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ADEM       Public Employment Service
ALMPs      Active labour market programmes
APW        Average production worker wage
AW         Average wage
BCEE       Banque et Caisse d'epargne de l'Etat
BGL        Banque Generale du Luxembourg
BIL        Banque Internationale a Luxembourg
CEBS-BCBS  European Committee on Banking Supervisors
CSSF       Financial Sector Supervisory Commission
DRG        Diagnosis-related group
ECB        European Central Bank
ETS        European Union Emission Trading System
EPL        Employment Protection Legislation
FISIM      Financial intermediation services indirectly measured
FWA        Fair Work Australia
GDP        Gross domestic product
ICT        Information and communication technology
IWBS       In-work benefits
MCP        EU management company passport
METR       Marginal effective tax rates
MFI        Monetary and financial institutions
MMF        Money market fund
NEEAP      National Energy and Efficiency Action Plan
PAGs       General planning programmes
PMR        Product market regulations
PTR        Participation tax rates
PST        Transport Sector Plan
R&D        Research and development
RMG        Revenu minimum garanti
SICAR      Societe d'investissement en capital a risque
SOPARFI    Societe de participations financieres
SPF        Societe de gestion de patrimoine familial
UCITS-IV   EU Directive on Undertakings for Collective
           Investments in Transferable Securities IV
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Publication:OECD Economic Surveys - Luxembourg
Date:May 1, 2010
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