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'Climate zombies' want to infect your brain with misinformation. Apr 16, 2021 758
Climate activists look to 2021 to rebound from pandemic. Apr 16, 2021 668
Academic to be Church in Wales' climate champion. Apr 14, 2021 440
DISTANT THUNBERG; TV PREVIEWS. with Paul Whitelaw Apr 10, 2021 884
Climate change must be treated 'like a crisis' says Thunberg. Apr 9, 2021 210
Climate change must be treated 'like a crisis' says Thunberg. Apr 9, 2021 210
Scientists inspired to Trek the oceans. JAMIE HALL Apr 9, 2021 414
Biodiversity 'hot spots' devastated in warming world. Apr 9, 2021 648
The greenhouse gases we ignore at our peril. Ranvir S. Nayar Apr 7, 2021 976
DECLARING WAR on U.S. Energy and the U.S.: As President Biden works to handicap both American energy production and usage, in the name of fighting global warming, he is destroying jobs, prosperity, and freedom. Newman, Alex Cover story Apr 5, 2021 4173
KILLING U.S., Boosting China, to "Save Climate": Biden's plan to supposedly mitigate global warming will hand huge economic and military advantages to China, at the expense of the United States. Newman, Alex Cover story Apr 5, 2021 3915
Growth in market for EVs will lead to higher gas demand. Apr 4, 2021 1566
Sustainability in focus at QF member's int'l schools debating championship. Apr 4, 2021 461
Greta's time out to save the earth; EXCLUSIVE. NICOLA METHVEN TV Editor Apr 3, 2021 164
Climate change will cost US$1.7 trillion per year by 2025 without immediate action, economists warn. Apr 1, 2021 270
Zurich Insurance Deepens Climate Change Strategy. Apr 1, 2021 655
Weighing up real risks ahead; Investment criteria are being reassessed due to the challenges presented by climate change, writes Zehrid Osmani. Apr 1, 2021 642
Zurich Insurance Deepens Climate Change Strategy. Mar 31, 2021 631
President Biden invites 40 world leaders to climate summit. Mar 29, 2021 400
Egypt participates in Earth Hour initiative. Daily News Egypt Mar 28, 2021 317
UN Cop26 climate change summit is a chance for Scotland to lead the world - Scotsman comment; Whether they come or not, the fact that Police Scotland is planning for the presence of US President Joe Biden and Pope Francis at the United Nations' Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow in November is a sign of the significance of what is being billed as the most important event of its kind since the Paris Agreement was struck in 2015. Scotsman comment Mar 26, 2021 430
EV growth to lead to higher gas demand: GECF expert. Mar 22, 2021 524
Electric vehicle growth to lead to higher gas demand. Mar 22, 2021 1486
Polar Bears Doing Just Fine, According to New Report. Report Mar 22, 2021 326
Tackle the cause and not the symptoms. Mar 18, 2021 329
Technologies for net-zero energy system exist: Irena. Mar 17, 2021 727
Born to Rewild! TONY HENDERSON Environment reporter @Hendrover Mar 16, 2021 628
Efforts on to save Balochistan from global warming effects: PM aide. Mar 14, 2021 438
Lloyds pension fund joins others in commitment to net zero carbon portfolios. Mar 11, 2021 404
Climate change: When 'net zero' is not zero. Mar 11, 2021 873
Scotland has key climate tech role. KEITH FINDLAY Mar 9, 2021 495
Could we be the generation to lead on improving our world? Young Reporter. Mellissa Green Mar 9, 2021 636
HPR starts discussing bill approving Kigali amendment. Mar 9, 2021 179
"Climate Change" No Cause for Alarm, Report Says. Mar 8, 2021 318
Nurseries fostering profitable agriculture, greener Pakistan. Mar 7, 2021 1042
2020: Lowest carbon emissions, hottest year? Mar 7, 2021 573
'Africa is warming faster than the global average': UN official. Noha El Tawil Mar 5, 2021 342
New international group urges ADB to end fossil fuels financing. Mar 4, 2021 370
