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Articles from Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal (January 1, 2017)

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A Literature Review of Competence Development on Academic Career Advancement: A Human Resource Development Perspective. Arokiasamy, Lawrence; Mansouri, Nazanin; Balaraman, Rani Ann; Kassim, Normalini Md 5739
A Preliminary Study on Consumption Experience of Social Support Towards Life Satisfaction. Derahman, Rosmanizah 9030
A Preliminary Study on Potential Homebuyers' Attitude and Acceptance of Green Homes in an Emerging Economy. Badri-Harun, Azamudin; Shaari, Zullina H.; Jaafar, Nurain Shafiqah M.; Julayhe, Nurnazerah 2431
A Step towards Sustainable University: A Case of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) Malaysia. Zahid, Muhammad; Ghazali, Zulkipli; Rahman, Haseeb Ur. 5209
A Study on Toxic Leadership Perceptions of Healthcare Workers. Ozer, Ozlem; Ugurluoglu, Ozgur; Kahraman, Gulcan; Avci, Keziban Report 6092
Ability, Motivation, Opportunity Enhancing Human Resource Management and Corporate Environmental Citizenship: What's the Connection? Chin, Tay Lee; Yean, Tan Fee; Yahya, Khulida Kirana 5730
Accounting Profitability and Firm Market Valuation: A Panel Data Analysis. Ur Rahman, Mohd. Haseeb; Ibrahim, Mohd. Yussoff; Ahmad, Ayoib Che 4350
Achieveing Work Life Balance Through Flexible Work Schedules and Arrangements. Dizaho, Esther Kadarko; Salleh, Rohani; Abdullah, Azrai 4708
An Approach towards Safety Leadership Framework in Manufacturing Sector of Malaysia. Mirza, Muhammad Zeeshan; Isha, Ahmad Shahrul Nizam B 3381
An Exploratory Review of Retirement Savings Investment Decisions: A Malaysian Perspective. Rajan, Marcia Edna Santhana; Abdullah, Amalina 9933
An Integrative Framework to Study Malaysian Paddy Farmer's Decision on Adoption of Green Fertilizer Technology. Adnan, Nadia; Nordin, Shahrina Md; Rahman, Imran 5450
An Overview on Relationship between Corporate Entrepreneurship and Firm Performance. Serai, Majid Hussain; Johl, Satirenjit Kaur; Marimuthu, Maran 4360
Ascertaining the Influence of Task Motivation and Constructive Cognition of Self-leadership on Career Development of Women Leaders. Dizaho, Esther Kadarko; Salleh, Rohani; Abdullah, Azrai 6485
Association between Psychosocial Factors at Work and Prevalence of Upper Musculoskeletal Systems Disorders: A Pilot Study. Behrani, Paras; Nizam, Ahmed Shahrul Clinical report 2876
Bridging and Bonding: How Gender Diversity Influence Organizational Performance. Hassan, Rohail; Marimuthu, Maran; Johl, Satirenjit Kaur 3980
Community Engagement Program: Bringing about Community Well-being. Shariff, Md Akhir M.; Noor, Azelin M.; Harun, Haryanni; Marimuthu, Maran; Bhattacharyya, Ena; Isha, 3097
Conceptual Review on Effect of Protean Career Attitudes on individual and Organizational Outcomes. Khan, Muhammad Latif; Salleh, Rohani; Hemdi, Mohammad Abdullah 3489
Conceptual Understanding of Islamic Housing Loan (Bai-Bithaman Ajil): An Empirical Review. Marimuthu, Maran; Kolandaisamy, Indraah; Lai, Khong Yeen 10062
Conflict of Interest: Engaging with Alatas' Ideas in the Sociology of Corruption. Ali, Khalidah Khalid 5089
Core Self-Evaluations and Work-Family Conflict as Correlates of Teachers' Intrinsic Motivation: A Proposed Framework. Abu Bakar, Zurina; Salleh, Rohani 5934
Corporate Sustainability Practices and Firm's Financial Performance: The Driving Force of Integrated Management System. Zahid, Muhammad; Ghazali, Zulkipli 5577
Customers' Preferences on Ar-Rahnu: Exploring the Adoption of the Islamic-Based Pawnshop Using PLS. Marimuthu, Maran; Kolandaisamy, Indraah 3704
Development of Conceptual Key Factors Model for Safety Culture. Ali, Shahid; Shariff, Azmi Mohd 4191
Does Corporate Governance Mechanism Improve Shareholder Value? A Panel Analysis of Malaysian Listed Companies. Ibrahim, Mohd Yussoff; Ahmad, Ayoib Che; Khan, Muhammad Anees 5271
Economic Value Added Analysis for Enterprise Risk Management. Lai, Fong-Woon; Shad, Muhammad Kashif 3921
