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Glossae -- Scholia -- Commentarii: Studies on Commenting Texts in Antiquity and Middle Ages.


Glossae -- Scholia -- Commentarii: Studies on Commenting Texts in Antiquity and Middle Ages

Edited by Miecyslaw Mejor, Katarzyna Jazdzewska, and Anna Zajchowska

PL Academic Research


200 pages



Warsaw Studies in Classical Literature and Culture; Volume 2


Providing a collection of studies focused on the practice of commenting in the context of different cultures and periods with the aim of increasing the number of interdisciplinary meetings and projects devoted to commentaries on culture and isagogic literature, the editors bring together eminent scholarsuorientalists, medievalists, and medieval history historians--from various Polish universities in order to reveal the hithero concealed. Fifteen essays cover Qumran Pesharim as an example of an accommodative commentary; Buddhist tradition in quest of the authenticity and the true meaning of the oword of the Buddhao; the Muslim tradition of commentary; prose criticism in the Bush WarblerAEs hideout; Andrew of CaesareaAEs commentary on the Book of Revelation and its role in medieval orthodox Slavonic literature; HieronymusAE revision of VictorinusAE commentary and AugustineAEs summary of TyconiusAE Rules; Byzantine theory of paraphrase in rhetorical treatises and commentaries and the original version of TheonAEs Progymnasmata; ancient commenting literature and the Etymologies of Isidore of Seville; commenting with Hexameter; some remarks on the Super Esaiam of pseudo-Joachim of Fiore; Aristotelisme ou thomisme?; Le commentaire de Thomas dAEAquin [sz] Liber de caysus; features of an Explanatio in Three Commentaries from Around the End of the Middle Ages; commentaries on the Decalogue in the late middle ages; ospiritu ambulateo, id est racionis ductu. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Apr 1, 2015
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