Gov't considering advancing Arbor Day to March due to global warming. Mar 4, 2021 238
New World Development commits to UN's action for climate change. Mar 3, 2021 214
New World Development commits to UN's action for climate change. Mar 3, 2021 216
Commitment to a 'Just Transition' key. David Ross Mar 2, 2021 794
UK Insurer Aviva Plans to Become Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Company by 2040. Mar 1, 2021 360
SEPA holds workshop about geography, astronomy. Mar 1, 2021 287
UK Insurer Aviva Plans to Become Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Company by 2040. Mar 1, 2021 499
PHL urged to consolidate tracking of funds for climate change. Feb 28, 2021 644
UN: Latest climate pledges very far from Paris goals. Feb 26, 2021 580
British Embassy Riyadh launches climate campaign. Feb 25, 2021 387
Climate change: Snow and ice in Texas, floods and landslides in Scotland, extreme weather is already upon us - Kenny MacAskill MP; It's almost six years since my wife and I visited friends in Texas and though enjoying the experience I won't rush back. Kenny MacAskill Feb 25, 2021 471
Measuring flaws must not stop carbon reduction in farming; Despite flaws in current carbon auditing, the farming industry can't wait until the perfect system has been developed to start reducing carbon emissions, said former NFU Scotland president Nigel Miller. Feb 25, 2021 474
Assault against nature must stop, ECOSOC Chief Munir Akram tells UN Environment Assembly. Feb 25, 2021 882
MTN Commits To Sustainable Future With Net Zero Emissions By 2040. Feb 24, 2021 474
Carbon neutral growth helps global aviation cap emissions. Feb 24, 2021 815
The risks of climate change not to be ignored. Feb 22, 2021 596
UN chief calls for climate action; hails US return to Paris Accord. Feb 21, 2021 635
UN Security Council To Meet On Global Warming Impact On World Peace. Feb 21, 2021 624
Frozen ship is not the USS Al Gore. Feb 21, 2021 712
UN chief calls for climate action; hails US return to Paris Accord. Feb 21, 2021 635
Human Rights, Syrian war and Biden Administration. Feb 21, 2021 1044
Human Rights, the Yemen war and the Biden Administration. Feb 20, 2021 1207
Saudi companies, consumers embrace concerns over climate change. Deema Al Khudair Feb 20, 2021 685
Facebook will expand climate hub in battle against misinformation. Feb 19, 2021 724
Builders ensure all-electric homes are making a comeback. Feb 19, 2021 895
Climate change still key concern amid pandemic, study finds; Lockdowns and lifestyle disruptions due to the coronavirus pandemic have not made people less concerned about climate change and the need for drastic action to save the planet, new Scottish research has found. Ilona Amos Feb 18, 2021 336
Crisps and beer save planet? Feb 17, 2021 183
Coal-centric DOE hit as PH tries to fulfill Paris climate accord pledge. Feb 17, 2021 461
EU climate change body says 15 years left to avoid a grim future. Feb 17, 2021 734
MTN Commits to Net Zero Emissions by 2040. Feb 16, 2021 559
Global warming and the pandemic ! Feb 15, 2021 989
MoQ launches educational campaign on global warming for children, adults. Feb 14, 2021 411
Climate change: Peatland restoration in Scotland is vital for nature and the fight against global warming - Roseanna Cunningham MSP; Carbon gold - not often words that spring to mind when thinking about Scotland's boggy landscape. Roseanna Cunningham Feb 14, 2021 601
Mall of Qatar launches educational campaign on theme of winter and global warming. Feb 13, 2021 432
Mall of Qatar launches educational campaign on theme of winter and global warming. Feb 13, 2021 413
80 percent of GCC consumers willing to live more sustainably: BCG report. Feb 12, 2021 661
Draft new commitments to Paris Agreement: Still not ambitious enough. Feb 11, 2021 860
Global warming. Feb 11, 2021 206
