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ALMP      Active Labour Market Policy
AME       Annually Managed Expenditure
APS       Asset Protection Scheme
BCBS      Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
CDOs      Collateralised Debt Obligations
CDS       Credit default swap
CEBS      Committee of European Banking Supervisors
CGS       Credit Guarantee Scheme
CQC       Care Quality Commission
DELs      Departmental Expenditure Limits
DRG       Diagnosis-related Group
ECB       European Central Bank
FCI       Financial Conditions Index
FPC       Fiscal Policy Council
FRO       Financial Risk Outlook
FSA       Financial Services Authority
FSAP      Financial Sector Assessment Programme
FSCS      Financial Services Compensation Scheme
FSF       Financial Stability Forum
FTs       Foundation Trusts
GDP       Gross Domestic Product
GMS       General Medical Services
GP        General practitioner
HALE      Health-adjusted Life Expectancy
HMRC      HM Revenue & Customs
HRGs      Healthcare Resource Groups
IASB      International Accounting Standards Board
IMF       International Monetary Fund
ISTCs     Independent Sector Treatment Centres
LPC       Low Pay Commission
LTVs      Loan-to-Value ratios
NEST      Neither in employment nor in education or training
NHS       National Health Service
PBC       Practice Based Commissioning
PBR       Pre-Budget Report
PbR       Payment by Results
PCA       Prompt Corrective Action
PCTs      Primary Care Trusts
PFI       Private Finance Initiative
PROMS     Patient Reported Outcome Measures
PSA       Public Service Agreement
QOF       Quality and Outcomes Framework
ONS       Office for National Statistics
SGP       Stability and Growth Pact
SHAs      Strategic Health Authorities
SIVs      Special Investment Vehicles
UK        United Kingdom
VAT       Value-added Tax
WHO       World Health Organisation
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Publication:OECD Economic Surveys - United Kingdom
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Date:Jun 1, 2009
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