. Circle #474

Graco Inc.'s compact Accu-Cat is an accurate proportioning system for applying adhesives and sealants with various viscosities. Available drive systems include hydraulic, pneumatic or electric. Circle #475

Doucet Machineries Inc. offers a glue applicator that has a 8 ft length by 13 ft and 20-ft width capacity and features feed speeds of up to 60 fpm. The automatic, conveyorized applicator is used for face and edge gluing, the company says. Circle #476

James L. Taylor Manufacturing Co. offers a glue applicator that uses PVA, urea and resorcinal to face and edge glue. The conveyorized system features feed speeds of up to 75 fpm and coverage of up to 75 sq ft per minute, the company says. Circle #477


Duespohl USA says its profile wrapper can produce up to 160 fpm of finished wrapped mouldings or profiles and only semi-skilled workers are needed to operate the machine. Other features include quick profile shape changeover and maintenance-friendly design. Circle #478

Evans Machinery's utilizes a computerized sequencer, pneumatics and hydraulics in the postforming operation, this automatic postforming machine wraps high-pressure laminates 90 [degrees] or 180 [degrees] in lengths up to 12 feet, the company says. The electronically controlled heater bar that heats the laminate and also forms the material around each contour. Circle #479

Force Machinery Co. offers the all new Joos Hot Presses that has a patented automatic brake system (ABS) platen safety feature. The system automatically opens the press in the event it is improperly loaded. Other features include hard gold anodized platen surfaces, electronic temperature controls, swiveling control box, and a four-sided opening for easy opening. Circle #480

Hofer USA offers presses suitable for the smallest to the largest type of production: hydraulic cold and hot presses; up and downstroke presses; short-phase presses with automatic feed and discharge system; combination veneer/lumber hot presses; press lines with dust brushing machine/glue spreader/automatic infeed/short phase thermofoil hot press/discharge table and panel lay-up system. Circle #481

Kurz-Hastings Inc. says its Model FTF-800S 30-in. flat panel foiler makes wood panel decoration with heat transfer foils simple, economical and pollution-free. The transfer process is completely dry, so there are no VOC's or messy clean ups. Cut-to-size panels up to 30 in. wide and routed and embossed parts can be finished and be ready for machining or shipping. Circle #482

Midwest Automation Inc. announces its redesigned aligning fixture that reduces installation time with consistently, high quality joints, the company says. The fixture grips both pieces of a countertop by means of six vacuum cups. After glue is applied, the fixture draws the two pieces together and holds them while draw bolts are being tightened. Circle #483

Monco Sales Corp. offers its TB-60 Double-Sided Dry Laminating System. This system uses 14-inch diameter heated steel rolls and hydraulic pressure to laminate a variety of overlays with pre-applied adhesive. Vinyl and continuous HPL with hotmelt glue are just two of the products to be demonstrated on the TB-60. "Team Hotmelt" adhesive and paper companies will also be on hand to answer questions. Circle #484

Siempelkamp Corp. offers a variety of laminating equipment including presses set for 60 psi. The presses are reportedly ideal for use on boards ranging from 2 ft by 2 ft to 8 ft by 60 ft. Circle #485

Dieffenbacher North America Inc. says its laminating machinery offers quick changing of laminating foils and caul plates. Loading and unloading is performed by a Synchro-Quick system and different lengths, widths and thicknesses of board formats are also easily changeable, according to the company. Circle #486


3M/Identification & Converters Systems Div. says its Scotch brand pressure-sensitive laminating adhesive offers a high performance bond to a variety of surfaces, excellent holding and resistance to lifting and easy application without solvent odors or messy cleanup. The three-ring formatted data-sheets suggests using #200MP "Hi-Performance" for lamination of wood veneers and plastic laminates to cabinetry and furniture. Circle #487

Adhesive Products' manufactures a complete line of products for the woodworking industry. Included in the line are: Assemble Stik, a series of glues for assembly work; Plastik, a series of glues used in laminating HPL to various core stocks; and X-Stik, a series of crosslinking products that will produce fully waterproof Type I bonds. Circle #488