Alpine tree growing on high altitude due to climate change. Zahiruddin Feb 9, 2021 512
Nothing to sneeze at: Global warming triggers earlier pollen. SETH BORENSTEIN AP Science Writer Feb 9, 2021 847
Majority of Oman's consumers are willing to live more sustainably, report. By: Times News Service Feb 8, 2021 690
Bahrain tuned in to climate risks. Feb 8, 2021 683
For all our sakes, we have to get rid of our dependency on cars; Wales needs a transport rethink in the face of climate change, argues Sustrans Cymru director Christine Boston. Feb 8, 2021 922
'52 per cent of consumers willing to live more sustainably'. Feb 8, 2021 748
Roundup: Warm winters put Slovak ice caves under threat. Feb 5, 2021 307
Trans rights and women's rights both matter. It is a question of balance - Kenny MacAskill; On waking up, my mind turns to various issues from the mundane to the deadly serious. Thoughts cross my mind, from my fitba team's stumbling form, never mind the plight of the national game, through to global warming and our planet's potential extinction. I have to confess though that trans rights don't normally spring to mind. Kenny MacAskill Feb 4, 2021 542
U.S Unveils Bold Plans On Climate Change. Aaditi P. Feb 4, 2021 538
Monitoring forest resources pivotal for containing deforestation. Feb 2, 2021 437
First-ever monitoring system against forest mafia, illegal logging, land use launched. Zubair Qureshi Feb 2, 2021 483
Too wet to woo: Scotland's barn owls at risk as climate change makes breeding more difficult; Stunning birds in decline as wetter, colder weather becomes the norm. Krissy Storrar Jan 31, 2021 989
Action vs. global warming needed urgently --- Climate Change Commission. Jan 25, 2021 308
Carbon foot print and construction industry. Nazir Ahmed Shaikh Jan 24, 2021 1320
How the US could lead a carbon revolution. Andrew Hammond Jan 23, 2021 815
Methane emissions fall 10% over oil output cut: IEA. Jan 21, 2021 595
UN chief calls on Biden to propose new 'ambitious' climate target. Jan 21, 2021 198
Rich nations 'hugely exaggerate' climate finance: study. Jan 21, 2021 616
Heatwaves And Baby Sharks: The Connection. Leanna S. Jan 21, 2021 550
AFC Energy tapped into growth of hydrogen fuel use. Jan 19, 2021 571
Climate change: How Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump should dramatically improve US efforts to tackle global warming - Dr Richard Dixon; As the world breaks more temperature records, eyes to turn to the US to see what Joe Biden might offer on climate change. Richard Dixon Jan 18, 2021 631
World facing 'catastrophic' warming: UN. Jan 15, 2021 571
Forests may flip from CO2 'sink' to 'source' by 2050. Jan 15, 2021 631
No urgency in facing climate emergency? Jan 14, 2021 970
Carbon capture tech cannot deliver emissions cuts fast enough, Scottish report warns; Technology designed to remove carbon dioxide from industrial processes and bury it underground cannot achieve cuts in greenhouse gases quick enough to solve the climate crisis, a new report has found. Ilona Amos Jan 12, 2021 479
PLDT-Smart's 2020 alliances reveal its commitment to environmental care. Jan 10, 2021 960
Why we should embrace green infrastructure. Jan 10, 2021 496
Australian bushfires to become "more frequent, prolonged, severe": study. Xinhua Jan 8, 2021 388
We shouldn't be so focused on Covid we neglect environment. Jan 7, 2021 435
Most nations miss climate deadline. Jan 7, 2021 720
Adhere Cavince: With UN seat, Kenya has a chance to engender a peaceful world. Jan 7, 2021 723
Climate Change and Its impact on Makran coastal belt. Jan 6, 2021 1170
Is Burning Wood For Power Carbon-Neutral? Not A Chance. Jan 5, 2021 820
