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Global Co-Branded and Affinity Cards Market Report 2019.

M2 PRESSWIRE-September 10, 2019-: Global Co-Branded and Affinity Cards Market Report 2019



The "Co-Branded and Affinity Cards in the U.S., 7th Edition" report has been added to's offering.

Co-branded credit cards remain integral to issuers and retail partners alike: the report estimates that, in 2018, co-branded credit cards generated $990 billion in purchase value, up an average of 7.9% from 2016.

Travel and entertainment brands continue to dominate spending share, thanks to their high-spending affluent users. Co-branded card and loyalty programs increasingly serve as profit drivers for airlines - no surprise given the leverage industry consolidation and the treasure trove of customer information they can share with issuers keen to cross-sell products and services.

The stakes are high: At American Airlines alone, some $3.1 billion in program miles were earned in 2018, while $3.4 billion in miles were redeemed.

Yet retailer co-branded credit card purchase value grew at the fastest annual rate travel and entertainment co-brands. Costco AnyWhere Visa performance has helped lift the entire segment, surpassing $100 billion in purchase value in 2018 while helping issuing partner Citibank build loans - an uncommon task for a co-branded card program that has begun to pay off.

Meanwhile, the rewards train continues to gather steam, as consumers continue to convert their non-rewards cards an assortment of rewards-based options. Ironically, while rewards are important to co-branded credit card users, they don't trump the fundamentals: Attributes such as 100% fraud protection and great customer service rate higher.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

- Co-Branded Credit Card Market Size

- Airline Co-Branded Card and Loyalty Programs

- Hotel Co-Branded Card and Loyalty Programs

- Retailer Co-Branded Card Programs

- Co-Branded and Affinity Credit Card Usage Trends

- Co-Branded Credit Card Application Influencers and Rewards Preferences

- Co-Brand and Affinity Credit Card Issuers

2. Market Size and Forecast

- Co-Branded Credit Card Market Size

- Top 10 Co-Branded Credit Card Programs

- Co-Branded Credit Card Market Share, by Top Issuers and Card Networks

- Number of Co-Branded Credit Card Programs

3. Airline Co-Branded Card and Loyalty Programs

- Airline Co-Branded Credit Card Programs and Partners

- By the Numbers

- Portfolio Wins and Losses

- Consumer Analysis: Frequent Flyers & Airline Co-Branded Card Users

- Frequent Airline Travelers

- Frequent Flyer Program Usage Generally Tracks Airline Use over Time

- Frequent Flyer Programs Do What They Set Out To Do

- Delta Holds Loyalty Program Enrollment Crown

- Southwest Holds Loyalty Program Engagement Crown

- Business & Leisure Travelers: Opportunity across Flying Frequency Spectrum

- Demographics

- Sizing up the Big Three

- American, Delta, and United

- Operating Revenue and Passenger Miles

- Loyalty Program Revenue Passenger Miles and Award Redemptions

- Deferred Loyalty Program Liability: Parsing the Billions in Revenue

- In Focus: Delta Air Lines

- A leader in Customer-Focused Metrics

- Co-branded Credit Card Program Is a Cash Cow

- $100 Billion in Purchase Value?

