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Global Cold Chain Alliance chooses 2008-09 theme: 'World-Wide, World-Class': announcement made at IARW-WFLO-IRTA Convention & Expo.

Each year, the Global Cold Chain Alliance (Alliance) chooses a theme designed to inspire and advance the temperature-controlled logistics industry.

Last year, the theme "Back to Basics" emphasized the importance of fundamentals in warehouse operations and customer service. It inspired a new delivery of valuable programs deep into facilities (not just corporate offices), the development of new Web-based programs, the revision of many valuable publications, and the hiring of a new Director of Education to drive this effort.

This year, Alliance leaders have examined the strengths and opportunities of the association as well as its scope. The theme they chose and announced at the recent IARW-WFLO-IRTA Convention & Expo is "World-Wide, World-Class." The theme speaks to a global vision in not only expansion but also in reputation of the Alliance, its membership, programs, staff, and representatives.

"We chose World-Wide because our members and services stretch across the planet," Alliance President & CEO Bill Hudson told convention attendees. "World-Class is because our members and services represent the best on the planet. This theme will be supported and developed throughout the year by staff and leadership and we hope it will inspire members to participate with us in these events and programs."

Hudson added, "Around the globe and around the clock, the cold chain is growing. Part of the mission of the Alliance is to drive and sustain that growth. We serve members on five continents, in over 67 countries. We operate offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, China, and India. We have performed over 90 international cold chain development projects. We develop events, programs, and resources that reach and enrich thousands of companies and tens of thousands of cold chain professionals around the world.

"But the Alliance does not aim to expand the industry merely for the sake of expansion. Our mission is to support an industry that is not just everywhere, but strong everywhere. Not just world-wide, but world-class."

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Comment:Global Cold Chain Alliance chooses 2008-09 theme: 'World-Wide, World-Class': announcement made at IARW-WFLO-IRTA Convention & Expo.(International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses)(World Food Logistics Organization )
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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