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Global phones.

1. The quad-band BlackBerry 7290 features e-mail, phone, browser, and organizer applications, starting at $349.99, depending on carrier. 2. PalmOne's quad-band Treo 650 Smartphone combines e-mail, a Palm OS, and Web access, $399. 3. Cingular Wireless's LG500 features built-in camera, memory port, and MP3 audio player, starting at $89.99, depending on contract, 4. The superslim quad-band Motorola RAZR Black features a VGA camera, MPEG4 video clips, Bluetooth, and a 2,2-inch display, $299.99. 5. T-blobile's tri-band Sidekick II includes e-mail, instant messaging, browser, camera, and organizer, $299, 6. The art deco-inspired Nokia 7280 features a discreet camera and a screen that doubles as a mirror, $600. 7. The HP iPAQ hw6S00 with Windows Mobile OS features a camera, Bluetooth technology, and GPS, $299,99-$599.99.

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Title Annotation:GOODS TO GO
Author:Wein, Gregory
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Article Type:Buyers Guide
Date:Nov 8, 2005
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