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Glide OS Launches "GDrive" for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Explorer and Apple Safari.

NEW YORK -- Glide OS today announced the launch of GDrive, your private cloud storage solution with 30 GBs of free storage. Users who want additional storage can upgrade to Glide Premium now with 250 GBs for $50.00 a year or 20 cents per GB per year. Store your photos, music, videos, documents, contacts, calendars and bookmarks in your GDrive. There are virtually no restrictions on file types that can be stored.

GDrive can be accessed from Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm Pre, Symbian and Windows Mobile and over 100 mobile devices. Glide OS provides sophisticated rights-based file management and sharing, file synchronization and automated cross platform compatibility through device recognition and file conversion technology for easy file sharing and collaboration. Glide supports over 250 different file formats for automated file conversion.

Cloud Computing: The Glide Ad Free Alternative

Consumers have unknowingly accepted a method of payment for online services they believe to be free, effectively trading their personal information in exchange for those services.

"Your personal information is your most valuable asset, and protecting it has been one of TransMedia's primary concerns in developing our cloud computing approach from search to email, from file sharing and storage to web publishing," said TransMedia Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka.

"TransMedia does not collect data on or from our users for the purpose of selling targeted advertising. The Glide OS is an ad free alternative and provides you with a truly private cloud."

While certain leading online services are marketed to consumers as "free services," this is misleading. Your personal information is the new web currency largely replacing cash as the accepted payment method by leading web service providers to use their services. Information about your habits, interests, needs, desires, fears and location are more valuable to these online service providers than your money.

The Tale of the Tape
Glide: 30 GBs of storage free and 20 cents per additional GB per year.
Google: 1 GB of storage free and 25 cents per additional GB per year.
Microsoft: 25 GBs of storage free (SkyDrive).
Apple MobileMe: 20 GBs for $99.00 a year.


Glide OS:
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Date:Jan 14, 2010
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