Ashland Chemical says its Isoset adhesives are water-based thermosetting, formaldehyde-free adhesives that feature high strength, curing at a wide range of temperatures, neutral color, water cleanup and environmental advantages. The adhesives are reportedly resistant to moisture and solvents and can be used to bond wood to wood, plastic, metal. Circle #489

Borden Chemical offers the U/F Casco Resin 5H multipurpose resin that can be used for edge gluing, particleboard, plastic laminating, interior plywood, tapeless splicing, paper to wood, finger jointing and panel-to-frame. Circle #490

Bostik's 4342 H/M hotmelt pellets reportedly offer good heat resistance for high pressure plastics to wood. The 100% solid adhesive can be used on an edgebander or hot melt laminator for use in assembly gluing, edge gluing, particleboard, and plastic laminating, the company says. Circle #491

BTL Specialty Resins offers a variety of UF and MF resins for use in hot and cold press applications. Model BTLM-836 comes 100% solid and has a working life from four to 24 hours. It is reportedly ideal for gluing, plastic laminates, paper to wood and films and paper overlays. Circle #492

Chembond Adhesives specializes in adhesives for bonding vinyl and paper materials to substrates such as wood, fiberboard and particleboard. The company says its overlay adhesives maintain a bond that outlasts the product itself and are ideal for miter-folding. Circle #493

Eastman Adhesives/Eastman Chemicals' Eastobond hotmelt adhesives can be used in a wide range of applications and are formulated from polymers, resins and other components to provide an optimum balance of properties to meet end use requirements, the company says. Circle #494

Franklin International has expanded its series of Multibond 2000 one-part crosslinking polyvinyl acetate adhesives. The company will also be introducing the new Advantage Series of tough, high-performance adhesives with D-31 10 water-resistance. Circle #495

H.B. Fuller offers many adhesives to fit a variety of woodworking needs including water-based glues, solvent cements, hotmelts and thermosets. The company's brochure features a comparison chart for film laminating and a troubleshooting guide for water-based laminating. Circle #496

Jowat Corp.'s Jowatherm 286 00 (pellet) and Jowatherm 286 60 (cartridge) are EVA medium low viscosity hotmelts for automatic edgebanding. The hotmelts are reportedly suitable for solid woods, veneer, PVC and resinated paper edgebands. The company says they are especially designed for high pressure laminating but also work well with softforming applications. Both are available in natural, white, brown and black. Circle #497

Macco Adhesives offers the LN-600 Liquid Nails All Purpose Adhesive. The waterproof adhesive can be used for assembly gluing, exterior and interior plywood, flush doors, metal to wood and panel-to-frame, the company says. Circle #498

MasterBond says its EP21 epoxy adhesive can be used for restoring deteriorated wood. The product is a two component formulation which is prepared for use by mixing them with a non-critical 1:1 ratio. Cure is then effected at ambient temperatures in a matter or hours, producing a hard epoxy polymer bonded to, and inseparable from, the wood base, the company says. Circle #499

National Casein's glue guide features charts which detail the gluing process, from choosing a glue type to determining pressure and press time. The company says it will also come out to a manufacturing facility and analyze the customer's production process and determine what is the best solution for individual manufacturers. Circle #500

National Starch & Chemical Co. has developed a family of durable Pur-Fect Lok reactive urethanes that are available in advanced hotmelts and one- and two-part liquid systems. They are said to resist temperature extremes, water and many chemicals, including oils, solvents and plasticizers. Circle #501

Pierce & Stevens Corp.'s Hybond A7928AF contact cement is a general purpose, waterbased adhesive. The liquid adhesive is applied using a spray roller. Circle #502

Smith & Co.'s Epoxy Fairing Gel has a tensile strength of over 1,000 lbs per square inch and a density of 0.65, the company says. The gel contains a proprietary adhesion-enhancing additive which forms a chemical bond with mineral surfaces. Circle #503

