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A Advertising Promotion that costs money.

Affinity group A group of people who have some psychographic trait in common.

Air/sea package A package that includes airfare, the airport-to-dock transfer, and perhaps lodging.

Alumni rate See Past passenger rate

Atrium A multistory space on newer ships.

At-sea day A day when the ship is traveling a long distance and doesn't stop at a port of call.


Bare boat charter A yacht charter without a crew.

Basis two (also called Double occupancy) Pricing per person, based on two passengers sharing a stateroom designed to accommodate two or more.

Berth A bed on a ship; also can refer to the docking space of a ship.

Bow The front of the ship.

Bridge Place on the ship from where it's controlled.


Cabin See Stateroom

Cabin steward The person who maintains staterooms.

Circle itinerary (also called Round-trip itinerary) Itinerary with the ship leaving from and returning to the same port.

Closed-ended question Question that requires simple, factual responses.

Closed-jaw itinerary (also called Round-trip itinerary) A flight to and from the same city.

Consumer research (also called Market research) Research that tries to discover who the public is, how they think, and what they like to buy.

Cross-selling Offering the client something in addition to the cruise itself, but related to it.

Cruise-only trip Cruise with no need for air transportation.


Database An organized collection of customer profiles.

Debarkation See Disembarkation

Deck The equivalent of a story in a building.

Deck plan Ship's floor plan, showing cabins and public spaces.

Disembarkation (also called Debarkation) Exiting the ship.

Double occupancy See Basis two

Draft Measurement from waterline to lowest part of the ship's frame.


Embarkation Boarding the ship.


Fam See Familiarization cruise

Familiarization cruise (also called a Fam) A cruise offered at a very reduced price to travel agents by a cruise line.

First seating (or sitting) The earlier of two meal times in the ship's dining room.

Front desk See Purser's office


Galley Area on ship where food is prepared (the kitchen).

Gangway Walkway that connects the ship with the dock.

Gross registered tonnage (GRT) Size determined by a formula that gauges the volume of the public spaces on a ship.

GRT See Gross registered tonnage

Guaranteed share A single passenger who is willing to share a cabin with a stranger (of the same sex) may book at the per-person double occupancy rate. Offered by some cruise lines.


High season The time of year with the highest demand and the highest prices.

Hot button Anything that powerfully entices a buyer.

Hotel desk See Purser's office


Incentive program A program to motivate people to perform better through the potential award of an exceptional travel experience.

Information desk See Purser's office

Inside stateroom (also called Interior stateroom) Stateroom that has no windows.

Intangible product Product or service that has no physical form.

Interior staterooms See Inside stateroom


Lido deck Pool deck area that offers informal, buffet-like dining, both indoors and outdoors.

Lower bed A bed that's on the stateroom's floor.

Low season The time of year with the lowest demand and the lowest prices.


Magrodome A glass skylight that can slide to cover the pool area in cold weather.

Market research See Consumer research

Meet-and-greet A company representative meets cruise passengers at the airport.

Megaship Giant-sized ships, 70,000 GRT and above, that can accommodate at least 2,000 passengers.

Multiline rep An independent salesperson who represents two or more noncompeting travel suppliers.


Niche A narrow segment of consumers who have something in common.


One-way itinerary Itinerary with the ship starting at one port and finishing at another.

Open-ended question Question that elicits complex and telling responses.

Open-jaw itinerary An air itinerary featuring a return from a different city than from the one first flown to.

Open seating (or sitting) Passengers may sit anywhere in the dining room; tables are not assigned.

Outside stateroom Stateroom that has windows.

Override commission A commission over and above the standard commission rate.


Past passenger rate (also called Alumni rate) Discounted rate given to people who have sailed a cruise line before.

Pax Industry abbreviation for "passengers."

Pied piper A member of an organization who is especially respected and admired by its members.

Port Facing forward, the left side of the ship.

Port day A day when the ship stops at a port of call.

Port charge What ports charge the cruise lines to dock their ships.

Postcruise package Package that includes lodging at the cruise arrival port after the cruise.

Precruise package Package that includes lodging at the cruise departure port before the cruise.

Preformed group A group of people who belong to a club, association, or other preexisting organization.

Product research Research that focuses on the elements of what is to be sold.

Promotional group See Speculative group

Prospect A potential buyer of a product.

Publicity Promotion that is nearly or completely cost-free.

Purser's office (also called front desk, hotel desk, reception desk, or information desk) The direct equivalent of a hotel's front desk.


Reception desk See Purser's office.

Repositioning cruise A cruise during which the ship moves from one general cruise area to another.

Round-trip itinerary See Circle itinerary or Closed-jaw itinerary


Second seating (or sitting) The later of two meal times in the ship's dining room.

Shore excursion A port-based tour or activity.

Shoulder season The time of year between high season and low season, when prices are somewhat lower than in the high season.

Single occupancy One passenger booking a stateroom designed to accommodate two or more.

Single supplement The additional price one passenger must pay for single occupancy.

Spa Facility on the ship that offers massages, facials, saunas, whirlpools, aromatherapy, and other beauty or relaxation-related services.

Space ratio Figure determined by dividing GRT by passenger capacity.

Speculative group (also called Promotional group) A group of individuals who probably do not know each other.

Stabilizers Underwater winglike devices that reduce a ship's roll.

Starboard Facing forward, the right side of the ship.

Stateroom (also called Cabin) A guest room on a ship.

Stateroom category The price that a certain kind or level of stateroom represents.

Stern The back of the ship.

Suite The most expensive accommodation on a ship, typically featuring, in the same rectangular space, both a sitting area and a sleeping area, often divided by a curtain.


Tangible product Product that has physical form.

Tender A small boat that ferries passengers between port and ship.

Travel incentive A program to motivate people to perform better through the potential award of an exceptional travel experience.


Upper bed Similar to an upper bed in a bunk bed. It's recessed into the wall or ceiling during the day and is pulled out for bedtime, above floor level.

Upselling Offering the client something that costs a little more than they expected to pay.


Yield management The practice of adjusting price to supply and demand.


Zodiac boat A large rubber boat, mainly used on adventure cruises.

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