Economic Value Analysis for a Government Funded Research Program in Green Fertilizer Technology Development. Lai, Fong-Woon; Shad, Muhammad Kashif; Wahab, Hasnida Abdul 6238
Emotional Intelligence and Expatriate Job Performance in the ICT Sector: The Mediating Role of Cultural Adjustment. Singh, Jugindar; Singh, Kartar; Hasnaa, Nik; Mahmood, Nik 6600
Employability Skills and Attributes of Engineering and Technology Graduates from Employers' Perspective: Important vs. Satisfaction. Harun, Haryanni; Salleh, Rohani; Baharom, Mohamed Noor Rosli; Memon, Mumtaz Ali 3366
Evaluation of Training Effectiveness in Relation to Self-Efficacy and Training Facilities in a Malaysian Public Skill Training Institution. Yahya, Khulida Kirana; Mohd Noor, Wan Shakizah Wan; Othman, Siti Zubaidah; Mohd Isa, Mohd Faizal; Ma 4931
Examining A New Paradigm of Enterprise Sustainability Risk Management. Soomro, Mustajab Ahmed; Lai, Fong-Woon 3983
Expectation of Manager-Subordinate Communication: A Comparison between Chinese, Korean and American Students. Cho, Hyungmin; Rau, Pei-Luen Patrick; Liu, Jun; Jiang, Caihong 5387
Exploring the Mindsets and Well-Being of Rural Secondary School Students in Perak, Malaysia. Shaari, Zullina H.; Amar, Amzairi; Harun, Azamudin Badri; Zainol, M. Radzi 3260
Factors Leading to Consumer Perceived Value of Smartphones and its Impact on Purchase Intention. Haba, Herman Fassou; Hassan, Zubair; Dastane, Omkar 12263
Gender and Ethnic Group Differences in Customer Citizenship Behavior. Shamim, Amjad; Ghazali, Zulkipli; Khan, Zaheen; Jamak, Abu Bakar Sedek Abdul 3205
Identifying Factors that Influence Homeowner Adaptation Intention of Green Residence: A Review. Shaari, Zullina H.; Harun, Azamudin Badri; Amar, Amzairi; Zainol, Mohamad Radzi; Julayhe, Nurnazerah 4511
Impact of Rewards and Recognition on Malaysian IT Executives Well-being and Turnover Intention: A Conceptual Framework. Langove, Naseebullah; Isha, Ahmad Shahrul Nizam 4223
Impact of Shareholder Structure on Voluntary Disclosure in Malaysian Companies. Karajeh, Ahmad Ibrahim; Ibrahim, Mohd. Yussoff B.; Bt Lode, Nor Asma 5000
Improving Firm Financial Performance Through Corporate Governance Mechanism in Malaysian Listed Companies: Empirical Study Approach. Khan, Muhammad Anees; Ibrahim, Mohd Yussoff Report 4776
Innovation Diffusion Attributes as Predictors to Adoption of Green Fertilizer Technology among Paddy Farmers in Perak State. Mannan, Sobia; Nordin, Shahrina Md; Rafik-Galea, Shameem 3595
Innovation Diffusion: Farmers' Perception towards New Green Fertilizer in Granary Paddy Fields in Malaysia. Nordin, Shahrina Md; Redza, Ammar; Saad, Mohd Shamsuri Md 5587
Innovative Environmental Policy in Promoting the Green Concept of Japanese Electronics Industry. Hasan, Azhan 3617
Intention to Purchase Safer Car: an Application of Theory of Planned behavior. Abu Kassim, Khairil Anwar; Arokiasamy, Lawrence; Md Isa, Mohd Hafzi; Ping, Chieng Heng 3084
Issues in Retrofitting Low Carbon Solutions for Residential Homes: A Critical Review. Zainol, M. Radzi; Shaari, Zullina H.; Keng, Tho Wai; Julayhe, Nurnazerah 7231
Linking Organizational Climate, Psychological Ownership, and Intention to Stay: A Proposed Model. Woon, Winnie; Tan, Cheng-Ling; Nasurdin, Aizzat Mohd. 6825
Linking Trust and Turnover Intention: A Conceptual Framework. Nair, Mishaliny Sivadahasan; Salleh, Rohani 3023
Measurement Development of Customer Patronage of Petrol Station with Convenience Store. Sari, Yuli Kumala; Shaari, Zullina Hussain; Amar, Amzairi Bin 4605
Micro-Enterprise Growth Strategies: A Conceptual Model. Jamak, Abu Bakar Sedek Abdul; Ghazali, Zulkipli; Sharif, Md Akhir M. 4144
Moulding Workers' Mindset and Behavior: A Case of Lubricant Blending Plant in Malaysia. Ghazali, Zulkipli 4501
Multi-ethnic Groups Shopping Trip Frequency: Scoping Research on Malaysian Shoppers. Ahmed, Sohel; Johl, Satirenjit Kaur 4652
Occupational Stress among Women Managers. Fei, Lai Ka; Kuan, Ng Yin; Yang, Fong Chee; Hing, Lim Yoong; Yaw, Wong Kok 5013
Organisational Justice and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour: Evidence from A Developing Country. Selamat, Nurharani; Nordin, Norshidah; Fook, Chan Yuen Survey 4179