Ameritek's AC 1227 is a high solids adhesive for vinyl laminating. It's a two-part, room temperature curing modified epoxy for structurally adhering rigid or plasticized PVC films to wood and other materials as well as reducing VOC emissions, the company says. Circle #504

Swift Adhesives' formulation 49200, is a water-based, solvent-free adhesive for bonding flexible foam to itself and numerous other substrates, the company says. It allows for foam-to-foam bonding while partially dry and, at the same time, assembly can be made up to one week after an adhesive application. Circle #505

Thor Enterprises Inc.'s ShieldBond, FloorMark and SignBond adhesive-backed tapes and signs are made of color coded vinyl with a clear laminate to protect the printed message. Circle #506


Westvaco Corp.'s model 530 edgebander applies preglued edgebanding onto any shape edge. Features include a variable tension supply deck and adjustable core tension. A dual aluminum pressure roller system allows four sides to be done in one continuous wrap. Circle #507

SL Woodworking's single-sided EB-77S23 edgebander applies edging material such as PVC and veneer in coils. When equipped with the SL universal feeding device option, it can feed PVC, high-pressure laminate and wood in strip form. Circle #508

Richard T. Byrnes Co. Inc.'s offers Manea softforming edgebanders that can band straight edges with HPL, PVC, ABS and solid wood strips. All machines in the SHM series are available with CNC computers for fast, accurate and automatic control of each function. The machines can be equipped with moulding and shaping units, trimming, scraping, oscillating, sanding and fine finishing units. Circle #509

Tech Mark offers a variety of Akzent edgebanders ranging from the Akzent V20 which has a feed speed of 17 fpm and a workpiece capacity of between 1 1/2 in. and 5 1/2 in. to the Akzent V23 which has a feed speed of 38 fpm and a minimum width and length of 5 1/2 in. Circle #510


Art Betterley Enterprises Inc.'s corner rounding unit quickly cuts a perfect radius on any 90 [degrees] outside corner (i.e. countertops, tables, etc.) It is adjustable to cut any radius from 3/4 in. to 3 1/2 in. and material up to 2 in. thick. The company says operation is simple: with the base preset at the desired radius, just place unit on corner, turn router on and pivot motor. The device enables the operator to cut a true radius that is perpendicular to the top in seconds. Circle #511

RMB Industries Inc.'s Rhino laminate joint guide system mounts to the Bosch 1608 and Porter-Cable 7310 laminate trim routers, the company says. The joint guide system allows for fast and precise jointing of adjacent laminate edges and has been designed for cabinet opening frame joints, cylinder operations, and seaming jobs that need single layer trimming. Circle #512

Skil Corp.'s Model 1812 laminate trimmer features a 2.8 amp, 28,000 rpm ball-bearing motor and an adjustable base to set the bit depth quickly and accurately. the company says. Wrench storage on the tool and a spindle lock makes bit changing easy and convenient. A machine grade spring collet gives secure gripping of bits and easy installation. Circle #513


Sorbilite says with its Pioneer membrane press, thermoformed and thermoset laminates can be bonded and hardened in one minute or less. Laminating temperatures up to 275C are possible which, according to the company, solves problems with heat transference through the membrane. Laminating pressures up to 50 bars allow the use of a wide range of decorative materials, including metal skins, the company adds. Circle #514

European Woodworking Machinery says its Buerkle multiform press functions like a membrane press, except it works without the membrane for thermoforming vinyl overlay to a substrate. The system reportedly uses less heat and pressure, allowing thermofusing on fragile substrates. It also can be used with a membrane to thermoform veneer. Circle #515

Wemhoner America has added the Vario Frame to its Membrane Moulding Press, winner of the 1990 Challengers Award. The Vario Frame adjusts the depth of the press to accommodate various thicknesses of boards as well as to change from membrane pressing to flat pressing in seconds. This makes the Vario Frame system ideal for combining flat pressing with subsequent membrane pressing when veneering raised panels. Circle #516