Insight: Scotland takes centre stage in climate crisis; It has been billed as the most important diplomatic event in any of our lifetimes; and it is taking place in Glasgow. Six years after the signing of the Paris Agreement - an international pact to limit global warming - the city is preparing to host COP (Conference of Parties) 26. Covid-providing, up to 30,000 delegates will descend on the Scottish Event Campus in November to discuss the progress made and to set more ambitious goals for cutting emissions. Dani Garavelli Conference news Jan 3, 2021 2836
(Climate) Change: for the Better: Peak Re CEO Franz Hahn says the insurance industry should partner with government and academia to fast-track responses to global warming. Green, Meg Jan 1, 2021 1586
GFDL's New Simulations of Atmospheric Rivers, Their Variability, and Response to Global Warming. Zhao, Ming Jan 1, 2021 645
Has Global Warming Contributed to the Largest Number of Typhoons Affecting South Korea in September 2019? Min, Seung-Ki; Seong, Min-Gyu; Cha, Dong-Hyun; Lee, Minkyu; Lott, Fraser C.; Ciavarella, Andrew; Sto Jan 1, 2021 3192
Climate Change and Telemedicine: A Prospective View. Keshvardoost, Sareh; Dehnavieh, Reza; Bahaadinibeigy, Kambiz Jan 1, 2021 1465
Ink Industry Sees Opportunities in the Circular Economy: Renewable materials and recycled materials continue to draw attention of key stakeholders. Milmo, Sean Jan 1, 2021 1516
Analysis- Innovation in Agriculture. Nasir Jamal Dec 31, 2020 1090
Sir David glad to see Biden as new US president. Dec 28, 2020 229
Weather disasters in 2020 cost $150B. Dec 28, 2020 552
Climate change: A threat underestimated? Dec 28, 2020 460
What the People Want Is Climate Leadership. Dec 27, 2020 923
Contemporary climate change. Dec 24, 2020 1013
Can the Philippine deliver on its climate pledges to the Paris Agreement? Dec 24, 2020 1038
NGO to launch national campaign to plant 1 trillion trees in Nigeria. Dec 22, 2020 374
Why 2021 could see climate change surge. Dec 20, 2020 889
Climate catastrophe. Jamil Ahmad Dec 19, 2020 818
I punched the air when Trump lost.. now we can hope to save the planet; BIDEN OFFERS S FRESH CHANCE, SAYS NATURALIST AT TENBOROUGH says SIR DAVID. NICOLA METHVEN Dec 19, 2020 934
Safe and secure since 1907. Dec 19, 2020 589
Report: Despite Pandemic-Driven Emission Redux, We're Headed to 3-Degrees Warming. Don Jergler Report Dec 17, 2020 1580
[INTERVIEW] Jeju Governor has 2023 world climate conference in crosshairs. Conference news Dec 16, 2020 1595
Decarbonisation crucial to cement position of gas in energy mix: GECF. Dec 16, 2020 953
Five Years After Paris Pact, The World Still Isn't Doing Enough To Combat Climate Change. Dec 15, 2020 798
Japan to incorporate carbon neutrality goal into law. Dec 14, 2020 397
French communities celebrate Paris accord anniversary with ex-UN chief. Dec 14, 2020 586
Exxon Mobil says will lower greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 2025. Dec 14, 2020 439
Climate protesters demand 'urgency'. ALISTAIR MUNRO Dec 14, 2020 532
The time is now to step up climate action. Dec 14, 2020 1030
Minister calls on more countries to fight global warming. Dec 13, 2020 239
UN chief calls for worldwide 'state of climate emergency'. Dec 13, 2020 623
Costly move for little gain. Dec 12, 2020 192
Loren urges developed nations to honor 1.5[degrees]C climate goal in Paris Agreement. Dec 12, 2020 423
Global summit to present 'ambitious' climate change goals. Dec 12, 2020 680
Arctic endured one of its hottest years in 2020: study. Dec 9, 2020 711
A wholesome initiative. Dec 7, 2020 385
Snowball fights may fall victim to global warming. Dec 7, 2020 165
Snow could vanish from parts of UK if global warming is not reduced, Met Office suggests; Research, which will feature on BBC Panorama, showed south of England may not see days with freezing temperatures by the 2040s. By, Jess Glass, PA & Brett Gibbons Dec 7, 2020 350
Study Touts Dietary Changes to Save the World From Global Warming. Dec 7, 2020 330