Origins of Metrosexual: In the Light of Events. Bano, Sobia; Sharif, Md Akhir Mohd 3817
Overview of Nanotechnology Innovation System and Its Main Actors in Malaysia. Rajab, Yasmin; Abdullah, Azrai Hj.; Hamid, Nor Hisham 5286
Ownership Structure and Firm Value: An Insider Ownership Effect. Marimuthu, Maran 2593
Ownership Structure Attributes, Outside Board Members and SMEs Firm Performance with Mediating Effect of Innovation in Malaysia. Umrani, Aamir Iqbal; Johl, Satirenjit Kaur; Ibrahim, Mohammad Yussoff 4747
Perception Study on the Impact of the Oil and Gas Industry on Wealth Distribution. Marimuthu, Maran; Adzraai, Noor Azmilla Mohd Report 3359
Plant Turnaround Maintenance Leading and Plant Turnaround Maintenance Performance in Malaysian Process Based Industry: The Mediating role of Team Alignment. Akbar, Jalal ud Din; Ghazali, Zulkipli 7664
Playful-Consumption Experience of Videogame-Play Influences Consumer Video-Game Engagement: A Conceptual Model. Abbasi, Amir Zaib; Jamak, Abu Baker Sedek Abdul 4616
Potential of Renewable Energy Technologies and its Implications for the Management of Low Carbon Lifestyles in Rural Malaysia. Sivapalan, Subarna; Haunschmid, Stefan; Isa, Mohamed Hasnain 3862
Psychological Well-being and Fatigue Impact on Aberrant Driving Behaviors in Oil and Gas Sector of Malaysia. Sabir, Asrar Ahmed; Isha, Ahmad Shahrul Nizam B 3266
Psychosocial Risks in Relation to Health and Wellbeing. Javaid, Muhammad Umair; Isha, Ahmad Shahrul Nizam; Ghazali, Zulkipli 3495
R+3R and PAYT in Solid Waste Management: A combined Approach. Athanikar, Shrikant; Kallimani, Vish; Jung, Low Tan 2455
Rationale and application of Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) in Safety Management Research. Khan, Nor Hafizah Abd Latiff; Ghazali, Zulkipli; Abdullah, Muhammad Ridhuan Tony Lim; Isha, Ahmad Sh 3979
Relationship between Leadership Styles and Affective Commitment among Employees in National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA). Hashim, Raemah Abdullah; Ahmad, Bushro; Jamaludin, Azahari 5601
Relationship between Organizational Communication and Job Satisfaction in Temporary Work Environment: An Empirical Study of Plant Turnaround Workers. Adiza. Alhassan, Musah; Ghazali, Zulkipli; Nizam Shahrul Isha, Ahmad 5482
Tax Revenue and Gross Capital An Empirical Analysis for Malaysia. Abdullah, Azrai; Hassan, Khalid 4269
The Impact of Ethical Climate on Organizational Commitment: A Study of Malaysian Higher Learning Institutions. Choe, Kum Lung; Choong, Yuen Onn; Tan, Luen Peng Report 4723
The Impact of Regulatory Function on Supply Chain Resilience: Reliability of Measurement Scales. Aigbogun, Osaro; Ghazali, Zulkipli; Razali, Radzuan 3345
The Influence of the Service Quality and Outcome Quality on the Member Overall Satisfaction: A Proposed Model for Health and Fitness Users. Kim, Chen Big; Ling, Tan Cheng 6717
The Innovative Society: A Comparison Study of Innovation Diffusion among Farmers in Malaysia Two Major Granary Area. Redza, Ammar; Md Nordin, Shahrina; Md Saad, Mohd Shamsuri Report 4885
The Management of Research and Innovation Systems: Comparative Study of the East and the West Practices. Lau, Teck-Chai; Choe, Kum-Lung; Cheng, Ming-Yu 5157
The Mediating Effect of Work Engagement on The Relationship Between Islamic Religiosity and Job Performance. Zahrah, Novia; Hamid, Siti Norasyikin Binti Abdul; Rani, Shamsul Huda Binti Abdul; Kamil, Bidayatul 4594
The Role of Public Sector in Economic Growth Evaluation for the Impact of Government Expenditure in Sectoral Output: The Case Study of Sudan. Hassan, Khalid; Abdullah, Azrai 5152
Translating Safety Policy into Practice: The Role of Management in Oil and Gas Industry in Malaysia. Isha, Ahmad Shahrul Nizam 3509
Would Internal Corporate Social Responsibility Make a Difference in Professional Service Industry Employees' Turnover Intention? A Two-Stage Approach Using PLS-SEM. Low, Mei Peng; Ong, Seng Fook; Tan, Pei Meng 7780

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