Veneer Systems Inc. distributes membrane presses manufactured by Iberpress. Included is the Model PRA 2 featuring an automatic feed-through system for high-production processing of veneered panels. For vinyl users, the company offers a double-tray infeed system. A vacuum system is standard on the company's 8-bar, 112 psi press and is optional on the 12-bar, 170 psi press. Circle #517

Stiles Machinery distributes Friz membrane form presses for laminating positively and negatively shaped mouldings with PVC foils and veneers. Platen sizes range from 1,400mm by 1,100mm to 1,800mm by 3,300mm. The equipment comes complete with integrated heating system, compressed air supply, vacuum unit and required hydraulics. Automatic loading systems are also available. Circle #518

Pioneer Plastics has expanded its distribution line with new laminates including the Organix series which gives an impressionistic layering of color and texture inspired by weathered rock and rough quarried minerals, the company says. Also new is it's White and Gray Rainwoods. Circle #519

Forbo Industries Inc. has launched no fewer than 15 new entries in the Arborite Pattern Series, bringing the total range of Arborite print choices to 69, the company says. The new entries fall into five families, the company says. Circle #520

The October Co. offers Wildlife specialty laminates that simulate a variety of exotic animal hides. Applications include vertical and light-duty horizontal areas. Finishes include Desert Elephant and Green Alligator. Circle #521.

Nevamar Corp. has introduced its new line of decorative laminates. Elements Collection. The laminates relate to materials found in nature and altered by the effects of light, wind and water, the company says. It meets all NEMA standards, the company added. Circle #522

Formica Corp. offers the postformable Color Portfolio line of laminates. The colors range from tinted whites to an expanded neutral palette, to rich chromatics and finally to deep, "blackened" tones. Circle #523

Ralph Wilson Plastics' Wilsonart Craftwood tinted veneers are designed for application to almost any types of furniture or casework. They come in a dozen stock tints from natural almond to black and can be custom ordered to coordinate with any of the company's 110 Color Question solid colors. Circle #524

Mercury Vacuum Presses manufactures a compact vacuum bag press for pressing large veneered panels and bent laminations. It uses atmospheric pressure to clamp glue coated laminates inside a sealed vinyl bag. The vacuum is generated by a regulated vacuum pump or by the company's new Vacuum Generator that uses shop air to generate vacuum using the Venturi effect. Circle #525

E-Z Products offers a wide range of edgebanding, veneers, laminates and glues. It E-Z Tech product is a metallic plastic trim edgeband that is available in polished and brushed aluminum and brass. Peek and stock adhesive is also available. Circle #526

Spraymation Inc. offers its new Electromatic XXVI Series Air Atomizing, Heated Spray Applicator Head which is capable of spraying low viscosity fluids whose application characteristics are improved by elevating the temperatures up to 250 [degrees.] Typical materials handled will include some low melt point hot melt adhesives, viscous silicones and lubricants, paraffins and waxes and generally any fluid or solid which is reduced to sprayable viscosity when heated to 250 [degrees] or less. Circle #527

Hymmen International offers the Type MFC 1603 double belt press. The press, which will be showcased at IWF, is used for continuous refining of particle boards with melamine films. Circle #528

Black Bros. Co. offers Cold Press Laminating Systems that require no hydraulics or heat. Multiple ton pressures can be easily attained if needed for individual operations and the presses are offered in 10, 50 and 80 psi configurations. Most panel processing and even door production can be accomplished with the 50 or 80 psi models, either Side or End loading and with the flexibility of motorized plant adjustment. Circle #529

Dexus Research Inc. says its H494 hotmelt adhesive has been designed to replace crosslinked polyvinyl acetate adhesives. The adhesive bonds to difficult surfaces like HPL, primed and unprimed PVC, wood veneers, melamine and other materials. Circle #530

Fletcher Machine Co. Inc. offers the FM-45 single side and the FM-200 double side edgebanders. The machines are built to customer specification using heavy duty components, the company says. Circle #531

Holz-Her US Inc. says its Express Model 1437SE is the only edgebander in its price range equipped with its patented airtight cartridge glue system.

