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Glitch puzzling.

Though Hotmail and Gmail provide more facilities, I have as an ordinary user found Yahoo e-mail always the best. The best item I like is its 'drafts' facility.

A draft is a preliminary text prepared for amendment, or use after scrutiny. Sometimes a standard draft is made, leaving certain information like addresses, date, some references or some small entries blank, according to each new addressee or new situation. Such standard drafts help not only individuals but also commercial companies.

No other e-mail service but Yahoo had the advantage that a draft once prepared, could be saved and used as many times as needed, each time filling a new date or other required entries.

After use, the originally saved draft remains as it is. The other e-mail services like Hotmail and Gmail have a similar draft facility, but once this draft is used, the original no longer remains in 'drafts' and one needs to type again.

Thus the purpose of standard draft dies.

I have been using Yahoo's draft facility for keeping standard drafts. However, for the last three or four months I have noticed that my saved drafts are being deleted.

Being a non-technical person, I wonder if I have made some mistake in my Yahoo mail or Yahoo has changed its draft facility. Can any reader having computer knowledge update and guide me.


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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Aug 10, 2008
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