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Global metalcasting buyers ask perfection, producers offer country by country forecasts.

Leaders of the global metalcasting community came together Sept. 2829 in Cascais, Portugal (just outside Lisbon), for the 2006 International Foundry Forum (IFF). Hosted by the European Foundry Assn. and the European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Assn., the event drew 225 casting leaders from 23 different countries.

The first day of the event focused on presentations from casting buyer industries. Representatives from OEMs in the automotive, waterworks, earth moving, machine tool, large engine and wind energy markets described the use of castings in their industry, as well as the economic trends affecting their future forecasts. In addition, several

of the casting end-users detailed their expectations for their casting suppliers of today and tomorrow.

"The typical casting supplier expects defects in its castings," said one OEM representative. "If this is your business philosophy, I recommend you find a new business. Metalcasters must have a zero defect culture."

Another casting buyer stated, "It is better to design a steel fabrication than a casting because we need shorter lead times and 100% delivery."

A third casting buyer offered a recommendation to western European metalcasters. "We expect in the near future that 20-60% of your product be sourced in Eastern Europe, or we will not be doing business with you."

Representatives from the major metalcasting countries across the globe on the second day of the event shared their country's forecast and trends for casting production. The countries represented included the U.S., China, India, Brazil, Japan, Russia and many in Europe. The statistics discussed during these presentations will be incorporated into MODERN CASTING's annual World Census of Casting Production published in December 2006.
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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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