This system heats up in 3 to 5 minutes and never needs cleaning, the company says. Features include: a quick changeover feeding system which switches from coil to solid wood edges in under 2 minutes. Circle #532

The IMA QuadroMat from Roger Stiles and Assoc. features a shuttle device that returns the workpiece after it has been edgebanded. This allows one man to load and unload workpieces. Circle #533

Tekna offers the Olimpic Formula edgebanding machine targeted to middle-scale companies. It features a newly designed glue-pot that gives a high quality finish even when working at a high speed, new cut-off saw with machine speed of up to 25 m/min with edge thickness up to 6 mm for a height of 60mm; hold panels 10mm to 60 mm and its trimmer has double follower disks, the company says. Circle #534

Altendorf America now offers the new Brand model KTD-64 edgebander that is less than 8 ft in length. It can edgeband coils, high pressure laminate and wood strips. Standard features include automatic end trimming as well as top and bottom bevel flush trimming. Circle #535

SCMI Corp.'s BASIC I edgebander performs end, top and bottom trim operations in one pass. Material thickness can range from 1/64 in. to 1/8 in. Standard features include castor wheels, hot glue applicator, sound enclosure and automatic height adjustment. Circle #536

Adwood Corp. offers the EP-3S mini edgebander that is an expansion of its mini edgebander. The frame has been extended to support a new automatic top and bottom trim unit, the panel feeder transforms the hand feeding system into an automatic one and the new quickmelt glue pot makes the machine function ready within 5 minutes. A special version of the EP-3S features enclosed cabinets. Circle #537

Eric Riebling Co. Inc. offers the OTT heavy-duty high performance edgebander Model P-250 which will band veneers, coil material and solid lumber up to 25mm thick. Machines are supplied with quick melt glue pot, heated infeed guide and heavy duty coil cut-off device for 4mm PVC material. End trim units are adjustable to 20 degrees. Circle #538

Beaver Tools Inc. says its air file can trim laminates without hand filing, except inside corners, more efficiently. The company also says labor costs will be reduced with the tool. Circle #539

Italpresse Engineering S.p.A. manufactures its single and multi-daylight throughfeed hydraulic hot presses, CNC flame cut and machine, bolted frame with sold steel platens and various levels of automation according to customer needs. Circle #540


The Kalmag SPM 230 by 100/600 manual loading membrane press can veneer or laminate substrates up to 35mm thick. It features a 2,300mm by 1,000mm work surface. Automatic throughfeed models are also available. Circle #431

The Orma PM membrane press from Atlantic Machinery Inc. can cover shaped surfaces with veneer of PVC. It is constructed of modular steel without welding that can support the high pressures required. The membrane is fitted on the bottom fix platen. Circle #432

Celaschi showed a new programmable through-feed line with 10 contouring stations utilizing a linear profiler and double-end tenoner. The system, available from Danckaert Machinery Inc., also features a computerized squaring edgebanding system and double-track single-end tenoner with contouring system and corner rounding. Circle #433

In Stefani's preforming process, the lamination-nobilization of many panel profiles, such as the ones shown, are made using the excess material left over from the profiling of straight panels. As in the postforming process, PVAC glues are used to avoid remelting of the glue in the case of humidity or high temperatures. Benefits include elimination of specific storage space and the ability to use panels damaged in previous operations. Circle #434

The Homag Direct Postformer from Stiles Machinery Inc. involves the same processes as a conventional postforming machine, but with the ability to preshape the substrate material on the same machine that wraps the laminate. With fewer processes involved, there is greater flexibility with material scheduling and inventory as well as less material waste or product damage in transit or handling. Circle #435

The Marnak KCB-Auto is a CNC linear/contour edgebander available in the U.S. from MSI/Marunaka. It can edgeband difficult curved panels. Every function is computer-controlled allowing for automatic control of edgeband material feeding, glue application, pressing, end trimming and top and bottom trimming. Circle #436
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