- Part of a Multi-Billion-Dollar Loyalty Program

- In Focus: American Airlines

- Advantage Underpinned by Co-Branded Program

- The Fruits of Renegotiation

- Purchase Value Crosses $90 billion

- Advantage: The Revenue Story

- Advantage: The Miles Usage Story

- Advantage: The Card Story

- In Focus: United Airlines

- Metrics

- Gunning for More Partner Revenue

- MileagePlus Card Acquisitions Pick Up Steam; Purchase Value Lags

- MileagePlus: The Revenue Story

- MileagePlus: The Miles Usage Story

- MileagePlus: The Card Story

4. Hotel Co-Branded Card and Loyalty Programs

- Co-Branded Hotel Credit Card Programs

- Consumer Analysis: Hotel Loyalty Program & Co-Branded Card Users

- Hotel Credit Card Users

- Hotel Credit Card Users, Hotel Loyalty Program Membership and Redemption

- Demographics

- In Focus: Marriott

- Hotel Superpower

- The Marriott Bonvoy Revenue Story

- Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card Program: The Metrics

- Marriott Bonvoy: Nuts and Bolts

- Merger and Starwood Integration

- Marriott Bonvoy: The Cards

5. Retailer Co-Branded Card Programs

- Retailer Co-Branded Credit Card Brand Partnerships

- Club Stores: Sizing Up the Big Three

- Net Sales Trends

- Demographic Analysis

- Omni-Channel Purchasing Trends

- In Focus: The Costco Credit Card Program

- AnyWhere Visa Is Largest Co-Branded Program

- What Exclusivity Buys

- Hard Benefits That Resonate with Affluent Costco Shoppers

- Going for the Loyalty Trifecta

- In Focus: The Sam's Club Credit Card Program

- Options Include Sam's Club Mastercard

- Sam's Club Mastercard: Purchaser Value and Loans

- Sam's Club Mastercard: Distinguishing Features and Loyalty Proposition

- In Focus: The BJ's Wholesale Club Credit Card Program

- Successful Partnering with Alliance Data Systems and Visa

- Building the Customer Base and Fostering Loyalty

- BJ's Perks Plus Visa: Distinguishing Features and Loyalty Proposition

6. Co-Branded and Affinity Credit Card Usage Trends

- General-Purpose Credit Card Usage Trends, by Card Type

- General-Purpose Credit Card Usage in Past 30 days

- General-Purpose Credit Card Active Usage Rates

- General-Purpose Credit Card User Demographics, by Card Network

- Cards in Wallet: Co-Branded/Affinity vs. Not Co-Branded/Affinity

- Usage Rates

- Co-Branded/Affinity Credit Card Users Have Card-Friendly Wallets

- Visa Co-Branded/Affinity Credit Cards

- Excluding Charge Cards, American Express Has Highest Share of Co-Branded

- Types of Co-Branded and Affinity Cards Used

- Co-Branded/Affinity Credit Card Demographic Analysis

- Co-Branded/Affinity Card Users

- Co-Branded/Affinity Card Users, by Major Category

- Co-Branded/Affinity Card Users, by Card Network

7. Co-Branded Credit Card Application Influencers and Rewards Preferences

- Co-Branded Credit Card Application Influencers

- Winning Generation Z and Millennial Wallet Share with Financing Options

- Rewards Credit Cards: Usage Trends over Time

- Cash Back, Points, Airline, Hotel and Other

- Rewards Credit Card Usage Trends, by Card Network

- Rewards Credit Card Usage Trends: Cash Back and Points vs. Airlines and Hotels

- Rewards Credit Card Demographics: Cash Back and Points vs. Airlines and Hotels

- Co-Branded Credit Card Users: Attitudes Toward Rewards

- Consumer Rankings of Importance

8. Co-Brand and Affinity Credit Card Issuers

- Alliance Data Systems

- Co-Branded Cards Accounting for Increasing Share of Business

- An evolving client base

- Competitive strategies

- Private Label and Co-Branded Credit Card Partners

- Client Signings and Related Momentum

- The Co-Branded Card Connection

- Co-Branded Credit Card Purchase Value Trends

- American Express

- 50 Co-Branded Programs Globally

- Co-Branded Credit Card Programs

- Co-Branded Credit Card Purchase Value Analysis

- Co-Branded Credit Card Purchase Value Trends

- Bank of America

- Focus on Strong Demographics, Multi-Product Appeal

- Co-Brand Card Programs

- Barclays

- Largest European Credit Card Issuer

- Co-Branded Credit Card Programs

- JetBlue

- Co-Branded Credit Card Purchase Value Trends

- Capital One

- Co-Branded Program Generates More Value than Private Label

- Program Partners

- Impending Walmart Launch

- Citibank

- Citi-Branded Cards vs. Citi Retail Services

- Co-Branded Credit Card Programs

- Major Co-Branded Card Partners

- Co-Branded Credit Card Purchase Value Trends

- First National Bank of Omaha

- JPMorgan Chase

- Consumer, Small Biz General Card Operations Are Largest by Purchase Value

- Co-Branded Credit Card Programs

- Synchrony Financial

- Co-Branded Credit Cards in the U.S.

- U.S. Bank

- Visa Dominates Co-Branded Programs

9. Appendix

- Background

- Major Retailer Benefits: Usable Data and Customer Loyalty

- Major Cardholder Benefit: Buying Power

- Methodology

- Consumer Survey Methodology

- Market Size and Forecast Methodology

- Table Indexes

- Terms and Definitions

- Active card user

- Call data

- Compound annual growth rate (CAGR)

- Credit card trust

- Co-branded credit cards and affinity credit cards

- General-purpose credit card

- Own-branded credit card

- Private label (store) credit card

- Purchase value

- Revenue passenger mile

- Self-reported credit score

- Tender share

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