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Gloucestershire betting shop hit by armed raiders.

Byline: Graham Green

A GLOUCESTERSHIRE bookmaker yesterday relived the terrifying moment a knife was held to his throat by armed raiders, writes Graham Green. Phil Walker was working at his shop in Moorfield, Brockworth, on the eve of last weekend's Grand National when he was attacked by two men, believed to have been of eastern European extraction.

Armed with kitchen knives, the pair escaped with minor injuries and an undisclosed sum of money following a scuffle.

Three men arrested in connection during a police raid in the early hours of last Saturday in Brockworth have since been eliminated from inquiries.

Walker said: ``These two men came into the shop just before the last race. The race finished and my last customer walked out of the door. I turned around to ask them if they would mind leaving as well, as we were closing.

``At that moment, one of them vaulted over the counter and started wrestling with me. We struggled a bit. I ended up with a few cuts and scratches.

``Suddenly he produced a knife at my throat. It was about eight inches long. I stepped back and stopped struggling and told my assistant, who was being threatened by the other guy who also had a knife, to let them take the money that we were cashing up on the desk.''

Walker said one of the men then demanded that he open the safe, but after finding it empty they fled.

``They made no effort to disguise themselves, but they definitely weren't English, they were eastern Europeans,'' said Walker.
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Apr 18, 2005
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