Prince Charles, PM Imran Khan discuss coronavirus, climate change in phone call. Dec 4, 2020 168
World 'needs to invest $800bn in renewables'. Dec 3, 2020 331
A quite extraordinary year of extremes. CHRISTINE DYER Dec 3, 2020 486
A quite extraordinary year of extremes. CHRISTINE DYER Dec 3, 2020 485
U.N. calls for end of 'war on nature'. SETH BORENSTEIN and FRANK JORDANS Associated Press Dec 3, 2020 356
Biden's challenge: Restoring US as leader against global warming. Dec 2, 2020 976
Triple emergencies: Climate, environment, transition. Dec 2, 2020 1314
Together we can still save planet.. Experts emissions target hope. EMILY BEAMENT Dec 2, 2020 240
Climate goal in striking distance. Dec 2, 2020 164
CCC cites climate emergency resolution. Dec 2, 2020 732
New Zealand's Ardern declares climate emergency. Dec 2, 2020 576
Environmental Medicine Update. Marchese, Marianne Dec 1, 2020 2628
Interconnections Between Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Agriculture. Radoi, Mihai Ionut Dec 1, 2020 4284
Solidia Technologies. Dec 1, 2020 315
Renewables have a big role to play as we aim for net zero carbon emissions - David Bone; Despite the continuing impact of Covid-19 and the impending Brexit, climate change is pushing its way back to the top of the agenda. The past few months have produced a series of important policy statements and calls for action surrounding net zero or carbon neutral. Although reaching net zero involves changes in many areas, renewable energy has a big role to play. David Bone Nov 30, 2020 686
Knowledge and perceptions about the health effects of environmental hazards among students from Hamdard University, Karachi: A cross sectional study. Jamal, Maira; Quddusi, Maida Binte Khalid; Mubeen, Syed Muhammad; Shaikh, Masood Ali Report Nov 30, 2020 3639
Coral bleaching threat. Nov 29, 2020 360
Tree planting and new lights in climate plan; 'RADICAL CHANGES' WITH ACTION PLEDGE. CHRIS MCKEON Local Democracy Service @cjmckeon Nov 27, 2020 507
House declares climate emergency. Nov 26, 2020 349
Global warming likely to raise disease risk for animals. Nov 25, 2020 426
Dimming Sun's rays could ease climate impacts in Africa. Nov 25, 2020 685
Japan in climate emergency, yet PHL still in business as usual. Nov 25, 2020 1396
Climate change: rising sea levels could spell disaster. Nov 23, 2020 616
Green alarmists are ignoring cold phases. Nov 23, 2020 414
Goodbye, Paris. Nov 19, 2020 461
Dominguez to CCC: push for 'climate justice'. Nov 19, 2020 598
Climate change clear, present danger to Filipinos. Comanda, Zaldy Nov 19, 2020 534
[INTERVIEW] Is South Korea's 'net zero' by 2050 possible? Nov 19, 2020 1969
Climate change worse than COVID-19. Nov 18, 2020 1073
Loopholes. Nov 18, 2020 1018
Climate change bigger threat than COVID-19 - Red Cross. Nov 18, 2020 563
Fighting climate change head on. Senthil Saravana Durai - Mumbai Nov 13, 2020 287
World & nation in 60 seconds. Nov 12, 2020 381
A new plan to tackle climate change issues. NANCY NICOLSON Nov 10, 2020 344
A green recovery from pandemic could reduce carbon emissions - Gareth Parry; Coronavirus has fundamentally changed the way most of us do business - fewer people are commuting, flying or making journeys for business or leisure, all of which has had a positive impact on carbon emissions. Gareth Parry Nov 9, 2020 705
Study: Fix to food climate problem doesn't require veganism. Nov 8, 2020 782
Food emissions could push Earth past global warming limits. Nov 7, 2020 527
US formally exits Paris pact aiming to curb climate change. Nov 5, 2020 152
US formally exits Paris pact aiming to curb climate change. Nov 5, 2020 152
US formally exits Paris pact aiming to curb climate change. Nov 5, 2020 152
US formally exits Paris pact aiming to curb climate change. Nov 5, 2020 151
U.S. formally exits Paris pact aiming to curb climate change. FRANK JORDANS and SETH BORENSTEIN Associated Press Nov 5, 2020 329
