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Global Master of Arts Program well underway.

In March 2003, recognizing the need to provide its key international affairs personnel with the political, economic, and cultural tools they need to find better, more innovative solutions to the challenges in global security, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University launched a special section of the Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP) for Department of Defense's civilian and military staff. Global Master Arts Program combines three two-week long residencies with 33 weeks of internet-mediated study. The current class is represented by participants from the Air Force, the Navy, and the Army. Understanding that real solutions to any problem require the collaborative effort of all interested parties, DSCA also asked Fletcher to open the program to foreign government officials, aid workers, development specialists, defense contractors, and other professionals whose work is related to or affected by issues of security.

Lieutenant General Tome H. Walters Jr., former Director of DSCA, spearheaded this initiative. The memorandum of understanding, signed by General Walters and the Fletcher School's Dean Stephen Bosworth, describes the anticipated result:
 The goal of this educational approach will be a cohesive team of
 international affairs professionals from various organizations,
 backgrounds and cultures working, learning, and networking to reach
 their combined goal of earning an advanced degree in International
 Affairs. The benefit to the international affairs community as a
 whole will be employees with better knowledge, skills, and personal
 networks leading to more efficient and effective solutions to
 challenges facing their respective organizations.

The Global Master of Arts Program II's interdisciplinary curriculum includes courses in Leadership and Management, International Negotiation, International Politics, International Finance, Transnational Social Issues, International Trade Economics and Investment, Security Studies, and International Organizations.

The Global Master of Arts Program II draws its faculty from the same world-class group of thinkers and practitioners that lead GMAP I and the Fletcher School's on-site degree programs. Their experience and expertise in the fields of law, politics, economics, and security studies is unsurpassed.

The current GMAP II students, began their academic year with a reading period in March 2004. During the initial residency on the Tufts campus, they balanced intensive classroom time with lectures by General Dr. Klaus Reinhardt, the Former Commander of Kosovo Force, His Excellency Daniel Ayalon, Ambassador of Israel to the United States, and Robert Kaplan, correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly. Since then, they have alternated two-week residencies with internet-mediated coursework. They will complete their program requirements and thesis by March 2005.

Current students had the following to say about the program:
 The GMAP II experience made an interminable impact on my perception
 of the world past, present, and future. The residency and calibre
 of guest speakers, the readings, lectures, videos and discussions
 all opened my eyes and caused me to view world events as well as
 job-related policy changes and directives differently. Seeing how
 the different areas of international studies relate to each other
 really brought the global perspective together for me even in my
 daily work. Every sacrifice was worth the reward of global
 education, friendships, and a broadened viewpoint. I formed
 friendships some of which I know will last a lifetime, and I have
 already called on some of them for job-relation issues. Dean Nutter
 and The Fletcher School have broken the code for this type of
 distance learning program. GMAP II is exceeding abundantly above
 anything I could have imagined, and I am honored to have been a

 Program Management Department Head,
 Naval Education and Training Security
 Assistance Field Activity

 GMAP II will enable me to anticipate and respond to the
 uncertainties of a changing social, political and economic world.
 The in-depth understanding of the international arena acquired
 through GMAP will assist with effective decision-making in just
 about every realm.

 Program Manager for the U.S. European Command

 GMAP II, with its DoD specific component, is providing me with an
 invaluable education and network to help support my role at Pratt
 and Whitney. The interaction between public and private sector
 professionals is enhanced through the phenomenal academic leadership
 of the Fletcher School. The program's focus on real world issues
 like "transformation," and "globalization," is providing immense
 benefit. The investment and return to my company is well served by
 my enhanced knowledge and understanding of our shrinking world, not
 to mention the contacts and resources, that will continue to make an
 impact after the program's completion.

 Pratt and Whitney,
 Military Aftermarket Services Specalist

 We have not yet completed the first term but already the diverse and
 thought provoking program content, faculty that are world class yet
 extremely easy to talk to and, most importantly, learn from and the
 superb caliber of my classmates--especially my teammates have
 provided a perspective that has already proven useful in my advice
 to senior principals within the United States government. This
 program empowers one to use a multi-disciplinary macro-view approach
 to many of the issues facing those of us in government service
 today. My previous military experiences and training were extremely
 valuable but relatively tightly focused. GMAP has put many more
 tools in my toolkit.

 Deputy Chief, Pacific Division, Deputy
 Undersecretary of the Air Force, International Affairs

Recruitment of DoD sponsored applicants is coordinated through the Army, Navy, Air Force and Defense Security Cooperation Agency. Recruitment for the next intake (Class of 2006) will begin in January of 2005. For more information on the application process, please visit:

Applicants from other U.S. government agencies, foreign governments, international organizations, and the private and non-government sectors should apply directly to the Fletcher School's GMAP office. Inquiries can be made to Ms. Alice Wei, Program Assistant at (617) 6272429 or e-mail address Interested candidates from these groups are highly encouraged to the Class of 2005 (beginning in March 2005). Applications are currently being accepted and will be reviewed on a rolling basis until January 2005.
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