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Global tectonics, 3d ed.


Global tectonics, 3d ed.

Kearey, Philip et al.



482 pages




This textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the field of global tectonics. Because the field has changed significantly since the last edition was published, the majority of text and figures in the third edition are new. Topics include Precambrian tectonics and the supercontinent cycle, implications of plate tectonics for environmental change, large igneous provinces, rifted continental margins, ocean ridges, continental transforms, subduction zones, and many organic examples. The book is intended as a text for senior undergraduate students and graduate students with a thorough grounding in basic geology. Authors are Kearey (previously in applied geophysics, Bristol U., deceased), Klepeis (geology, U. of Vermont), and Vine (emeritus, environmental sciences, U. of East Anglia).

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