US formally exits Paris pact aiming to curb climate change. Nov 5, 2020 152
US formally exits Paris pact aiming to curb climate change. Nov 5, 2020 152
US formally exits Paris pact aiming to curb climate change. Nov 5, 2020 152
US formally exits Paris pact aiming to curb climate change. Nov 5, 2020 152
US formally exits Paris pact aiming to curb climate change. Nov 5, 2020 152
Enel plans to reduce more gas emissions by 2030. Baset Asaba Nov 4, 2020 364
AFC Energy tapped into growth of hydrogen fuel use. Nov 4, 2020 538
Genome-Wide Analysis of Nubian Ibex Reveals Candidate Positively Selected Genes That Contribute to Its Adaptation to the Desert Environment. Chebii, Vivien J.; Oyola, Samuel O.; Kotze, Antoinette; Entfellner, Jean-Baka Domelevo; Mutuku, J. M Nov 1, 2020 7562
Greening silicon valley. Nov 1, 2020 1785
$100 billion for support of poor countries? Rina Saeed Khan Oct 31, 2020 1046
Global warming will make deadly heatwaves an annual threat in India and Pakistan. Oct 31, 2020 376
Workplace parking levy considered by council. Oct 29, 2020 401
Arctic sea ice at record low October levels: Danish institute. Oct 29, 2020 603
Government urged to set out new climate plans ahead of summit. Oct 28, 2020 234
Ice loss to add 0.4C to global temperatures: study. Oct 28, 2020 585
Parking charges workers plan to protect climate. Oct 27, 2020 246
Workplace parking fee opposed by most locals. GEORGE MAKIN Local Democracy Reporter Oct 26, 2020 456
Need for innovation in agriculture. Oct 21, 2020 1085
AKU, AKAH, UCA launch climate change documentary series for South, Central Asia. Oct 15, 2020 628
AKU, AKAH, UCA launch climate change documentary series for South, Central Asia. Oct 15, 2020 630
UN warns climate change will trigger more catastrophes. Oct 14, 2020 322
Biggest North Pole mission back from 'dying Arctic'. Oct 14, 2020 737
UN: Climate change means more weather disasters every year. JAMEY KEATEN Associated Press Oct 14, 2020 446
Risk reduction. Aisha Khan Oct 12, 2020 800
Ethical investment ambitions in focus. KEITH FINDLAY Oct 12, 2020 536
We do not need to compromise the economy to fix the environment. Catherine McGuinness Oct 12, 2020 671
Airbus to abandon gasoline, switch to hydrogen in 15 yrs. Oct 11, 2020 1438
Questioning climate initiatives. Oct 8, 2020 283
Questioning climate initiatives. Oct 7, 2020 282
Climate danger signs. Oct 6, 2020 1384
Forestry department donates trees to Climate and Life organisation. Oct 5, 2020 375
Global warning: Greenland's melting ice raising concern. Oct 5, 2020 586
Champion for Nature. Oct 5, 2020 379
Big Money drives transition in face of old resistance. JEREMY CRESSWELL Oct 5, 2020 1587
FPCCI launches Tree Plantation Drive. Oct 4, 2020 230
FPCCI launches tree plantation campaign. Oct 4, 2020 221
FPCCI launches tree plantation campaign. Oct 4, 2020 221
Plantations imperative to combat climate change challenges, environmental pollution: DG NIM. Oct 3, 2020 262
Cities must lead on reform in the post-pandemic world. Rebecca Anne Proctor Oct 2, 2020 746
Infrastructure must embrace eco credentials - comment; Construction companies, engineering firms and other businesses active in the infrastructure sector stand to lose out on funding, investment and major government contracts around the world unless they take a more active role in the fight against climate change. Gillian Frew Oct 2, 2020 765
Long-Term Correlation between Water Deficit and Quality Markers in HydroSOStainable Almonds. Lipan, Leontina; Cano-Lamadrid, Marina; Hernandez, Francisca; Sendra, Esther; Corell, Mireia; Vazque Oct 1, 2020 11537
Portfolios of Climate Smart Agriculture Practices in Smallholder Rice-Wheat System of Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains--Crop Productivity, Resource Use Efficiency and Environmental Foot Prints. Bijarniya, Deepak; Parihar, C.M.; Jat, R.K.; Kalvania, Kailash; Kakraliya, S.K.; Jat, M.L. Report Oct 1, 2020 14130
