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Global Support Assignment (GSA) process for enlisted supply sailors.

If you attended any of the enlisted roadshows for 2008, you were provided an outline of the GSA process and briefed on the desire to decrease our Individual Augmentation (IA) requirements and the need to do "rip to fill" for priority fills in IA locations around the world. To date, this process is working, however much slower than we had hoped for. For Supply officers, the GSA process accounts for approximately 62.5 percent of IA billets, while for enlisted Sailors it is only 36 percent for supply ratings. This difference is directly attributable to the differences between enlisted and officer detailing processes.

The enlisted detailing process is driven by Sailor choice; whereas officers are distributed or directly ordered.

Another concern is "any rate/rip to fill" requirements disproportionately hitting ratings that did not have mission critical NECs. Currently, there are 8,017 AC Sailors with active orders (awaiting training + in training + BOG = total active orders). Of these 8,017 Sailors, approximately 1,845 have orders for "any rate" billets. Supply ratings account for 4.8 percent of the total "any rate" requirement. Based on this analysis, it does not appear that our community is disproportionately tasked by the "any rate/rip to fill" requirements.

Non-designated IA requirements (any rate/rip to fill) impact those ratings with non-critical NECs (e.g., SHs, CSs, PCs). Of the Supply rates, only SKs are no longer available to fill "any rate" billets, a recent change. At right is a snapshot of Fleet Supply enlisted personnel currently filling "any rate" billets.

For additional information on this subject, there are several NAVADMINs that govern IA/ GSA sourcing:

GSA--NAVADMIN 147/07 Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) Support Assignments (GSA), announcing the implementation of GSA Detailing.

--NAVADMIN 297/07 GSA Update

--NAVADMIN 003/08 GSA Detailing Business Rules

--NAVADMIN 276/08 IA GSA Update


--NAVADMIN 002/08 Individual Augmentation Manpower Management (IAMM) Business Rules [Good info about capacity discussions and "redlines" against that capacity].

It should be noted that this process is constantly reviewed for improvement and updated as missions change.
The following is a snapshot of Fleet
Supply enlisted personnel currently
on IA for rate-specific requirements:

Rate IAMM * GSA Total % GSA

CS 62 47 109 43
SH 31 5 3G 14
SK 131 75 20G 36
PC 3 1 4 25
Total 227 128 355 36


Rate IAMM GSA Total

CS 29 4 33
SH 7 2 9
SK 12 2 14
TOTAL 48 8 56 *

* The numbers above do not include
personnel awaiting training or
in training
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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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