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Global Resources Announces Acquisition of Two Subsidiaries for Healthcare IT Approved in SGM.

Hong Kong, Sept 24, 2009 - (ACN Newswire) - Hong Kong GEM board listed company Global Resources Development (Holdings) Ltd (8116.HK) today announced that the resolutions in relation to the acquisition of Beijing Upway Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd. ("Upway") and China Chief MedicalStandards Database Co., Ltd. ("CCMSD") has been approved by shareholders in the Special General Meeting ("SGM") held today. The acquisition facilitates the Group to accelerate its positioning in Healthcare Information Technology ("HIT") by penetrating its electronic medical records system & application and hospital management evaluation system

The move is to tap HIT market in China as the Chinese government enacts an 850 billion yuan (USD 124 billion) Healthcare Reform nationwide in April 2009. The two mentioned products have been in pilot testing and usage in selected key hospitals and are due for major marketing efforts in the coming months to thousands of hospital authorities all over China. The Hospital Management Institute of theMinistry of Health of China and China National Institute of Standardization were partners in development of the two products.

The medical records system aims digitizing patients' medical records, matching historical symptoms to suggested diagnosis and prescriptions, whereas the hospital management evaluation system is able to aggregate all medical data into standardized and categorized medical analytics for evaluation of cost-benefit efficiency. These products target at better identificationand medication of various diseases, more accurate matching of diagnoses and prescriptions, more optimal use and production of medicines, more economical allocation of hospital resources, and more effective public hygiene management.

China has 269,000 medical institutions, of which 19,712 are hospitals, 24,000 district clinical service centres, 39,000 village hygiene service points. It has 5,030,000 medical practitioners, of which 2,082,000 are registered doctors, and 1,653,000 registered nurses. In 2008, there were 3.11 billion out-patients, 1.78 billion visits at hospitals, and 862 million at public hygiene service points. There were 115 million patients hospitalized, of which 73.92 million at hospitals, and 33.55 at public hygiene service points.

The healthcare reform announced by the Chinese government in April 2009 calls for 850 billion yuan for safer and more affordable HIT for China's 1.3 billion citizens by 2011. It is estimated that hospital budgets for HIT investmentscould amount to 246 billion yuan, 3% of the total hospital revenues.

For further information of the company or arrangement of meeting the management, please contact Investor Relations Miss Angel Yeung

About Global Resources Development

Global Resources Development (Holding) Limited is principally engaged in production and sales of automobile parts and accessories, mining of mineral resources and production and sales of ferro-silicon and radio trunking systems integration. Supported by the central government's medical reform plan, the Group recently diversified its core business structure into the healthcare information technology sector in the PRC. Visit

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Publication:ACN Newswire
Date:Sep 24, 2009
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