Impact of Hybrid-Electric Aircraft on Contrail Coverage. Yin, Feijia; Grewe, Volker; Gierens, Klaus Report Oct 1, 2020 7052
Impact of Climate Change in the Banat Plain, Western Romania, on the Accessibility of Water for Crop Production in Agriculture. Smuleac, Laura; Rujescu, Ciprian; Smuleac, Adrian; Imbrea, Florin; Radulov, Isidora; Manea, Dan; Ien Oct 1, 2020 10519
How Does Climate Change Affect Rice Yield in China? He, Wenjian; Liulr, Yiyang; Sun, Huaping; Taghizadeh-Hesary, Farhad Oct 1, 2020 9245
What can be considered a Green Building? Sep 30, 2020 647
Warming oceans more 'stable' and that's bad, scientists warn. Sep 29, 2020 419
Pakistan facing drought due to global warming: Zartaj Gul. Sep 28, 2020 233
What effective response do we need to tackle climate change? Sep 27, 2020 1029
Water crisis, a bigger threat than terrorism. Sep 26, 2020 1060
Digital strike to against climate change held. Sep 26, 2020 209
Sturgeon: COP26 can be climate milestone. KATRINE BUSSEY Sep 25, 2020 206
Climate of fear; As California burns, President Trump's words and actions do nothing but fan the flames for those who deny global warming STATESIDE. With US Editor Christopher Bucktin Sep 24, 2020 697
Climate of fear; As California burns, President Trump's words and actions do nothing but fan the flames for those who deny global warming. Sep 24, 2020 661
Climate of fear; As California burns, President Trump's words and actions do nothing but fan the flames for those who deny global warming. Sep 24, 2020 691
Global warning to bring a devastating effect: Speaker of International conference. Conference news Sep 24, 2020 622
IBM to speed up materials discovery in 5 key areas. Sep 24, 2020 533
Oceans capturing more carbon than expected. Sep 23, 2020 197
Technology alone will not solve the climate crisis. Sep 23, 2020 737
China Aims To Go Carbon-Neutral By 2060 - President Xi Tells UN. Sep 23, 2020 622
Preserving the ozone layer. Sep 22, 2020 331
Who said it. Sep 22, 2020 235
Cattle are bad for greenhouse gas emissions; HEALTH NEWS. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Sep 22, 2020 169
Preserving the ozone layer. Sep 22, 2020 318
Arctic summer sea ice second lowest on record: US researchers. Sep 22, 2020 585
Tomorrow's Forecast. Carlisle, Wendy Taylor Sonnet Sep 22, 2020 170
Increasing Biofuel Proliferation via the Optimal Use of Government Incentives. Denizel, Meltem; Suzuki, Yoshinori; Anderson, Christopher Sep 22, 2020 7830
Youth holds a 'shoe strike' on climate crisis and Karachi floods. Sep 19, 2020 463
Climate change an immediate threat. Sep 18, 2020 887
Global net zero emissions goal would require $1-2 trillion a year investment: study. Reuters News Service Sep 16, 2020 351
Can ADB walk the talk on going green? Sep 16, 2020 955
Water Crisis, A Bigger Threat Than Terrorism. Sep 15, 2020 1071
When the smoke clears Experts say preventing the growing wildfires is more complex than pols' talking points. ANDREW SELSKY and ADAM BEAM Associated Press Sep 15, 2020 719
When the smoke clears Experts say preventing the growing wildfires is more complex than pols' talking points Smoke: In Oregon, almost the same number of 'megafires' last week as all of last century. ANDREW SELSKY and ADAM BEAM Associated Press Sep 15, 2020 719
Trump dismisses climate concerns as he visits fire-ravaged West. Sep 15, 2020 756
Now is the time to revive ailing planet. Sep 15, 2020 549
Trump visits California, Biden talks climate change. Reuters News Service Sep 14, 2020 414
Trump visits California as wildfires take campaign focus. Sep 14, 2020 410
Dalai Lama calls for unified global action on climate change. Sep 13, 2020 338
Environmental issues. Zainab Anwar - Turbat Sep 12, 2020 158
3.2b people to face 'water shortage' by 2050. Sep 11, 2020 226
Threat to planet evident right here; RECORD View. Sep 11, 2020 203
Protect Our Winters activist Lauren MacCallum on the fight to save the Ski Train; As it now seems unlikely that the much-loved rail service from London to the Alps will return for the 2020/21 season, Lauren MacCallum of Protect Our Winters explains how the campaign to save it is starting to focus on the future. Roger Cox Sep 11, 2020 995
Mining, coal burning cause global warming, climate change- Stakeholders. Sep 10, 2020 620
Promote alternative meat to ensure food supply, prevent global warming. Sep 8, 2020 649
Study: Global warming could make viruses harder to kill. Sep 6, 2020 454
Pubic lice back thanks to global warming and end of Sex and the City; "For all the talk of deforestation of their natural habitat, they have clung on.". By, Neil Shaw Sep 4, 2020 473
Climate Change. Sep 1, 2020 667
The Economics of Sustainability: Causes and Consequences of Energy Market Transformation. Arezki, Rabah Sep 1, 2020 5651
Tropical Cyclones in a Warming World: An Assessment of Projections. Sep 1, 2020 1960
Assessment of Environmental Burdens of Winter Wheat Production in Different Agrotechnical Systems. Holka, Malgorzata; Bienkowski, Jerzy Sep 1, 2020 6343
Physiological and Molecular Characterization of Crop Resistance to Abiotic Stresses. Boscaiu, Monica; Fita, Ana Sep 1, 2020 3661
Combination Effects of Plant Extracts Rich in Tannins and Saponins as Feed Additives for Mitigating in Vitro Ruminal Methane and Ammonia Formation. Jayanegara, Anuraga; Yogianto, Yogianto; Wina, Elizabeth; Sudarman, Asep Report Sep 1, 2020 8284
Genetic Parameters of Different FTIR-Enabled Phenotyping Tools Derived from Milk Fatty Acid Profile for Reducing Enteric Methane Emissions in Dairy Cattle. Bittante, Giovanni; Cipolat-Gotet, Claudio; Cecchinato, Alessio Report Sep 1, 2020 11489
On "Galileo and Global Warming". Lewis, Catherine Sep 1, 2020 326
"Galileo and Global Warming" Authors Respond. Roller, Rachel M.; Huang, Louise Ko Sep 1, 2020 965
A Comprehensive Review on Thermal Coconversion of Biomass, Sludge, Coal, and Their Blends Using Thermogravimetric Analysis. Hameed, Zeeshan; Naqvi, Salman Raza; Naqvi, Muhammad; Ali, Imtiaz; Taqvi, Syed Ali Ammar; Gao, Ningb Aug 31, 2020 16487
Prototype Steam Turbine for Solar Power Production. Millien, Kawira Aug 31, 2020 5223
The gathering storm: Farmers fear unprecedented challenges from the triple threat of pandemic, Brexit and global warming; Experts warn of devastating impact ting impact as rural economy bears brunt of coronavirus, floods and recession A FARMER'S STORY. Krissy Storrar Aug 30, 2020 1445
UN chief warns India over 'bad economics' of coal. Aug 28, 2020 778
Governments and businesses must wake up to the threat of global warming. Ranvir S. Nayar Aug 27, 2020 1064
Scientist who revealed world's ice was melting killed by climate change; He falls into hole caused by global warming. NADA FARHOUD Environmental Editor Aug 26, 2020 647
Climate denial. Aug 24, 2020 840
Scotland can inspire world to tackle climate change ahead of UN summit in Glasgow - Dr Richard Dixon; Scotland has some of the toughest targets to cut carbon emissions and can have an influence greater than its size when the United Nations summit is held in Glasgow next year, writes Dr Richard Dixon. Richard Dixon Aug 24, 2020 810
Two Kilifi hotels blasted for putting plastic bags on ocean shore. Aug 23, 2020 594
Greta Thunberg meets Merkel in fresh push for climate action. Aug 20, 2020 773
Endless Cyprus heatwaves signal climate change. fm Aug 19, 2020 506
DNV GL report defines how power grids can accelerate the energy transition to reduce global warming by 2050. Baset Asaba Aug 19, 2020 699

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